Why should Stelena be endgame? “Because they’re an “epic” couple, because it was प्यार at first sight, because Stefan respects Elena’s choices.” Somehow, I do not find these reasons for a Stelena endgame convincing at all. With all that we have seen in The Vampire Diaries टेलीविज़न series –from Season 1 to Season 4 – and through the use of dialogue, expressions, reactions, relationships, and storylines, something quite contrary to the belief that Stelena belongs together is conveyed. Am I saying that a Delena endgame is implied? Yes, I am, but not because I am a Delena प्रशंसक – that is merely coincidental – but because the Delena प्यार story has gone through much development, and if one was to look at the series objectively, one would notice that (overall) और attention has been paid to the Delena romance compared to the Stelena relationship. Delena have developed over a course of four seasons, and their प्यार story has been portrayed through significant dialogue and scenes, with great emphasis on the gradual development of the Delena relationship, as well as the development of Damon and Elena as individuals due to their growing relationship. Stelena’s relationship occurred almost instantly, and although I am not against a union of such a nature, the series has shown through significant moments in the entire series that the Stelena relationship was only ever meant to be a beginning to the series, and not the conclusion of it. Although Stelena प्रशंसकों are confident that their ship is endgame, the दिखाना and Elena seem to prove otherwise...

I previously wrote an लेख explaining in detail the Delena relationship and why Delena should be endgame, but I will not solely focus on their relationship now, but rather on the actions of Elena, as well as her dialogue and decisions, because the truth to her feelings can be found in her conduct. We all know that it is not Damon या Stefan who have to make the choice – they both प्यार Elena and will always choose her – but it is Elena who needs to make the (permanent) choice between the Salvatores, and although perhaps her mind may initially make a decision, her दिल and in effect, her conduct, will ultimately make the choice for her. Through various points in the series, Elena has faced many obstacles and has made decisions in an attempt to overcome those obstacles. The Salvatore brothers have both been द्वारा Elena’s side as she has faced these difficulties, so when she does ultimately make her choice, it will not be based on who loves her और या who is most loyal to her, but rather on who SHE loves more. It is my belief that Elena truly and deeply loves Damon, because the series has implied so. Elena loved Stefan for three seasons, but she gradually fell in प्यार with Damon during the third season, and is currently in प्यार with him, as she finally admitted in the finale of Season 4. But undoubtedly, many obstacles are going to arise in the Delena relationship. It is obvious that the writers will not allow the Delena relationship to be smooth sailing from here on out, which is understandable, because Damon and Elena fell in प्यार in the midst of all the countless challenges they have already faced – that is what makes their प्यार so strong – so naturally, they will face many और obstacles in an effort to make their relationship work, which ultimately, it will. But knowing how TVD tends to be written, something will come between Delena that will tear them apart (temporarily), leading Elena to once again make a choice between the Salvatores. I’m expecting this event to occur somewhere near the end of the last season, because to have Elena make a choice again at the end of the fifth season will be redundant and stupid. I honestly do not think that Elena will choose Stefan in the end, because her personal growth and her conduct has shown that – although Stefan was her first प्यार – it is Damon she ultimately sees herself ending up with. If one has to contemplate Elena’s personal growth and relationship with both brothers, one will arrive at a number of conclusions. I will briefly discuss these conclusions द्वारा focusing on four aspects: Elena’s dialogue, her conduct, specific scenes, and the development of Elena as an individual in connection to her relationship with both brothers.

When choosing Stefan, Elena’s reason for doing so was because “he came into [her] life at a time [she] needed someone and [she] fell for him instantly”. When choosing Damon, Elena did not give a reason, but rather expressed exactly what her दिल felt when she confessed her प्यार for him द्वारा revealing that even after everything Damon had done in the past that hurt her, she is “not sorry that [she] met [him]”. Even और than this, she revealed: “I’m not sorry that knowing आप has made me सवाल everything. That in death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive/I’m not sorry that I’m in प्यार with you. I प्यार you, Damon. I प्यार you.” While Stefan came into her life when she needed someone – a reason applicable to the past – Damon made her feel the most alive she has ever been (especially now that she is a vampire) – a feeling that will always be relevant.
What is also significant to note with regards to Elena’s dialogue in TVD is the transition of her feelings regarding both brothers, something that is expertly revealed through Elena’s words. Elena’s gradual change in her feelings for Stefan – from प्यार to ultimately just friendship – is made obvious द्वारा the following dialogue (in chronological order):
•    “It’s आप and me, Stefan. Always.”
•    “It’s always going to be Stefan.”
•    “And that’s what प्यार should be. आप should be with the one who makes आप glad to be alive.” (when contemplating her प्यार for Stefan)
•    “Stefan...it’s always going to be Stefan.” (Damon to Elena). “I can’t think about always, all I can think about is right now.” (Elena in response).
•    “You don’t have to प्यार me like this. This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go.” (to Stefan)
•    “Do आप still प्यार Stefan?” (Rebekah to Elena). “Yes.” (Elena in reply). “Are आप still in प्यार with Stefan?” (Rebekah). “No.” (Elena)
•    “Friends? I like that.” (Elena to Stefan)
It is made clear through the dialogue mentioned above that Elena gradually, and naturally, fell out of प्यार with Stefan and now only considers him to be a good friend whom she does love, but only platonically.
Elena’s gradual development of her relationship with Damon – from feelings of hate to deep प्यार – is revealed (chronologically) through the following dialogue:
•    “I hate him.”
•    “You’ve लॉस्ट me forever.”
•    “I’m your friend.”
•    “I like आप now, just the way आप are.”
•    “Damon got under my skin, and no matter what I do, I can’t shake him”
•    “When I’m with him, it just consumes me.”
•    “It’s the most real thing I have ever felt in my entire life.” (Elena explaining her प्यार for Damon)
•    “I’m not sorry that I’m in प्यार with you. I प्यार you, Damon.”
Through the abovementioned dialogue, it is clearly shown that Elena is truly in प्यार with Damon, and that the Delena relationship developed from feelings of animosity to intense, amorous feelings. This is a significant development that has occupied the series from seasons one through to four.
In Season 2, after Damon had fed Elena his blood in order to ensure that she would reawaken as a vampire if she died during Klaus’s ritual, she broke down, expressing that she never wanted to be a vampire. How did Stefan feel on the subject? “If it was my choice, I’d want to be with आप forever”. Yet, living forever with Stefan could not comfort Elena and cause her to accept the possibility of becoming a vampire. Clearly, their प्यार for each other was at different levels – Stefan desired to spend an eternity with Elena, while Elena was not even able to contemplate that possibility even though becoming a vampire would have made that possible for her. Did this imply that Stefan loved Elena और than she loved him? या that he envisioned an eternity with Elena while she did not feel the same way?
While Elena was emotionless, her conduct was rather questionable and her nature was ruthless. She made hurtful and offensive टिप्पणियाँ to those who deeply cared for her, heartless to the way her words affected them. Yet, there were a few moments in which she spoke words – although blunt and hurtful – that were truthful, as in the case of when she called Caroline out on her attraction to Klaus, and taunted Katherine about Elijah. What I found extremely interesting and significant during Elena’s humanity-less phase was the specific moment when Elena responded to Damon’s statement that she did not want to be an emotionless vampire, with the words, “Then who should I be? Should I go back to being the scared little girl who couldn’t admit what she wants?”. Elena often spoke the truth during her “dark” stage, and during this moment, she had no reason to lie to Damon as they were merely having a discussion and nothing more. I found this statement from Elena significant because it seems that Elena implied that she did not choose Damon as a human because she was too scared to; not because she had wanted Stefan. It seems that fear had made Elena’s choice, rather than her heart, because had she not allowed fear to guide her – as her statement implies – Elena would have chosen Damon in the finale of Season 3, and not Stefan. This dialogue from Elena is highly significant because it shows her true desires when she was a human and now that she’s a vampire. The fact that it is fear that stopped Elena from choosing Damon and not her प्यार for Stefan points to the belief that it is Damon she truly and deeply loves, having initially relied on her mind rather than her दिल when forced to make a decision between the Salvatores in Season 3.
“I will never leave आप again” is a promise Damon made to Elena in Episode 5 of Season 3, when Elena, in tears, asked Damon where he had been after Klaus had terrorised her at school during the time Damon had gone out of town with Katherine. It is a significant statement from Damon, because he has kept that promise even in the moments Elena had hurt him या pushed him away, and even after she had chosen Stefan over him. Stefan, on the other hand, declared that he would leave Mystic Falls if Elena chose Damon. But then again, he never made a promise that he would never leave Elena, so what does he really have to live up to?
“But you’re YOUNG, आप don’t see what I see. It’s not just that she makes him a better person – and she does – but he changes her too.” - Rose conversing with Jeremy about the Delena romance. What is interesting regarding this statement are two elements: the fact that Rose considers Jeremy’s perspective regarding प्यार and romance to be too immature to understand a प्यार like Delena’s, and that although Elena changes Damon, he changes her as well. The first aspect of Rose’s statement is clear – the Delena प्यार is a mature and adult one, and will not possess the same characteristics and qualities of the Stelena प्यार (that is a और childish and “teenage” romance) due to this fact. Rose has lived for centuries, so her statements regarding प्यार can be deemed credible and noteworthy. The fact that Rose is rooting for and supports the Delena romance subtly implies that she believes such a प्यार to be beneficial, lasting, exciting, and true love. The सेकंड aspect of the statement refers to the characteristic development द्वारा both individuals BECAUSE of their relationship. It shows that the Delena प्यार is one in which both प्रेमी develop and change for the better because of each other, yet still manage to grow together – as individuals, and as a couple. This relationship and प्यार is therefore the ideal one – both for Damon and Elena.

When Elena was fed Damon’s blood in Season 2, she broke down as the thought of becoming a vampire devastated her too much, and she adamantly declared that she never wanted to become a vampire. Even the thought of being with Stefan forever couldn’t comfort her. Elena’s conduct in this particular instance proves that her प्यार for him was not deep enough to have the power to console her and placate her distress with the knowledge that she could spend an eternity with the man that she loved. If she truly and deeply loved Stefan, then having the opportunity of spending an eternity with him would have excited her, but the possibility of vampirism devastated her instead.
After choosing Stefan in the finale of Season 3, Elena was ready to die, sacrificing her life to save Matt. When Elena discovered in the premiere of Season 4 that she had become a vampire, she was extremely distraught, declaring that she had been ready to die and did not want to be a vampire. Once Elena is faced with the choice of life या death द्वारा either completing the transition into vampirism या dying instead, Elena drinks blood and subsequently becomes that which she never wanted to be. It is only after this event – a point of which she cannot return – that Elena finally accepts that she can be with Stefan forever, and makes use of this prospect to comfort her in her newfound vampirism.
However, Elena is drawn और than ever to Damon after becoming a vampire. She seeks his assistance when she cannot drink animal blood, drinking his blood in an effort to overcome her hunger and bloodlust. She relies on him to teach her how to be a proper vampire and how to stealthily feed on humans, going to Whitmore College to feed on students under his guidance (and succeeding). She asks for his help after she accidently stabbed Jeremy when hallucinating that he had been Connor (the hunter). And Damon is the only one that she managed to see clearly during her hallucinations in “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”, thereby making it possible for him to postpone (and ultimately prevent) her suicide in order for the curse to be broken. It becomes obvious through her conduct that she finds herself increasingly drawn to Damon, making her realise that she can no longer ignore her feelings for him, and breaking up with Stefan as a result.
When the sirebond between Damon and Elena was discovered, Elena refused to believe that the bond was the reason for her feelings for Damon because she KNEW how she felt about Damon – even when Damon doubted her feelings for him. When Damon was about to set Elena free from the bond as a way to “break” it, Elena begged him not to, adamant that her प्यार for him was real and not due to the sirebond. Elena had been in प्यार with Damon before she became a vampire – the sirebond only formed between her and Damon BECAUSE she loved him. Season 3 implied that Elena was already in प्यार with Damon due to her conduct when with him या regarding him – her transition into a vampire finally giving her the courage to act on her प्यार for him. Elena had desired Damon for quite a while – her conduct proves this. SHE passionately kissed HIM in “Heart of Darkness” – a किस that had been interrupted द्वारा Jeremy and not stopped because she regretted it. Elena initiated the sex with Damon in both episodes seven and eight of Season 4 (which proved that the sirebond did not affect her feelings as Damon did not ask her to sleep with him – she wanted to). It was Damon’s call in episode 4x09 not to have sex, not Elena’s (as she expressed so, implying she had wanted to sleep with him again), as he still doubted her feelings for him due to the sirebond. Therefore, it could be no surprise that Elena would finally admit her feelings for Damon as Season 4 progressed.
When faced with the reality of obtaining the cure, as well as Damon’s uncertainty that Elena would still प्यार him after becoming human, Elena asked Damon to take the cure with her, certain that her प्यार for him was real. Elena expressed her desire to be with Damon forever द्वारा asking him to be human with her so that they could be together and grow old together. Through her conduct and her sincere request to Damon, Elena conveyed that she envisioned a future with Damon and wanted to spend and conclude her life with him. From originally seeing herself as always being with Stefan, Elena developed to a point of wanting to spend the rest of her life with Damon and not her first love.
Elena’s conduct after she had लॉस्ट her humanity is significant as she was still drawn to Damon even though she felt nothing. Although she mostly manipulated him during this phase, she still seemed to be connected to him and nobody else.
In the finale of Season 4, when Damon offered Elena the cure for her vampirism, she refused it on the basis that the hunters would kill everyone in order to get it. However, after discovering that Damon’s life was in mortal danger due to the werewolf venom in his system, she begged him to take the cure, no longer concerned about what the hunters would do if they did not receive it. Elena wanted Damon to take the cure in order for him to live, aware that द्वारा him doing so, the hunters would unleash their wrath upon the entire town. But even with this knowledge, Elena insisted on Damon taking the cure, now only concerned about his life. Elena’s conduct here shows her similarity to Damon in that she decided to put his life ahead of her own and everyone else’s – something he has often done too, putting her life ahead of his and everyone else’s lives. Elena’s conduct also reveals her selfishness with Damon; wanting him to live, even if it means that others have to die. Her complete distress during this incident clearly illustrates her deep प्यार for Damon, and the inability to see him die या accept his death.
After the hunters had been defeated and Elena was free to take the cure, she decided to give it to Stefan, wanting him to have the human life he has always wanted. This was a very significant action, because it provided clear proof that Elena was no longer resentful of her vampirism, but rather accepting of it – this all due to her relationship with Damon. Elena gave Stefan the cure in the hope that he would become a human and get everything he deserved – while she remained a vampire. Stefan becoming human while Elena remained immortal meant that she could not be with him forever, and that she would live for all eternity while he aged and eventually died. Had Elena been truly in प्यार with Stefan, she would not have offered him the cure to vampirism because they would not be able to spend an eternity together if he took it. Yet, Elena did offer him the cure, herself intent on spending an eternity as a vampire – and perhaps desiring to spend that eternity with Damon, which is something she could not envision with Stefan when faced with the possibility of vampirism in Season 2. Her conduct implies that the she is truly and deeply in प्यार with Damon to the extent that she would want to spend an eternity with him – something she could never imagine with Stefan because the thought of being a vampire devastated her too much. Yet, her प्यार for Damon overpowered her fear of her vampirism, as she was willing to stay a vampire if it meant being with Damon forever.
Elena was furious with Damon for refusing to take the cure even after she begged him to, unable to accept that he would prefer to die than be human. Elena could not understand how Damon would choose death above humanity, and was infuriated that he willingly almost died because of his choice. After realising that Damon would rather die than be a human who would eventually have to lose her, Elena confessed her प्यार for him in a truly emotional, genuine, intense and passionate scene. Her conduct in this scene conveyed the true and intense प्यार she feels for Damon, and that he is the one she truly wants to be with, expressing that she was "not sorry that [she] [is] in प्यार with [him]".

Many of the scenes in TVD have placed great emphasis on the Delena relationship, and have visually contributed to the development of their love.
There have been significant Delena moments in three season finales – in Season 2 when Damon is dying and Elena chooses to forgive and किस him, in Season 3 when Damon has a flashback of his actual first meeting with Elena, and in Season 4 when Elena finally confesses her प्यार for Damon free of the sirebond. Although there have been a considerable amount of Stelena scenes in these aforementioned episodes, the emphasis was placed on the Delena relationship. Stelena have had many scenes, but so have Delena, and the most intense, poignant, and dramatic scenes are always conserved for Delena, as well as the best and deepest dialogue.
Elena had chosen Stefan in the Season 3 finale, yet और attention was paid to Damon rather than Stefan. Elena ended her conversation with Damon in which she told him her choice with the words “maybe if we had met first”, which is proven to be significant when Damon has a flashback of a scene in which he actually did meet Elena first, but compelled her to forget the meeting. Elena’s words may not have been so significant if the writers had not made it so द्वारा use of Damon’s flashback, which showed an Elena before the loss of her parents who was deeply attracted to this man (Damon) who was describing the प्यार she desired. Even और than this, rather than merely दिखा रहा है that it was Damon who Elena met first, the writers went so far as to have Damon describe the exact प्यार Elena desired and eventually began to experience in her developing relationship with Damon – a विवरण that she did not deny, but rather showed surprise at Damon’s accuracy. The words “maybe if we had met first”, implied that a deep part of Elena wished that she had met Damon first so that she could have fallen in प्यार with him instead of Stefan. This scene also provides evidence to the belief that the प्यार that Elena truly desires is an all-consuming and passionate one and the exact one described द्वारा Damon in their first meeting – the प्यार she happens to share with Damon. What is interesting to note is that although Elena chose Stefan in the Season 3 finale, the episode was और focused on Damon – from Elena tearfully informing Damon of her decision to the flashback of Delena’s first (actual) meeting. However, this is merely noteworthy, and not intended to provide definitive proof of Elena’s deep प्यार for Damon (as her actions do so).
It can be debatably declared that the Delena romance was truly initiated in episode 19 of Season 1 during the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. With Stefan M.I.A. when Elena needed a तारीख, दिनांक in the pageant and the subsequent dance, Damon stepped in to accompany and dance with Elena instead. Their dance proved to be impactful, as externally, it converted many viewers into Delena fans, and internally, it revealed the attraction between Damon and Elena that perhaps had previously never been as evident as during that scene. It was clear during the dance that Elena found herself attracted to Damon, and it seems that for the duration of the dance, both were “lost in the moment” as they only had eyes for each other. The sexual tension and passion between Delena was quite apparent in this scene, making it one of the favourite moments for many Delena fans. This scene is also one of the early manifestations of the possibility of a Delena romance and the notion of Elena ultimately falling in प्यार with Damon. In possibly an unrelated या coincidental plot in “My Brother’s Keeper” in Season 4, Delena once again experience obvious sexual tension at a Miss Mystic Falls Pageant – this time clearly and openly attracted to each other, sharing many tension-filled glances and mutual appreciation of the Miss Mystical Falls dance they shared in Season 1. It is also in this episode, that Delena finally consummate their relationship and give in to their deep and passionate feelings they have been gradually harbouring for each other over the course of the series. Perhaps these two events that are three seasons apart are completely unrelated, yet it is noteworthy nonetheless as it shows that the sexual tension that had become evident during the dance in Season 1 had not declined, but had rather escalated as shown द्वारा the similar tension experienced at the pageant in Season 4.
Another scene worthy to be mentioned in terms of Elena’s reaction and Delena’s connection is the scene in “Pictures of You” of Season 4 when Bonnie almost kills an emotionless Elena for attempting to kill her. When Damon and Stefan arrive and attempt to convince Bonnie to stop harming Elena, Elena calls out to Damon to help her, falling into his arms while suffering from the agony caused द्वारा Bonnie’s magic. What is important to note in this scene is this: after Bonnie ended her torture of Elena and walked away, Elena gave Damon a meaningful look – that under the circumstances of her having no humanity – was rather significant. This very short yet significant reaction from Elena somehow proves that even though she had no humanity at this stage, she still felt connected to Damon, and that the Delena connection – although dimmed द्वारा Elena’s brutality – was still present and had not vanished along with Elena’s humanity.
In “Heart of Darkness” in Season 3, the scene in which Rose separately describes the प्यार of Stefan and Damon is highly significant. Rose expertly encompasses both loves through her explanation, yet और emphasis is placed on the प्यार of Damon rather than Stefan. Instead of describing both loves in equal measure, Rose only elaborates on the प्यार Elena experiences with Damon in order for Jeremy to understand why Damon is the ideal choice for Elena. Rose perfectly expresses the Delena प्यार in this scene – this perhaps a subtle attempt of the writers to inform (imperceptive) viewers of the true प्यार of Delena and make them understand why Elena being with Damon would be the best choice, and that Elena actually grows in her relationship with Damon instead of merely being confined to a monotonous state of limited या no growth (that she experienced in her relationship with Stefan).
In “Pictures of You” in Season 4, the Steroline scene about “moving on” was rather significant. Caroline explaining to Stefan the process of how one overcomes a break-up या former प्यार is quite noteworthy because a considerable amount of emphasis was placed on this scene, as well as on Stefan’s intention या desire to हटाइए on. Caroline also played an interesting role in this scene which perhaps is a subtle indication from the writers that Caroline could be the exact person who Stefan decides to हटाइए on with. This scene is significant because it offers the idea that Stefan will ultimately हटाइए on and get over Elena, eventually finding happiness with another, rendering a Stelena endgame improbable. Furthermore, in Episode 23 of Season 4, the topic of “moving on” for Stefan is addressed yet again – this time द्वारा Lexi after Stefan realises that Elena chose Damon. The need for Stefan to “move on” is truly emphasised in this scene as Lexi – his best friend – informs him that he will only be able to हटाइए on द्वारा finding another, implying that it was time for him to do so. The fact that Stefan’s best friend advises him to हटाइए on, perhaps points to the idea that he will ultimately find happiness with someone else, even though it is with Damon that Elena finds happiness instead of with him. What is also interesting to note is that there have only ever been scenes that have emphasised Stefan’s need to हटाइए on, and never Damon's. When Elena had chosen Stefan in Season 3, there was never any mention in the early episodes of Season 4 for Damon to हटाइए on and find another प्यार (Damon may never have been in an official relationship with Elena, but it was common knowledge that he was in प्यार with her, so his need to हटाइए on would have been as relevant as Stefan’s). Yet, not long after the Stelena break-up, emphasis had already been placed on Stefan’s need to हटाइए on and overcome his प्यार for Elena, with others informing Stefan to “move on” and find प्यार with another. Perhaps insignificant, it still somehow conveys the idea that Stefan will ultimately हटाइए on and find true प्यार with another person, while Damon finds happiness and true प्यार with Elena – thereby, never making it necessary for Damon to “move on”.

In any टेलीविज़न series, really, there is character development – either optimistic progress, या negative regression. In The Vampire Diaries, most characters have developed into better individuals, and this is especially evident in the characters, Damon and Elena. Damon transformed – from a ruthless antagonist – into a considerate and loving vampire worthy of Elena’s love, while Elena matured into a strong and self-assured woman since the loss of her parents. Caroline also underwent significant character growth, from initially being a self-centred and insecure girl, to a compassionate, supportive and strong individual. With regards to the characters of Damon and Elena, their individual development occurred because of their relationship with each other. In Elena’s relationship with Stefan, Elena gained security and प्यार – which are admirable aspects, but factors that did not contribute to her character development. In her relationship with Damon, Elena gained maturity, strength, passion and प्यार – qualities that helped her (and will continue to assist her) in her personal development. Damon’s प्यार for Elena motivated him to change into a compassionate and loyal friend, while Stefan did not really experience significant character growth in his relationship with Elena. Although Elena did प्यार Stefan, her relationship with him occurred almost instantly, out of grief for her parents’ deaths. The Delena relationship occurred gradually – from initially being adversaries, to best friends, to falling in love, and then to officially being a couple.
After becoming a vampire – and in her relationship with Stefan – Elena could not tolerate her vampirism and desperately craved the cure that would offer her back her humanity – rather than choosing to accept her newfound nature and learning to deal with it (the mature approach). Through her relationship with Damon, Elena gradually began to accept her vampirism, ultimately giving up the cure when she was free to take it – now clearly content with her vampirism that she originally despised.
In Season 3, while Delena developed together in Stefan’s absence, Elena came to a point where she was willing to let Stefan go after it seemed that he had been लॉस्ट to them forever, informing Damon with the words, “we’ll survive”, to comfort him with the loss of his brother and her lover. Due to her relationship with Damon in Season 3, Elena obtained maturity that she had never possessed before, willing to give Stefan up, knowing that she and Damon would be able to survive without him if it ever came to that.
Because of Damon, Elena learned to enjoy life again, fully embracing life when with him. Damon’s companionship taught Elena to enjoy her life and embrace every aspect of herself – because द्वारा doing so, she would be truly free and finally find peace within herself to be who she truly is.
Concerning the revelation of the controversial sirebond in Season 4, it should be noted that the sirebond formed between Damon and Elena not because of his feelings for her, but because of HER deep feelings for HIM. It is extremely interesting that in her transition into vampirism, Elena’s emotions for Damon were magnified to the point that she could no longer ignore them – that they were so intense – that even her feelings for Stefan could not combat her प्यार for Damon. It seems that vampirism gave Elena the opportunity to realise her true feelings for Damon and that he is her true प्यार – because if her प्यार for Damon was magnified to the point that it surpassed her प्यार for Stefan (which also had been magnified as ALL feelings are heightened due to vampirism), then it is absolute proof that Elena truly and deeply loved Damon in Season 3, and that the choice that she had made between the Salvatores in the Season 3 finale had not been based on the desires of her heart, but on rather what she felt she should have done instead of what she truly wanted.
Elena is Damon’s humanity, and Damon is the person who knows Elena the best as it is HE who knew exactly what would bring her humanity back, with him ultimately being the one to bring Elena back from her emotionless state. These two individuals know each other better than anybody else does या ever will, and it is obvious that they truly do belong together – as eternal companions and lovers. Delena has developed together throughout the series, and their separate personal development has occurred because of their developing relationship. Damon and Elena have grown together, and have travelled a long, tumultuous, constructive, and loving path together, that it is only natural to assume that they will conclude their path in life together – as friends, lovers, equals, and partners.

In Conclusion
The writers must not make it seem like Damon was Elena’s “other” relationship, या that Damon was merely an obstacle to the Stelena relationship, because it is Stefan who has been the obstacle – to the Delena relationship. Damon met Elena first, compelling her to forget him, shortly before Stefan came into the picture and she fell for him. Stefan was always the reason why Elena would never act on her feelings for Damon, and was the major obstacle to the development of the Delena romance. Stefan was Elena’s beginning, but Damon is her end.
I will be furious and deem it disrespectful to our intelligence if they follow the “Damon is merely an obstacle course” because Damon is NOT an obstacle – if he was, Elena would never have fallen in प्यार with Damon and left Stefan for him. She would rather have merely been attracted to Damon, with her attraction (not love) TEMPORARILY hindering her from committing to Stefan. Yet, this is not the case. While fully committed to Stefan, feeling that it would “always be [him]”, she fell in प्यार with Damon, eventually choosing to commit to him forever (“Take the cure with me/we can be together, grow old together”).

I can’t help but believe that they keep throwing these major obstacles Delena’s way (such as Damon killing Jeremy, and the sirebond) with the intention of strengthening and yet postponing the Delena relationship as much as possible. Delena are finally together now, but many और obstacles are going to befall them that will undoubtedly draw a wedge between the couple. Yet, after everything they have been through and overcome, their eventual break-up will be temporary because their intense प्यार for each other is permanent and impossible to fade. If after everything that has occurred to develop Delena and bring them together is destroyed द्वारा the foolish decision of the writers to make Stelena endgame, then all that we have watched in TVD has no true meaning, and was merely for visual effect instead of great and significant storytelling. The fandom of both couples is large, but the writers should not make a decision to satisfy one fandom – that’s the cheap way out – and should rather focus on and complete the story they have been developing throughout the entire series – that प्यार is redeeming, has the power to change one for the better, and true प्यार is accepting of every aspect of one’s character. If the writers aim to remain faithful to their story, then Delena will be endgame because that is what the story has been building up to. If they choose to satisfy the fandom with the greatest numbers, it would most probably still be a Delena endgame as the general consensus is that Delena has और प्रशंसकों than Stelena does – but on this belief I could be mistaken.

And if they are going to make it that Stefan and Elena are “meant to be together” because they’re both doppelgangers and all that nonsense, I will lose all my respect for this दिखाना because it will then have taken a turn into the Cheesy As Hell Lane, या its alternative path, Stupid Avenue. At this point, Delena should be endgame. Stelena’s relationship has run its course and come to a natural end. Sure, Elena loved Stefan, he was her first love, but he is द्वारा no means meant to be her last प्यार – that role is reserved for Damon, who is the metaphorical “one” for Elena.
In Season 4, Elena spoke the words, “It’s the most real thing that I have ever felt in my entire life” when describing her प्यार for Damon. Surely this provides definitive proof that Elena deeply and truly loves Damon, having never loved someone as much as she loves him – not even Stefan. After this articulation from ELENA, how can a Stelena endgame even be possible? Only द्वारा means of two ways: through Damon’s death, या through idiocy on the part of the writers to erase all the true and deep emotions Elena has developed and feels for Damon, and make her inexplicably end up with Stefan. Either way, it is not the endgame that is meant to be and definitely not the one that is predicted through the actions of Elena and the लेखन and direction of TVD.

Also, I know that Damon and Elena are often considered as this alluring “forbidden love” couple, but that does not mean that they cannot या are not supposed to end up together. On the contrary, it proves that they should, as a forbidden प्यार is one that undergoes many obstacles and difficulties in order to occur (with many individuals against the romance), making all the challenges faced worthwhile if the couple experiencing the “forbidden romance” ultimately get together. Often there have been forbidden romances that have लॉस्ट their allure once the couple became official and, therefore, have not lasted, but Delena have demonstrated that they are much और than a “forbidden love”, and have rather proven to be the epitome of true love. Romeo and Juliet are the perfect example of a “forbidden romance”. Although their story is a tragic one, they loved each other so intensely that they simply could not live without each other, resulting in the suicide of both individuals. I’m sure that Delena will not follow the same course, but they continue to share a parallel to Romeo and Juliet in that many individuals are against their love, yet their प्यार for each other still remains incredibly deep and impossible to be overcome. Delena is very much different to Romeo and Juliet, but the intensity of both couples’ प्यार is similar, with Delena’s perhaps being stronger and और mature. Moreover, the Delena relationship is an enduring and accepting relationship that managed to develop in the midst of everything that Damon and Elena went through – as individuals and as a couple. Their प्यार for each other has no boundaries, and it is this type of TRUE प्यार that is meant to last forever.

Ultimately, the true story of The Vampire Diaries is about a broken girl who manages to rebuild her life with the प्यार of one brother, eventually maturing and growing up to find true happiness and true प्यार with the other brother...