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It is कहा now that Daniel Radcliffe has hardly spent any of the Harry Potter money he has right now.
He has made an estimate of £74 million.

Daniel even कहा "I don't really do anything with my money." "I am very grateful for it,because having money means आप don't have to worry about it,which is a very lovely freedom to have."

He may be talking specifically about movie projects, but, no matter what your role in life, he’s right that having some money socked away can afford आप a certain amount of freedom and security.
When आप write पुस्तकें about high-profile मशहूर हस्तियों a few negative टिप्पणियाँ here and there comes with the territory. But that doesn't mean the less than positive attention is always welcome--especially in such a public forum. I can relate, my friend.

Case in point: Celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan. The 54 year-old लेखक of the Stars That Make A Difference book series recently went off on a 'hater' on a Los Angeles radio दिखाना hook-up when the caller referred to Jernigan as a "scum-bag tabloid journalist" on air and accused him of saying negative things about her heartthrob Daniel Radcliffe...
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 Actor Daniel Radcliffe
Actor Daniel Radcliffe
With his Marie Osmond biography on several national best seller lists, प्रशंसक book लेखक Randy Jernigan is moving ahead with publishing his अगला bio. The Life and Career of Ellen DeGeneres has gotten a release तारीख, दिनांक in mid December, which has a lot of Ellen प्रशंसकों excited.

The author, a friend and former stringer for me way back when, is a top-notch writer and has been in the celeb business for 25 years, लेखन for प्रशंसक magazines and celebrity weekly's. His material is always spot-on in accuracy and he knows what die-hard प्रशंसकों want to know about their stars so I'm excited about his book series.

The सूची of celebs he's publishing bio's on is impressive, as is the stars he's personally interviewed. After his Ellen book, Randy will be releasing a book on Daniel Radcliffe, then Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट and Nick Jonas. And from What I hear from Randy's agency, several of these पुस्तकें will also be made into TV movies!
 Ellen and Portia
Ellen and Portia
Do आप know? For Upcoming Film "Imperium" , Daniel Radcliffe Might Shave His Head

Daniel Radcliffe has arrived in Richmond (City in Virginia) to film Imperium.
Schedule: Sep - 21 October in Hopewell & Richmond.

in Daniel Radcliffe to Play Undercover FBI Agent in ‘Imperium’

Imperium will be the feature directing debut of Daniel Ragussis, known for the short film Haber. Ragussis also wrote the script with Michael German, the real-life agent on whom Imperium is based. Ty Walker, Dennis Lee, and Simon Taufique are producing.
Are आप from Uk? Than For आप the Gamechangers will Air tonight...Tuesday, at 2100 on BBC2.

The struggle of Houser's legal feud against American lawyer Jack Thompson, over the morality of the Grand Theft Auto video game series.

Director: Owen Harris
Writer: James Wood
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Paxton, Joe Dempsie

it is based on true story behind gta World...
The story about the makers of GTA

it is for uk only what there are ways to watch it.

Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 15 September 2015 (UK)
Short News: Congratulations Radcakes from 'Uk'
We Have Done it!
Daniel Radcliffe Wins 'Male Rear of The साल 2015' through UK-based प्रशंसक Voting!

Detail: The ‘Rear of the Year’ is a light hearted award presented annually to British मशहूर हस्तियों with prize-winning rear assets. It was created द्वारा publicity consultant Tony Edwards and is organised द्वारा Rear of the साल Limited.

The ‘Rear of the Year’ trophy is presented to both a male and a female celebrity each साल but a pre-event सूची of contenders is never published so that bookmaker speculation on the outcome is pure conjecture.

Congratulations to this years male rear - Daniel Radcliffe!
Short Details: Harry Potter & the ‪#‎CursedChild‬ is not a Prequel!
Its a Stage Show!
Some Websites Posts its a Prequel Of harry potter movie series but its only a stage दिखाना playing अगला year!

Play Details: Based on an original, new story द्वारा J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, a new play द्वारा Jack Thorne will receive its world premiere in London's West End in the summer of 2016 at the Palace Theatre.

Produced द्वारा Sonia Friedman Productions, Colin Callender’s Playground Entertainment and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, will be directed द्वारा John Tiffany with movement द्वारा Steven Hoggett, set designs द्वारा Christine Jones, costumes द्वारा Katrina Lindsay, lighting द्वारा Neil Austin, संगीत द्वारा Imogen Heap, sound द्वारा Gareth Fry and special effects द्वारा Jeremy Chernick.
Exclusive NEWS: Brooklyn Bridge, Starring Daniel Radcliffe has been delayed again.
Production now scheduled for Jan 2016.

Washington Roebling, a civil engineer and son of architect, John A. Roebling, is entrusted with completing his father's famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Director: Douglas McGrath
Writer: Douglas McGrath (screenplay)
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Brie Larson, Ben Kingsley

Produced द्वारा
Pascal Degove    ...    executive producer

Rose Ganguzza    ...    producer

Nick Quested    ...    executive producer

Jill Samuels    ...    executive producer

Christine Vachon    ...    producer

Casting द्वारा Douglas Aibel

For और Details: facebook.com/DanieljacobRadcliffeFanClub
Daniel Radcliffe with some प्रशंसकों At Capetown
Daniel is in cape town for Shooting of game changer!

Daniel found in Black and white Suit with fans!

best of luck daniel!

Game Changer, the 90-minute drama about the "controversy surrounding the computer game Grand Theft Auto," will तारा, स्टार Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton, the BBC announced today, confirming earlier reports.

BBC Two's 90-minute "factual drama" is "conceived for an adult audience," the network कहा in a statement, and will tell the story of developer Rockstar Games' wildly successful Grand Theft Auto series, set against the backdrop of criticism about its inherent violence.

"But the violent gameplay coupled with its outstanding commercial success leads to fierce opposition," the announcement reads," from parents worried about children immersing themselves in such a violent world; from politicians, alarmed at the values they say it encourages; and above all from moral campaigners, who fight passionately to ban it.
Exclusive News About GTA Drama 'Game Changer', आप haven't Knew yet!
1: The BBC on Wednesday officially announced casting and plot details for the network's of GTA now as 'Game Changer'
2: Game Changer Will Be 90 Mins Movie
3: Game Changer will air on BBC Two
4: Game Changer is directed द्वारा Owen Harris, written द्वारा James Wood
5: GTA Drama 'Game Changer' Casts Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton

Daniel Radcliffe is to तारा, स्टार in a one-off टेलीविज़न film about Grand Theft Auto, in a celebration of the success of the controversial computer game.

Credits: facebook.DanielJacobRadcliffeFanClub
The BBC कहा Game Changer, made for an adult audience, will tackle the controversy of the game, which allows players to “behave like criminals, gun down rival gangsters and cops, hijack cars and venture deeper into an imaginary American underworld”.
The दिखाना will, the corporation claims, tell the history of the “iconic game” and “reveal the major impact it has had on our cultural landscape”.

Game Changer is directed द्वारा Owen Harris (Kill Your Friends, Holy Flying Circus) and was written द्वारा James Wood (Rev., Ambassadors). Former GameSpot editor Guy Cocker is also on the लेखन team for the drama.
Daniel Radcliffe is to तारा, स्टार in a one-off टेलीविज़न film about Grand Theft Auto, in a celebration of the success of the controversial computer game.
Radcliffe, who rose to fame as a child in Harry Potter, will take the role of Sam Houser, the “creative mastermind” behind the game.
The 90-minute drama, to be broadcast on BBC Two, is intended to tell the story of what the corporation calls “arguably the greatest British coding success story since Bletchley Park”.
The programme, entitled Game Changer, will दिखाना a group of “British gaming geniuses” as they हटाइए from school to creating...
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''Field Of Poppies'' feat Nuala!
Video Song Coming Soon About 'Daniel Jacob Radcliffe'

Lyrics: C A एल एल - M E - M R S - R A D C एल I F F E
Who would have thought I would be running around a forest, chasing my one true प्यार in Ascot today. Daniel, your charm has melted me.

Details: New संगीत video 🎥🎬 - Field Of Poppies feat Nuala. Coming soon.
Bill Paxton is in negotiations to तारा, स्टार opposite Daniel Radcliffe in Grand Theft Auto, BBC Films’ true-life account of the fight between the creator of Grand Theft Auto and a Miami lawyer who wanted to ban video game violence.

Radcliffe plays Sam Houser, the British co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, the company behind GTA as well as games such as Max Payne and Red Dead. He is credited with popularizing GTA as one of the gaming world’s biggest franchises but also amping up the violence quotient.

Paxton will play activist attorney Jack Thompson, who frequently attacked GTA, Houser...
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GTA Starring Daniel Radcliffe Shooting starts in South Africa अगला week

Daniel Radcliffe plays Sam Houser, the British co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, the company behind GTA as well as games such as Max Payne and Red Dead. He is credited with popularizing GTA as one of the gaming world’s biggest franchises but also amping up the violence quotient.

British director Owen Harris, who directed episodes of Britain's Misfits and Black Mirror, is helming the drama, described as a two-hander written द्वारा James Wood.
Tom Felton created a documentary about meeting “super fans.” Those of us who make up the truly dedicated, often called “obsessed” द्वारा others, to our प्रिय books, movies, and TV franchises. As we reported earlier, Tom’s new documentary will feature new interviews with Dan, Rupert, and J.K. Rowling. BBC Three पोस्टेड a picture of Tom, in Stormtrooper gear with Darth Vader’s hand upon his shoulder, with a captioned date. The documentary, Tom Felton Meets the Super Fans, will air on BBC 3 Monday, March 23, at 9 pm.

Features : Rupert [Grint], Daniel [Radcliffe], and J.K. Rowling

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Told from Igor's perspective, we see the troubled young assistant's dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Viktor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man - and the legend - we know today.

Director: Paul McGuigan
Writers: Max Landis (screenplay), Mary Shelley (novel)
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown Findlay

Paul McGuigan Says: Victor Frankenstein Trailer will be with us soon! (Fb.com/DanielJacobRadcliffeFanClub)

Link: link
A Japanese अंडरवर्ल्ड thriller, “Tokyo Vice’s” sales will be launched at Berlin’s European Film Market. It is scheduled to go into production this summer on location in Japan.

Like so many films coming on to the market at Berlin, “Tokyo Vice” is true-event inspired, being based on “Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan,” a 2008 memoir द्वारा Jake Adelstein that covers his years as the first non-Japanese reporter at one of Japan’s largest newspapers, Yomiuri Shinbun, and his dealings the Japanese criminal syndicate Yakuza.
Daniel Radcliffe Movie Victor Frankenstein will release in 2015 as it just confirmed truth Victor frankenstein film maker Paul Mcguigan on twitter!

आप can see The Tweet Below in the picture!
For और News Stay Connected with DRFC on फेसबुक , twitter and गूगल plus!

Am I really No. 2, Daniel Radcliffe playfully queried , after Britain’s Heat magazine placed him after the band One Direction (at No. 1) in its richest मशहूर हस्तियों under 30 list.

“There’s five of them! That doesn’t count! Not that I care but I am definitely first!” Radcliffe said, at the लंडन premiere of Horns.

And he is right, however much it was कहा with a smile.

One Direction finds itself at No. 1 with a $124.99 million fortune, with Radcliffe at No. 2 with $102.48 million. If आप विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें the value of One Direction five ways, it comes to $24.998 million each, which means that each...
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