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The hospital
“I’m fine” Jeremy कहा for the seventh time. Caroline had brought him to the hospital, along with Bonnie.
“I think I should make that decision, don’t आप think?” the doctor said. It was the same that had taken care of his hand. “Now, will आप please lay down so I can check if आप have any broken ribs?”
Jeremy reluctantly lay down on the hospital बिस्तर and pulled up his shirt, like the doctor had asked him.
“Does this hurt?” she asked, pressing the right side of his stomach. Jeremy shook his head. “And this?”
“Oww!” Jeremy exclaimed.
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“You’re too kind”
Even if his current state Damon found the strength to be sarcastic. “Can I ask आप something? Why did आप have to bring Stefan into this?”
“Oh, Stefan. Good, old Stefan” Bonnie sighed. “It’s not like he was involved right from the beginning. When Katherine pretended to be Elena and Stefan brought her to the hospital after taking some sleeping pills, I told Stefan there was a way to bring the real Elena back instead of waiting for it to happen”
“And that involves torturing me?” Damon asked.
“No, that’s just for fun” Bonnie कहा shameless.
“And me...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Alaric looked at his cell mate, who looked like he wanted to snap Ric like a twig, when he heard Damon talking to the police officer that arrested him. They walked behind the corner in the direction of the cell. Halfway Damon stopped and stared in the police officers eyes. The man walked away and Damon walked to Alaric’s cell.
“Okay, stop laughing” Alaric said, seeing how the corners of Damon’s mouth started to tremble. “Seriously, stop laughing. It’s not funny”
Damon couched. “You’re right. It’s not”
“I take it everything’s okay with Elena?” Alaric tried to change...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“Okay, explain me one thing. How come I can walk into the sun without being burned?”
Amber and Stefan were walking in the woods of Mystic Falls. The moment Amber had fed on Derek the hunger and fear faded and her body was filled with power. She loved the feeling.
“It’s because of your bracelet” Stefan answered. Amber looked at the bracelet on her wrist. “My bracelet? What does it have to do with me being able to walk in the sun?” “There’s a spell on it” Stefan explained. “For a vampire to walk into the sun they need something a witch put a spell on so they can walk outside...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Present Day
Jeremy was brushing his teeth when he saw Anna’s reflection in the mirror. He should’ve startled, but he just spit out the toothpaste and washed his mouth. “When I turn around you’ll be gone, won’t you?” he said. He saw Anna shrugging her shoulders. “You’ll never know if आप don’t try” she said. Jeremy turned around and to his surprise Anna was still standing द्वारा the window-ledge. “How is this possible?” Jeremy asked. “How can आप be standing there while I know you’re dead? I saw how they took you. And Damon कहा they killed you” Anna looked down. “Damon...
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posted by DelenaLove1
Delena Chapter 8 Torture Continues

Elena looked up into Damon's face, fear taking over her body. Damon just smirked sinisterly. "We're gonna have so much fun."

"Get out of my husband's head आप MONSTER!" Elena screamed as she slapped Damon hard across the head.

Damon slowly moved his head into upright position, glaring daggers at Elena. "That wasn't very nice." He grabbed Elena and started chaining her up to the wall.

Elena screamed as she thrashed and kicked at him, trying to get away but to no avail. Damon successfully chained her to the दीवार and let an evil smile पार करना, क्रॉस his face.

Klaus let a joyous...
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