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 Damon/Elena + light season 4 scenes
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damon and elena
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This one's really short compared to the others, and not so good. Just bare with me till the अगला chapter. ;)

Damon’s POV
I walked into the bar somewhere in the middle of no where. It wasn’t busy, basically what I suspected to be the ‘regulars’. I’d been driving all दिन and this was my first stop. I went up to the bar.
“A beer, please, sir,” I कहा to the old man with a white beard. His cold, dark, blue eyes took me in for a few सेकंड्स and then nodded.
“Can आप tell me where I am?” I asked as he handed me the ice cold drink.
“My, you’ve made it all the way to the mountains...
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 credit: ren4itoy
credit: ren4itoy
"If आप wanna know if he loves आप so
It's in his किस (that's where it is)"

Cher, 'The Shoop Shoop Song'

"Does she प्यार him, I wanna know
How can we tell if she loves him so?
(Is it in her eyes)
Oh no you'll be deceived
(Is it in her eyes)
Oh no he'll make believe
If आप wanna know if she loves him so
It's in her kiss
(That's where it is)"

'The Shoop Shoop Song' has been playing in my head all दिन ever since I saw the किस in 3x19, so I thought I would adapt it slightly for DE. It's an old song that I'm not sure many DE shippers will know: link In the song, Cher sings that instead of going द्वारा how a guy...
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Damon arrives at Elena's room to check on her.
It has been a साल since her break-up with Stefan and Damon is worried that Elena has been depressed. Although she puts on a ब्रेव face, she prtends she is fine, Damon can see her suffering.

He can't stand to see her in this state. Damon sits on Elena's bed. He can hear the शावर, शॉवर going from the other room and so He lays on the बिस्तर to rest a moment. While he awaits Elena's return he difts off to sleep. Elena turns off the water and gets out. Elena dries off and slips on her PJ's. She has been crying in the शावर, शॉवर because this is a place where no...
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