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the jacket's funeral...

damon and edward are standing द्वारा the jacket's grave crying

DAMON: i never wore it enough

edward puts his hand on damon's shoulder

EDWARD: i know how आप felt about it

the अगला day...

damon is wandering around town in a new armani जैकेट
edward sees him

EDWARD: omg that's armani

DAMON: yes it is armani

EDWARD: me likey

DAMON: don't start

EDWARD: shuddup

bella and caroline walk up

BELLA: what's going on?

CAROLINE: oh god

bella realises

BELLA & CAROLINE: oh for god's sake not again

coming soon: edward & damon & damon's जैकेट 3
DAMON:i luv my jacket

EDWARD: OMG!!! is that boy gucci?

DAMON: yep

EDWARD: i luv it

DAMON: हे its mine back off!!!

EDWARD: don't tell me to back off!!!


edward and damon start fighting

meanwhile the जैकेट is ripped to shreds

EDWARD: OMG!!!! the जैकेट is dead!!

JACKET: OMG!! u both killed me!!!

damon holds the जैकेट in his arms

DAMON: आप know i've loved since i bought you

JACKET: i hate आप and edward

the जैकेट dies