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posted by HaleyDewit
I usually write प्यार songs या angry song या songs to provoce other people. So a song like this is new to me.

You’re staring at me
And I’m checking आप out
I can’t help but wonder
What you’re thinking about
You lie on the bed
All provocative
I can’t help but
Inviting myself in

I’m gazing at your lips
They’re begging to be kissed
How could I possibly resists?

Let’s get crazy
I’m tired of waiting
Let’s give in to the night
And make it ours
Let’s get undressed
I’m sure I’ll be impressed
Let’s get under the sheets
And give in to our needs

The बिस्तर is now wrecked
But we don’t care at all
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine was in the kitchen, making dinner. या at least she attempted to. She hadn’t been cooking since…well, this was the first time. She tried to open a bin, but the thing to open it was so stupid.
“Goddamn it!” she cursed and she smashed the bin against the wall. “Why can’t we have blood like normal vampires?” she yelled.
“Because I feel like eating American food” Stefan कहा being annoying. “So better get it ready, already”
He was sitting on the सोफ़ा, सोफे with Rebekah who kept giving him secret stares. One time she didn’t look away fast enough. “What’s your deal?...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena entered the Grill and walked to a table. She was going to meet Damon there.
She looked up at Stefan. “Hi” she कहा uncomfortable. They hadn’t really spoken since she had declared her प्यार for Damon.
“Can I sit with you?” Stefan asked careful. Feeling it would be impolite to reject Elena nodded. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there last night. Caroline told me she was giving a party to celebrate आप and…Damon”
“It’s okay, Stefan, it wasn’t that big of a deal” Elena said.
“I just thought it would be weird” Stefan explained. “After all that happened I’m not...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Caroline was standing with Elena, her cell phone in her hands, while cheerleading practice was on.
“I can’t believe I quit this a साल ago” Elena said.
“Why? आप miss it?” Caroline asked as she was dialing a number.
“Not really, no” Elena sighed. “Maybe I should just get rid of my costume. It’s not like anyone’s going to see me in it anymore, right?”
Her eyes still on the phone Caroline replied mumbling: “Oh, I could think of someone who would प्यार to see आप in it”
Elena elbowed her friend, but smiled at the same time. “So, what’s up with आप and Tyler?” she tried...
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Jeremy got out of bed, rubbing his eyes and putting on his slippers. He opened his bedroom door and walked downstairs. To his surprise Alaric was already up.
“Morning” Jeremy yawned. “Why up so early?”
“Preparing my classes” Alaric said.
“Come on, Ric, it’s Saturday” Jeremy muttered. “Saturday morning nonetheless. Just come and have breakfast and then आप can do your homework”
Alaric drank of his coffee. “I’m having breakfast right now” Jeremy shook his head and sat down. He wanted to pour some coffee, but discovered the pot empty. “Seriously?” he कहा looking...
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When Julie Plec tweeted that she couldn't decide what she liked best about 3x08, she didn't mention DE specifically, but her tantalising reference to 'the last scene' caused many eagle-eyed DE प्रशंसकों to speculate that it could indeed be Delena. Oh Julie, how आप प्यार to tease us. आप knew it was another epic Delena moment to savour and leave us giddy. I know in your दिल of hearts आप प्यार DE too.
Doesn't it seem like Delena get और and और awesome with every episode? Just when आप think they couldn't get any और amazing, we get another scene that surprises us.

"She loves blindly and recklessly,...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Tyler was sitting at the bar in the Grill, having a beer. “Aren’t आप supposed to tell me I shouldn’t drink this time of day?” he said. Ronnie was cleaning glasses. “No, actually I was going to reproach आप for not buying me one”
“Please, be my guest” Tyler कहा waving his hand. “Thank you” Ronnie said. She opened the fridge and got herself a बीयर, बियर which she opened with a spoon. She took a sip.
“I haven’t seen आप around here” Tyler said. “When did आप get here?”
“About a week ago” Ronnie said. “My friend died. I’m here for the funeral”
“I’m sorry to...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Covered in nothing but a towel Stefan opened the door of Alaric’s loft in which he lived for the time being. There were two women standing in the doorway, one being the selfish vampire slut that had changed him and his brother, the other being a blonde girl he had not seen before yet somehow she looked familiar, as if she belonged to a part of his past he had tried to so hard to bury he had forgotten it.
“Good morning, Stefan” Katherine said. “Won’t आप invite us in?”
“Give me a reason” Stefan smirked.
“Because आप प्यार me” Katherine कहा obvious and a glare of annoyance...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena’s fingers touched the carpet and her eyes opened slowly. Damon’s heavy body was lying on her light one and she tried to push him off, in which she failed miserably. There was चॉकलेट on Damon’s chin and Elena couldn’t help but किस it off. Her lips went up higher and kissed his. Damon groaned sleepy and cuddled up against her bosom. “Damon?” Elena gently pushed his shoulder. “Damon, I need to get up. I need to get to school” “Mm” Damon disapproved. “Call Ric” As he mumbled Elena could feel his lips soft on her breasts. “I can’t risk getting late on my third...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Gabe parked his car in front of the police station and looked aside at his wife. “You sure आप want to do this?” he asked soft. “I could just go in there alone and आप can wait for me” Rachel shook her head. “No, I, eh, I need to see it for myself” she कहा with a trembling yet determined voice. She unfastened her seatbelt and stepped out of the car, Gabe doing the same. He walked around the car and hooked his arm in his wife’s. They walked up the porch and entered the station. They headed for the डेस्क when sheriff Forbes noticed them. She handed some papers to one of her deputies...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine was in the रसोई, रसोईघर of her new house, which she shared with Klaus and Rebekah, but they were gone for now. She smeared some loafs of रोटी and poured a can with tap water. She bit her arm and let some drops of blood drop on the bread. She placed the रोटी and the water on a plate and walked out of the kitchen.
She walked to the front door and left the house. The plate in her hands she slowly walked over the street.
She arrived at Fell’s Church and climbed down. She walked to a wall, put the plate down and shoved the दीवार aside. A pale hand came in view and a girl lifted up her head...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“So this is where Damon and I first met” Elena कहा standing in the entrance hall.
“Interesting” Caroline said. “Come on, let’s get outside” She grabbed Elena’s hand and dragged her outside.
While Caroline and Elena were having fun outside, Damon was in the रसोई, रसोईघर slicing the cake. The cake had been another idea of Caroline. Both Damon and Elena thought it was a little too much, but Caroline was not easy to say no to.
Damon felt how someone was watching his back and he turned around seeing Alaric in the doorway. He turned around again and carried on with the cake.
“You need...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Gabe and Rachel Lindy were watching a reality दिखाना when the doorbell rang. Gabe let out a deep sigh. “What kind of idiot comes clinging on doorbell at this time of evening?” he कहा annoyed.
“I’ll get it” Rachel कहा and she got up. She opened the door and when she saw sheriff Forbes in the doorway her दिल beat in her throat.
“Good evening, Mrs. Lindy” Liz said. “Can I have a word with आप and Mr. Lindy?”
Rachel nodded. “Gabe! Can आप come here for a second?” she shouted trembling. “Who is it?” Gabe shouted back. “The cops” Rachel replied. She heard Gabe getting...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“How do I look?” Elena asked, spinning around.
“Delicious” Damon कहा with a gleam in his eyes which glided over Elena’s face over her breasts, her belly and her legs. He wanted her so badly, but he pressed his lips, swallowed and got off the bed. “You look amazing” he said, चुंबन her. He let go of her but Elena pulled him back, sticking her tongue in his mouth. “We should go” Damon कहा hoarse. Elena shook her head. “No” she said. “We still have some time”
She held one of her hands around Damon’s neck and with her other hand she went down in his pants. “Oh God”...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Tyler followed Matt into the men’s restroom. He first checked if no one else was there and then grabbed Matt’s arm.
“What the hell is your problem?” Matt asked surprised.
“I can ask आप the same question” Tyler hissed.
“I don’t get it” Matt कहा confused.
“You need to knock it off” Tyler said. “Caroline doesn’t want आप anymore, so आप can stop with the annoying taxes”
“What taxes? Tyler, I have no idea what you’re talking about” Matt said.
Tyler pulled out his phone and showed Matt the tax he just got.
“Dude, that’s not even my number” Matt said.
“I know it’s hard to see me and Caroline together, but अभिनय like a jealous ex-boyfriend isn’t going to put आप back in her good books. So I think it’s best for both of us if आप would just knock it off” Tyler threatened. He let go of Matt and left the restroom, leaving Matt dumbfounded.
posted by HaleyDewit
Caroline and Tyler were sitting at the table. Caroline was taxing. “I’ve been trying to call Bonnie all day. Do आप have any idea where she could be?” Tyler didn’t answer and so Caroline looked up, seeing him staring at the red-haired girl that was walking out the bar. Caroline pushed Tyler’s arm and he looked back front. “What?” he asked pulling his shoulders.
“I asked if आप knew where Bonnie is” she कहा a little grumpy, though Tyler not responding right away was not the reason for her sudden change of mood.
“No” Tyler said. “I thought आप कहा she was on a vacation...
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posted by HaleyDewit
A twenty-three साल old woman entered the Grill. She was wearing a sleeveless mid-dark blue ब्लाउज of which she left the three upper and lower buttons open, a black leather mini स्कर्ट and high heels. Her dark red hair was tied up loosely and she wore heavy makeup. She headed to the bar, very well aware of all the eyes on her back.
“I hear you’re looking for a new bartender” she कहा to the man behind the bar. He nodded. “You’re signing up?”
“I need a job” the woman said. “And I like to socialize. I like to talk. I’m a good listener”
“Do आप have any experience in the...
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posted by HaleyDewit
The door of the Boarding House opened and Elena entered. She looked around, but didn’t see anyone.
“I’m hooooome” she called.
“I’m heeeeeere” Damon called back. Elena threw her schoolbag on the ground and ran to the bathroom. She opened the door and saw Damon lying in the tub. She bent on her knees, lay her hands on his cheeks and kissed him passionately. Damon went with his fingers through her hair and pulled her closer.
“I missed you” Elena sighed between two kisses.
“I missed आप too” Damon कहा soft. Elena slowly pulled away. “Can आप tell me why you’re in bath right...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine and Rebekah were walking in the mall. Well, actually Rebekah was walking. Katherine was staggering behind, her arms loaded with plastic bags.
Rebekah turned around. “Come on, Kat, keep the speed up” she made fun of the vampire. Katherine put the bags down and Rebekah walked to her. “You know what Klaus said, Katherine. आप have to be nice to me, make sure I can adjust to this new world. I’ve been dead for quite a while, आप know. Now will आप please pick up those bags? The clothes and shoes in it were expensive”
Katherine pulled a face when Rebekah turned around and she...
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Recap from The Host finale:
She grabbed Damon's arm, forced him to turn around, threw her arms tightly around his neck and kissed him passionately. It didn't take long for Damon to recover
and he lay his hands around her middle, pulling her tightly closer.
They disconnected their lips and looked in each other’s eyes.
“I प्यार you, Damon Salvatore” Elena कहा soft, but honest.
“I प्यार you, Elena Gilbert” Damon said.
They kissed again, while the rain kept falling.

Second दिन of school

Come on, Elena, only twenty मिनटों left. आप will go through this torture. That’s what Elena kept repeating...
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