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posted by flyntorres
Caroline Forbes has always been one of my प्रिय characters in TVD. I just प्यार how she brings light to a दिखाना that’s overrun with drama and tragedy at every turn with her bubbly and upfront nature. I also admire her strength. Not just physically (she can be pretty badass when she wants to be). After becoming a vampire, she has displayed such depth that people hadn’t really expected from her when she was still human. With all these traits, she had completely won me over.

However, I am now at a point where I am conflicted. In the past two episodes, Caroline has made it clear where her allegiance...
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Just want to say a big thank आप to everyone who reads, टिप्पणियाँ and supports my articles. Your encouragement and feedback mean a lot to me. I wish I wrote the दिखाना so I could write the ending आप all want.

So, the word from Spoiler Central seems to have a lot of DE shippers fearing the worst: that Elena will either run back to Stefan as if 3x19 had never even happened, या that she will choose NOT to choose: in other words, that she will refuse to make a decision regarding the brothers and opt to be alone. Now, at one point, I'll confess that from one interview statement Ian made about the finale,...
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Ok this is my first लेख written द्वारा me so it might be writtern badly based on point of view of a guy. Go easy on me.

The प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज between Damon/Elena/Stefan is yes at the moment getting really really old and frustrating based on that from what I've seen and how other have pointed out and hate and really want to see stopped. Damon is always shafted द्वारा Elena because she is forever choosing "saint" Stefan as I have seen people call him and never even gives Damon a chance. Damon always has to try harder to gt Elena's attention and approval for everything he does and gets beaten down for...
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I believe that if आप pay close attention, you'll see that there are many parallels regarding scenes, songs and कोट्स which are too numerous या meaningful to just be coincedental.

The Pilot

When Bonnie and Elena are in the car, and Bonnie is telling Elena she's psychic, Elena challenges her to "Predict something about me."
Bonnie: "I see..."
(A कौआ, कौवा hits the windshield.)

Bonnie: When I touched you, I saw a crow.
Elena: What?
Bonnie: A crow. There was fog...and a man.

Damon is always saving Elena -
He picked her up and carried her away from the crash in 1x11.
He picked her up and carried her to Stefan...
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After doing some research on the significance of the colours of roses.

-Red: Love, Beauty Courage and Respect, Congratulations, "I प्यार You", "Job Well Done", Sincere प्यार & Passion.
-White: Bridal, Happy Love.
-Red & White: Unity.
However, upon looking at this rose it looks very much as if the life is literally being drained from it, it's beauty is disappearing.
This could be seen as either death या a new beginning. Although the quote is 'The Future Blooms' the rose seems as if it is trying to say that the future is empty of beauty and life...
The rose though is also a symbol. Like the one Damon gave to Elena in 1x18.
Sorry I couldn't give a और detailed article, my head is trying to kill me right now.
posted by Delenaforever13
The very first episode of the Vampire Diaries that I saw was the सेकंड episode of the first season. I did not ship Delena the मिनट I saw them together. I shipped Stelena first. I was shipping Stelena first because I thought Stefan was a perfect fit. He was good for Elena. And Damon was the bad boy come to town to destroy his little brother's life and try to steal his girl. I kept that opinion of Damon until the episodes Blood Brothers and Isobel premired. Then in the season one finale I found myself cheering when I thought Damon kissed Elena.

To me I found Stefan and Elena's relationship...
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posted by kristanna_vl
Even that i प्यार Damon i also can understand that Elena is terrified about her feelings. I had a little bit of the same situation like she had. I was in a relationship which was ment for eternity in my head allthough that deep inside i knew something was missing. But this guy was my first प्यार and i swore to myself that i would be trustworthy and true all the time. Than a friend of mine got a new boyfriend and from the first moment we saw eachother their was something between us, something i couldn`t put a finger on it. So what did i do. I try to hide that feelings. For me, my girlfriend, my...
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posted by delenasalvatore
 credit: ren4itoy
credit: ren4itoy
"If आप wanna know if he loves आप so
It's in his किस (that's where it is)"

Cher, 'The Shoop Shoop Song'

"Does she प्यार him, I wanna know
How can we tell if she loves him so?
(Is it in her eyes)
Oh no you'll be deceived
(Is it in her eyes)
Oh no he'll make believe
If आप wanna know if she loves him so
It's in her kiss
(That's where it is)"

'The Shoop Shoop Song' has been playing in my head all दिन ever since I saw the किस in 3x19, so I thought I would adapt it slightly for DE. It's an old song that I'm not sure many DE shippers will know: link In the song, Cher sings that instead of going द्वारा how a guy...
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 And it's breaking over me, A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go.
And it's breaking over me, A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go.
Elena: "Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin and no matter what I do I just – I can’t shake him." (3x16)

Elena’s passionate embrace with Damon in “Heart Of Darkness” (3x19) signified a new beginning for Delena, a time where Elena is starting to realize she needs Damon like she needs air. When she ran towards Damon to किस him, she let go of all the guilt she’s been feeling for falling for Damon, the fear she has of her own feelings. She allowed herself to forget the world & just feel what she really feels for him. Elena gave herself completely to Damon in that...
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posted by ggdelena
"No no no! Heres the thing, I agree with आप that Elena is अभिनय really bad when it comes to the प्यार of these two brothers, but in this episode I think Rose explained it best. Elena is beyond confused and I truly feel like she’s petrified of Damon’s प्यार for her. I don’t think she knows what its like to be loved like that, with that much force and that much passion. Its like a ocean wave crashing against you, you’re thrown back and आप tumble and आप fall but आप प्यार it. Somehow, deep inside आप loved the thrill of it so आप stand right back up and do it again. Elena is afraid, she’s...
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At the end of this season, I'm almost 100% shure that she will choose Damon, या choose to be alone. People say ''She will choose Stefan, it's an obvious-boring choice.'' I would say the same thing, साल ago. Now, no. She loves them both, so it's not about प्यार now. It's about who was there for her, the whole year. Who was good and caring, who loved her, and she treated him badly, because she couldn't admit her feelings. It's about that. About him. It's either Damon, या no one.
Julie Plec said: ''I hope people saw Elena growing this season, and if they saw her doing that, then they will understand...
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As far as I understand, stills for 3x20 “Do Not Go Gentle” have confused Delena-shippers. Let me get this straight. We had two seasons (almost three) of Delena’s complicated relationship full of ups and downs and we are not going to give up या get upset because of some stills. We will survive this. We always survive. Now, let’s get to it.

Stills for 320 reveal Stefan and Elena interacting on the dance floor (dancing, holding hands in front of Damon, hugging/crying). My advice: sit back and calm down.

According to spoilers and synopsis:

Caroline urges Elena to invite Stefan. It wasn’t...
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She stayed very silent, simply enjoying the feel of his arms around her as they swayed to संगीत that was rather slow. All night they had played संगीत that certainly fit the 1920s jazz decade. What strange coincidence that they should play a slower song the moment Damon showed up. She pulled back to glance into his eyes. “I was waiting for you.”

“You knew I wasn’t coming.” he accused suspiciously.

“I know.” she shrugged. “But I waited anyway. It’s weird because I had a feeling you’d दिखाना up. And आप did. So look at that.”

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Do Not Go Gentle —3x20 DELENA scene—

“You’re here.” she breathed, slipping her hands around his neck and leaning in to press her cheek against the coolness of his jacket.

“Not exactly dressed for occasion.” he murmured.

“That’s alright. I can’t imagine the 20s being your time period. I..” she whispered, face flushing with rose. “I like आप better like this.”

“You do?” he cocked an eyebrow, smirking his famous - and her प्रिय - Damon smirk.

She stayed very silent, simply enjoying the feel of his arms around her as they swayed to संगीत that was rather slow. All night they had played संगीत that certainly fit the 1920s jazz decade. What strange coincidence that they should play a slower song the moment Damon showed up. She pulled back to glance into his eyes. “I’m glad you’re here. I was waiting for you.”
This लेख is to every SE प्रशंसक who says that Damon “stole” Elena from Stefan, this लेख will prove आप wrong so prepare to face reality forthe first time TVD wise.

“I thought I can WIN her from आप FAIR and SQUARE, she didn’t want me, it’s for the best, I’m better off being the bad guy anyway”-Damon 3X15 about Elena. Like Damon कहा to Stefan he thought he can WIN not STEAL Elena from him, he though without playing games on Elena, to try to get her to like/love him और without acting/pretending like a “goody good boy” (like Stefan did) that he can WIN her over द्वारा just...
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1.For the first time elena becomes jealous to see damon(pretending to flirt with rebecca) even though she knew he was faking it.

2.Elena says to stefan that she cannot प्यार a ghost forever.

3.elena tells stefan that she kissed damon and is not at all guilty that it happened.

4.She also tells him that she did not plan on चुंबन him "it just happened".

4.In ALL MY CHILDREN she gets so damn jealous to se damon and rebecca that she spills damon's drinkand does not bother that stefan is standing there aswell.

5.In MURDER OF ONE stefan notices that elena is concerned of DAMON और than anything.She tells him to रद्द करें the plan as she cannot risk Damons life.
all these instances clarify to stefan that she has got feelings for someone he can never hurt {his own brother}
when he asks elena to say him in the eye that she has no feelings for damon ELENA BLANK LOOK EXPLAINS IT ALL FOR HIM.........
posted by DamonxEricxAlek

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आप कहा I प्यार you,
I broke your heart.
I didn't mean to.
My words just tore your world apart.
I wish I had told you
how I feel about us but
I don't even know myself.
I don't know me anymore

I made a promise to him
I wouldn't let our प्यार end
But I did
now I don't know what to do.
I keep holding on to him
when never again
could I प्यार him
the way I did before you.
My words to आप were simple but
they ripped at your soul.
You think I don't प्यार you
but everyone knows.

You've been my everything,
my rock, my soul, my voice.
You've stood द्वारा me and held me tight.
I've always been your choice.
You've been my savior,
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I have been thinking about link and was bored during history lesson, so I wrote this.

I know that some प्रशंसकों were pissed off about Elena hurting Damon and her constant denial before the promo of 3x19 was released. (It's the only thing I've been thinking for the past few days) I think if I wrote this earlier it may help stop the Elena hate. Because if आप loved Damon's journey last season, आप should know that Elena's is no different.

I realized that their journey of realization began on 2x01 for Damon and 3x14 for Elena. Of course they have their moments of realization before that, but it became...
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 If this is yours, या आप know who made it, please tell me and I'll credit आप
If this is yours, or you know who made it, please tell me and I'll credit you
"Who can be in प्यार for a साल या two and not reveal it? For प्यार cannot be concealed."

'The Romance of Tristan' - Beroul

Special acknowledgement for this लेख goes to JanaP, who told me she would प्यार an लेख about when Elena fell in प्यार with Damon.

I'd always wanted to write an लेख about Elena's feelings, but it can be difficult sometimes to know exactly what they are. Some TVD प्रशंसकों think that Elena doesn't have any feelings for Damon at all, या that she simply doesn't feel as passionately for Damon as she does for Stefan. I'm going to discuss why they might be wrong, as well as outline...
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