I was plaining on making DE video with 101 reasons to ship them and I would like to see your opinion (because it will be dedicated to all of you). What do आप think,are these reasons good? And if आप have your sugestions,I'd appriciate if आप write it.
1.    Because he knew right away she wasn't Katherine.
2.    Because he consumes her.
3.    When Bonnie toched her,she saw Damon.
4.    She was the reason he came back.
5.    Because it was nice to meet him.
6.    Because she let him in.
7.    He likes her. She knows how to laugh.
8.    Because she feels sorry for Katherine.
9.    She's his humanity.
10.     It always comes down to a प्यार of a women.
11.     It mattered. She knew he knows it.
12.     Because he saved her from a car crash.
13.     She could've trust him.
14.     He took her to Atlanta on 5 मिनटों time-out.
15.     Because she begged not to hurt him.
16.     She saved his life and he knew it.
17.     Because she's not the worst company in the world.
18.     Because they have something. An understanding.
19.     They were having fun. He wanted it to be real.
20.     Because he can trust her and he does.
21.     She does up buttons on his shirt.
22.     He understands her pain...
23.    ..but he can't let her be unprotected.
24.     If she stays,he stays,too.
25.     She knows he's pretending not to feel.
26.     He's always there for her.
27.     He gives her compliments on high order.
28.     She thinks he might be a hero.
29.     She decided that he was worth saving...
30.    ...he wanted to thank her for that.
31.     He can't forget चुंबन her.
32.     Because she thinks he's hurt.
33.     He's always waiting for her in her bedroom.
34.     Because she cares about him.
35.     She hates him...
36.    ..and it's beggining of a प्यार story.
37.     It would suck if he has लॉस्ट her forever.
38.     Because he never lies to her,no matter what.
39.     Because it is Elena.
40.     She watches him while she huggs Stefan.
41.     She needs to know that he loves her
42.     And it's why he can't be selfist with her.
43.     He thinks he doesn't deserve her.
44.     He'd die before he lets anything happen to her.
45.     They always check out for each other.
46.     She wants him to be a better man.
47.     He's in प्यार with her and it drives him crazy.
48.     Because he gots the moves she's never seen.
49.     He'll always be the one to save her...
50.    ...and he'll let her hate him for it.
51.     He would always choose her.
52.     He can't lose her and he won't.
53.     Everyone knows he loves her.
54.     Because he caried her in his arms.
55.     When she wakes up,his name is first thing she says.
56.     He wants to protect her from pain.
57.     He doesn't deserve her forgivness,but he needs it.
58.     She breaks the window to find him.
59.     She's there till the end,she's not leaving him.
60.     He knows he made wrong choices,
61.     But if he didn't,he wouldn't have met her.
62.     He feels sorry for hurting her...
63.     But she forgives him.
64.     Because she saw him naked.
65.     She was stupid,they both were.
66.     He satkes himself,just to save her.
67.     She gives up finding Stefan...
68.     Because she can't see Damon get hurt.
69.     She's worried about him.
70.     Drool explains she was dreaming about him.
71.     He always watches her robe.
72.     She's attracted to him,but she can't admit it.
73.     He carried her out of the hospital.
74.     He promises to never leave her again.
75.     Because he wouldn't have done it for anyone else.
76.     They give each other nicknames.
77.     Because he'd do everything she needs him to do.
78.     He won't let anyone hurt her.
79.     They make each other jelaus.
80.     They were both faking most of it.
81.     Because they sleep in same bed.
82.     They always comfort each other.
83.     He comes back to किस her in the porch.
84.     Because she can't say किस wasn't good.
85.     Because it's right,just not right now.
86.     Their dance is tradition.
87.     He's mad at her because he loves her.
88.     They both care too much and it's problem.
89.     She freaks out when she finds him with Rebekah.
90.     He's gotten under her skin and she can't shake him.
91.     She sees the good in him.
92.     Sh's pretending to sleep while she watches him.
93.     He's always able to read her mind.
94.     She can't say she doesn't have feelings for him.
95.     Because he's eighter the best या the worst for her.
96.     They change each other,in the best way.
97.     She has to let him go.
98.     She hopes she's gonna see him very soon.
99.     They will always survive.
100.    Once आप fall in प्यार with someone...
101.    You can never shake them.

I know it's long list,it took me 2 days to finish it :D Please टिप्पणी दे and give me your suggestions.