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posted by HaleyDewit
Alaric was teaching the senior class, when the door went open and Ronnie walked in. Ignoring Alaric’s angry face she headed to Caroline. She placed her hands on the तालिका, टेबल and pierced her glance in Caroline’s eyes.
“Where is he?”
“Where is who?” Caroline asked.
“You know who I’m talking about” Ronnie कहा pissed. “Where is Tyler?”
“I’m sorry, miss, but this is a class room, so maybe आप can discuss this later, preferably in another place” Alaric said. But Ronnie ignored him.
“We were having dinner, we talked. I go to the bathroom and अगला thing I know he’s gone. No...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“It’s alright, आप can take your time” the doctor said. She stared at the young woman who was sitting opposite of her and hadn’t कहा a word since she walked in.
“I need help” Bonnie eventually कहा with a small voice. The doctor nodded. “That’s why you’re here. Acknowledging you’re powerless is the first step and you’ve taken it”
“I’ve done horrible things” Bonnie कहा staring at the desk. “And my victims will carry the scars forever”
“That’s how things look like right now” the doctor said. “In time it could change. They can learn to live with it, as...
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posted by HaleyDewit
This song was on request :)

Elena:We met outside the male restroom and at the graveyard
I कहा hi, आप कहा hi and आप had stolen my heart
But now I know we were nothing but a high school romance
‘Cause how can one fall in प्यार with just a word and a glance
How can one build on trust when the foundation is a lie
How can आप be Prince Charming when all आप do is hide
So I suggest we throw this thing in the garbage
‘Cause there’s no way we get out of here undamaged

And I’m not saying I’ve found love
I’m not saying I won’t hurt
But I can’t be worse than where I’ve been
I’m not saying...
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1)link (4x01, Caroline being angry with Stefan)
2)link (4x02, Bonnie visiting Damon)
3)link (4x03, Jeremy and Elena talking about Bonnie and Damon)
4)link (4x04, Katherine threatening Bonnie)
5)link (4x05, Katherine trying to alert Elena)
6)link (4x06, Stefan and Amber talking)
7)link (4x07, Bonnie punishing Damon)
8)link (4x08, Katherine thinking about Stefan)
9)link (4x09, Klaus sending the वैंपायर away, but keeping Amber with him)
10)link (4X10, Katherine and Bonnie fighting)
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posted by HaleyDewit
The अगला morning
Elena had just left for school and Damon was cleaning the table, when he heard strange noises.
“Show yourself” he कहा annoyed. What was it with people thinking they could just walk in here like they owned this place? He did. And Stefan and Elena did. Anyone else should learn how to knock.
The weird noises stopped and an old familiar appeared.
“No, not आप again” Damon groaned. “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying it”
“I need your help” Derek कहा nervous.
“Why is that?” Damon कहा sarcastic.
Derek conjured his cell phone and showed Damon the last few...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Rachel stroke her fingers through her hair. “Oh my fucking God. What have I done?” she mumbled agitated. “Think, Rachel, think” She looked around. Then she grabbed Gabe’s feet and dragged him to the farthest corner.
She ran to the stairs and went to the रसोई, रसोईघर where she searched the drawers for matches. In her panic she forgot she had been living here for about twenty years and the matches lay in the सेकंड drawer अगला to the cupboard underneath the sink ever since. She pulled it open and grabbed the matches. Then she opened the fridge and took out a bottle of Malt Whisky. She ran back downstairs to the body. She opened the bottle of Malt and poured its content over the body. Then she stroke a match and let it fall down and watch how Gabe went up w-into flames.
As she watched him burn a sudden agony fulfilled her body and she dropped the bottle. She fell down on her knees and felt her body contracting and convulsing while she screamed.
1)link(2x01, Jeremy saying he’s seeing Bonnie)
2)link (2x02, Elena and Katherine confrontation)
3)link (2x03, Jeremy asking Bonnies help)
4)link (2x04, Caroline telling Damon, Elena and Katherine about the murder)
5)link (2x05, Damon rejecting Katherine in front of Elena and Katherine)
6)link (2x06, Stefan talking with Amber)
7)link (2x07, Liz talking the murder on Derek)
8)link (2x08, ghost attack on Jeremy)
9)link (2x09, Jeremy asking Bonnie for help)
10)link (Damon dreaming about Bonnie)
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posted by HaleyDewit
The basement door opened and Rachel looked up. Gabe was coming downstairs with a plate of खाना in his hands. “I made आप some dinner” he कहा as if he expected Rachel to be grateful. He put the plate on a box and gave her a plastic fork and knife. “I’m only playing it safe” he कहा when Rachel gave him a dirty look.
“You can’t do this” Rachel said.
“You’re really such a hypocrite” Gabe said. “You let me send away my daughters, when आप are just like them. Does this mean Amber had the werewolf gene? Well, in that case she’s better off dead”
Rachel gasped. “I can’t...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Tyler stared at Ronnie over his glass. She had been telling all about herself. It was quite a lot. Her parents both lived in Charlottesville. She had a brother named Jack, but he was out of the picture. She was interested in सूपरनॅचुरल stuff and had heard Mystic Falls was full of it. And now she stared at Tyler with an expecting look.
“Your turn”
Tyler frowned. “There’s really nothing to tell” he कहा avoiding.
“Yeah, right” Ronnie कहा in disbelief. She searched her handbag and took out a newspaper and held it in front of Tyler.
“Police finds bodies of Lindy sisters” Tyler...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena parked her car in front of the Boarding House and got out of it when Bonnie walked out of the house. Elena quickly walked to her with fierce steps. “What are आप doing here?” she snapped upset.
“Elena, please, just hear me out” Bonnie begged. She reached out her hands, but Elena pushed them away.
“Did आप talk to him?” she asked mad. Bonnie nodded. “But he wouldn’t listen to me. He wanted me to leave” “Why would that be?” Elena कहा sarcastic. She pushed Bonnie aside and ignoring her tears she ran inside.
“Damon?!” she shouted.
Damon was sitting on his knees, collecting...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Ronnie opened the door to let in whoever was knocking. “Seriously, flowers? Can आप say cheesy?”
Tyler put the फूल in Ronnie’s hands. “This is me saying I’m sorry”
“And it took आप seven days to get those words over your lips?” Ronnie asked sarcastic.
“No, I just hoped you’d be और forgiving द्वारा now” Tyler answered. “Can I come in?” Ronnie looked around as if she wanted to check if he’d come alone. “How did आप find me?”
“Eh, Caroline’s mom is the sheriff of Mystic Falls. It was pretty easy” Tyler confessed.
“Oh, I see” Ronnie sighed. “Well, I suppose...
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posted by HaleyDewit
The door of the Boarding House went open, but Damon didn’t bother to go see who it was. He was washing up all glasses he had used to drink. He heard footsteps, soft, it was a female. But again he didn’t bother. He didn’t expect Elena to come back.
The glass in his hand shattered into little pieces. He felt how Bonnie came closer to him and she lay her hand on his shoulder. He shivered, but didn’t turn around.
“There’s glass in your hand” Bonnie noted. “Let me help you” She wanted to take his hand to pick out the fragments, but Damon pulled his hand away. “Okay,...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena got out of the shower. Drying her hair with a towel she went downstairs to open the door and let Caroline in.
“Hi” she कहा as Caroline walked in.
“Hi” Caroline replied. “Can we talk?”
“Is it about Damon? ‘Cause then I don’t want to hear it” Elena kind of begged.
“Well, I’m sorry, but it is” Caroline said. “And I think आप should hear this”
Elena shrugged. “Fine, then” she sighed. “Let’s go to my room, I don’t want Jeremy nor Ric to hear us”
And thus Caroline followed Elena upstairs. As Elena fell down on the बिस्तर she looked at Caroline. “So, what...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena walked into Damon’s room, where Damon was lying on the bed. He looked up. “You still angry with me?”
Elena shook her head. “No” she sighed. “I should’ve known better. आप still angry with me?” Damon frowned. “I wasn’t angry. Why would I be angry?”
“Because I was so stupid to think you’d want to have conversation with the one that betrayed you” Elena कहा sad.
“Oh, well, I’ll have to get over it sometime” Damon shrugged. He looked at Elena. “And you’re not stupid” He lifted up his head and kissed her. Elena stuck her hand behind his neck and pulled...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Ronnie was sitting on the hospital बिस्तर while the doctor carefully pulled out the fragments and disinfected the wounds. Tyler was standing with his back towards her.
“I’m really sorry” he कहा for the umpteenth time.
“Yeah, I got that from the first zillion times” Ronnie कहा with a small voice. “Ouch”
“Please sit still, I don’t want to make these wounds worse” the doctor said.
“Right, sorry” Ronnie said. When all fragments were removed and all wounds disinfected the doctor turned around at Tyler.
“Can आप leave us alone for a second?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” Tyler...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Bonnie woke up after another rough night. Katherine wouldn’t be here until sundown. She was up to something. Bonnie didn’t need her magic skills to feel that.
Why didn’t Katherine just let her die? It was obvious no one was missing her. But maybe Katherine believed killing her wouldn’t be punishment enough. Maybe she wanted to make her suffer. After all Bonnie had made Damon suffer. But she wanted to make it right. Not because she suddenly started caring for Damon; she just wanted her best friend Elena back and for that she had to make it up to both of them. Though playing with their...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Caroline was walking down the stairs with her phone held against her ear. “Look, Bonnie, I really don’t care what reasons आप have for ignoring my calls, but call me back ASAP”
“Everything okay?” Liz asked, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs and couldn’t help but overhear.
Caroline nodded. “Yeah, sure”
“Was that Bonnie?” Liz pointed at the phone.
“Her voicemail” Caroline corrected.
“Hmm” Liz frowned. “You two have a fight?”
“No!” Caroline exclaimed.
“Then why is she ignoring your phone calls?” Liz continued, blocking Caroline to go to the kitchen....
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1)link (1x01, Katherine crawling up Damon)
2)link (1x02, Stefan chasing Amber)
3)link (1x03 Anna and Vicky visiting Jeremy)
4)link (1x04, Jeremy अभिनय strange)
5)link (1x05, Stefan reaching out to Amber)
6)link (1x06, Damon and Elena talk in the car)
7)link (1x07, Amber attacking Rachel)
8)link (1x08, Bonnie refusing to help Elena and Damon)
9)link (1x109, Elena and Damon in the rain after their visit to Bonnie)
10)link (1x10, Amber in transition)
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posted by HaleyDewit
Night came in and both Elena and Damon were getting ready to go to sleep. Elena, wearing pajamas with a teddy print on it, was standing in the doorway of her room. “You want to come in?” she asked teasing. Damon had this ludicrous…rule they had to sleep in separate rooms. It was so not Damon. “We can sleep together” Elena tried with कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला eyes. Damon walked to her and kissed her. Elena wanted to pull him inside, but he braced. “Oh, come on” she groaned, her lips still touching his.
“I’m not doing it, Elena, not tonight” Damon कहा and he kissed her again. Elena took of her...
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Hey. This is my first article. Hope आप all like it. Feedback much invited.

 Damon and Elena's relationship has been getting a build up for the past two and a half season. They met, became friends, grew apart, came close again, and now 'feel passion for each other, which they can no longer deny'. And this, i feel, gives us so many advantages over any relationship in The Vampire Diaries realm. I have seen people say that Damon and Elena's relationship is not going to work. That Elena is gonna be all about Stefan. I dont see why and how. Elena has been with Stefan for two seasons, and she 'fell...
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