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Elijah was looking around in the living room when Damon and Elena came downstairs. They’d hopped in the शावर, शॉवर and hadn’t particularly hurried up. No, they hadn’t been doing it, but with Elena not feeling very well, the last thing they wanted was a showdown with a pair of Originals.
When they came downstairs, Katherine was already settled with a blood bag and Elijah checked Damon’s extensive book collection. As soon as Elijah lay eyes on Elena he raised an eyebrow.
“Forgive me for being blunt,” he said. “but आप look rather unwell”
“That’s because she saw your face” Damon...
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The Grill.
Bonnie was sitting at the bar, gazing at a candle, trying to lit it with a candle.
“What are आप doing?” Veronica asked while she dried glasses.
“Nothing” Bonnie कहा quick and she looked away from the candle.
“I’ve seen आप before. Your Keith’s friend, right?” Veronica acted all innocent. “He told me about you. कहा आप were such a nice girl. I hate to be the one to bring आप the news, but he’s a little messed up in the head, so आप might want to keep your distance”
“Really?” Bonnie asked, sipping her water. “Last time I checked आप were the one planning...
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The अगला morning

Damon and Elena were lying asleep when someone rang the bell. Elena was fast asleep, so Damon sneaked out of बिस्तर and put on his pants from the दिन before.
“Hurry up, Damon. आप don’t want her to bleed to death, do you?”
Damon groaned as he recognized Rebekah’s voice. He walked to the door and opened it and Katherine fell in his arms. She was bleeding from her neck and Damon looked up shocked at the blonde Original, who smirked at him.
“What happened to her?” Damon wanted to know.
“I happened” Elijah answered, stepping forward. “Can we come in?”
“No!” Damon कहा rude.
“I was merely being polite. Of course we can come in. This house is being hosted द्वारा vampires, whom cannot possible deny an Original the admission. So, why don’t आप step aside? We’ve got things to do, plans to make, wars to prepare” Elijah कहा as he walked past Damon.
I just felt like posting the differences between the songs that played when DE danced, kissed, then ultimately made प्यार with SE's प्यार scene music. I'll start with SE's first. The song is Cut द्वारा Plumb.

I'm not a stranger
No I am yours
With crippled anger
And tears that still drip sore

A fragile frame aged
With misery
And when our eyes meet
I know आप see

I do not want to be afraid
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in
I'm tired of feeling so numb
Relief exists I find it when
I am cut

I may seem crazy
Or painfully shy
And these scars wouldn't be so hidden
If आप would just look me in the eye
I feel...
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“We should go” Caroline कहा a little nervous, staring at Bonnie.
“Yeah, you’re right” Bonnie nodded. “It’s plain obvious that the spirits are not going to help me” She stood and walked towards Caroline, who backed away. “What’s your problem?” Caroline moved her phone from her right hand to her left hand as she figured out how to express herself.
“That was Damon” she eventually started. “Apparently Elena is not feeling very well and he thinks it might have something to do with that चाय recipe I gave them”
“People don’t get sick from drinking tea, Caroline”...
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 Made द्वारा Alt_Girl38
Made by Alt_Girl38
The sire bond theory had been floating around for weeks. I hated it. It seemed to have been dreamt up द्वारा malicious प्रशंसकों to scare us, and indicate that Elena's feelings for Damon couldn't be real, and undermined the validity of the प्यार triangle. 'The writers would never do that,' I thought. 'Why would they? It's taken them 4 years to work up to this point. It seems absurd that they would undo everything they've written with one fatal blow.'
The reason I hated the sire bond idea so much was that it meant Elena loved Damon as a result of some supernatural, external force; it wasn't genuine. It...
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posted by Crystasorrow
Oh boy...THIS episode had me reeling for hours afterward. My thoughts were basically any other DE fan's that were heartbroken. Honestly I felt for Elena this episode...Stefan and Caroline were REALLY annoying me! It felt to me like they treated her vampirism and her feelings for Damon like it's a disease! Also not only did Caroline not give her the time of day, but Stefan acted in a way that was COMPLETELY uncalled for & put Elena in danger because it seems like they both cannot accept that Damon and Elena's feelings for each other could be real.

The original thoughts in my mind were...
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Elijah grabbed Rebekah’s throat as he put himself up.
“Where is Niklaus?” he asked shaking with fury. Rebekah took Elijah’s squeezing hand and pulled it away.
“You’re weak. आप need to regain strength” she कहा strict and bossy.
“What I need is to find Niklaus and put that dagger in his heart” Elijah objected.
“I’m with Elijah on this one” Katherine कहा and Elijah turned his head to her slowly. “Elena?” Katherine shook her head. “Katerina” Elijah realized. “You stand द्वारा my sister as she gives me my life back…and yet I don’t see आप shiver with fear. Perhaps...
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The evening fell and Rebekah and Katherine were sneaking down the woods. Rebekah had called Katherine to tell her she had a plan and she needed her help.
“Where are we going?” Katherine wanted to know.
“To Klaus’s hiding place” Rebekah vaguely explained. She walked through the cemetery and stopped at a grave. The stone said: “Here lies Esther Mikaelson, beloved wife and mother”
“What are we doing at your mother’s grave?” Katherine asked confused and a little disrespectful.
Rebekah didn’t respond, but bowed आगे and removed the stone. Katherine came closer and noticed...
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Caroline felt her phone buzzing against her thy, but she tried really hard to ignore it. Bonnie was trying to figure out the words in the books, but since she was powerless her ability to read ancient languages was gone. Eventually she looked up and cast Caroline an irritated glance, as if blaming her for the current inconvenience.
“Will आप just pick up?” she कहा frustrated.
“It’s probably my mom, wondering where I am” Caroline replied reluctant. “She can wait. This is और important. आप have to get your powers back”
“I can’t concentrate, ‘cause your phone has been buzzing...
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Elena loves to dance. Throughout the entire series, she's always going to dances, या wanting to go, and each time, she has had to coerce Stefan into going with her. Even though Stefan knows how very much Elena likes to dance.

From the very beginning, with Vicki at the Boardinghouse, we see that Damon loves to dance to. I can't help but to make comparisons to Elena's dancing with Stefan to her dancing with Damon. The one time I can recall Elena ever actually smiling when dancing with Stefan was 'Unpleasantville', when Stefan spun Elena around in the air - but of course, only after she begged...
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Elena was sitting at the living table, लेखन a letter. Damon was trying to reach Caroline, to get और information about the herbs she’d been providing for Elena. Elena was so focused on her letter that she didn’t hear Damon come in.
“I can’t reach her” he कहा apologizing. “I’ll try again in a few minutes”
“You don’t have to worry her” Elena कहा soft as she folded the letter. She stood up with the intention to put the letter in her purse.
“What’s that?” Damon nodded suspiciously at the letter.
“Just some scrabbles” Elena lied and Damon jerked the letter out...
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Bonnie and Caroline were walking through the woods, heading for the witch cabin. Something about what Keith had कहा had made Bonnie think. At some point Veronica had believed Bonnie was still a threat, so why not give the girl reason to be threatened.
Bonnie entered the cabin, expecting Caroline to follow. When she didn’t Bonnie turned around. “What are आप waiting for? Get in here”
Caroline pursed her lips. “Yeah” she कहा hesitant. “Damon told me what happened when he got in there, so, eh, I think I’m going to pass”
Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous” she reproached...
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 made द्वारा DelenaDiaries
made by DelenaDiaries
It's really ironic that DE'ers spent 3 seasons worrying that Delena would never happen, and only a few weeks पूर्व were considering quitting altogether, but now DE are finally on the horizon, some प्रशंसकों are even और afraid in case the writers plan to take them away and replace them with Stelena. This suspicion and paranoia is the result of having Delena continually derailed and pulled out from under our feet for the past 3 years every time things looked good. The only way some DE'ers have learned to stay afloat and survive the constant onslaught has been to adjust their attitude from happy, excited...
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हे all,

I'm new to फैन्पॉप and don't normally write essays on fictional characters but I was browsing around and have been पढ़ना a lot lately about how Elena just needs to suck it up, stop crying/being whiny over killing Connor, just go for it with Damon already and I'd just like to write my own feelings on the matter.

First off, I am a Delena fan. It's actually what got me into the series, which just happened this past summer. I clicked on a song on यूट्यूब and it happened to be a Damon/Elena संगीत vid (A Thousand Years द्वारा Christina Perri - very fitting I think).

Anyway, I've been reading...
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Elena was lying on the couch, much to Damon’s discontent, while Meredith did some basic tests.
“How long have आप been feeling like this?” she asked while she checked Elena’s eyes.
“Started this morning, when I woke up” Elena answered softly.
“And you’re having pain?” Meredith continued, checking Elena’s ears. “Where exactly?”
“My shoulders. My knees. My ankles. My hips” Elena summed up frowning, pausing after every joint she mentioned.
“Open your mouth” Meredith ordered and Elena obeyed. “Looks just fine” she mumbled and Elena closed her mouth again. “I’m...
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Caroline woke up slowly and blinked her eyes. She was back in her बिस्तर and Bonnie was sitting द्वारा her side. The guy that had attacked her was sitting द्वारा the door, on the ground. When she saw him she rose and became upset.
“What is he still doing here?” she asked accusatory, pointing at Keith and looking at Bonnie.
“Waiting for आप to wake up, so he doesn’t have to explain himself twice” Bonnie explained calm. “I’m sorry, Caroline, I should’ve दिया आप a head’s up”
Caroline shook her head bewildered. “A head’s up? आप knew this was going to happen?”
Bonnie and Keith exchanged...
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Meredith poured herself a cup of coffee while Alaric checked his bag with weapons.
“Can आप make sure Jeremy studies for his tests?” he asked without looking at Meredith.
“I don’t think Jeremy want to study, not with everything that’s going on” Meredith pointed out.
“Well, आप have the night shift, so maybe आप can keep an eye on him” Alaric waved Merediths arguments away.
“Sure, but it won’t increase my popularity” Meredith कहा warning.
“You don’t have to be popular, आप just have to make him listen” Alaric replied.
“You mean like I can make आप listen, because...
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They heard the door close and wondered who came barging in, until a familiar, female and British voice solved the mystery.
“Anyone home?” Rebekah called from downstairs.
“Ugh” Damon sighed. “I’ll go” He stood up and walked to the door, but when he wanted to open it, the door was slammed in his face and Rebekah barged in. She held a guy in her right hand and a blood bag in her left hand.
“What are आप doing here?” Elena asked tired.
“I came to apologize” Rebekah explained flighty, while she tossed the bag to Damon. “I was wrong to bite you. It’s just that I busted Stefan smooching with that vamp strumpet and आप look like her, so I got carried away. I don’t understand what it is that draws Stefan to women with your appearances. You’re not even that pretty”
“I appreciate your honesty” Elena टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे sarcastically.
“Hey, I’m as open as your legs were last night” Rebekah replied blunt and Elena’s cheeks turned red.
The sun rays shone through the curtains and illuminated Elena’s face. She slowly opened her eyes and brought her hand to her head. She threw off the sheets and swung her legs over the edge off the bed.
She frowned and rubbed over her arms.
“Are आप cold?” Damon asked, who had woken up as well. He couldn’t see Elena’s face and thus couldn’t know that it wasn’t the temperature in the room that was bothering her. She turned around and Damon flashed to her.
“You’re hurting” he realized worried.
Elena nodded. “Yeah, and I’ll be hurting a lot और since we’re training all...
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