I'm new here and I just wanted to share my देखा गया on why Damon and Elena NEED to be together. I wrote this for a friend to persuade her to शामिल होइए Delena, and this speech worked. I hope आप like it.

​ Okay, so my speech consists of many parts. My first part is how they first met. Damon was just lying in the road, looking for his अगला meal, when Elena comes and talks and he hears her voice. He goes up to and say “Katherine?”  “No, I’m Elena.” She replies. With that it takes him three सेकंड्स to find out that Elena is indeed Elena and not Katherine. (Even though he probably could have figured it out with the fact she has a heartbeat.) With Stefan, after he saved her, it took him that whole summer to figure out that Elena was Elena and not Katherine. He couldn’t tell with the fact that she had a heartbeat. Sometimes वैंपायर are just dumb.

सेकंड issue, their scenes between each other are amazing. They are so amazing that no one can describe the hundreds of emotions that go through your body. Granted, they are dating off-screen, but that just adds to the passion. I get all hot and bothered during their scenes, whether I have seen them countless times before, या it was the first time seeing it, I always get all hot and bothered.

Third issue, in the season finale Stefan kissed Elena because, “In case there is no later.” Damon could have done that countless times, but he didn’t because Elena was his brother’s girl. Even when they had broken up the first time in season two he still didn’t. In season three, when Stefan was with Klaus, it took Damon ten episodes to say “screw it” and किस Elena. It took nine episodes for Elena to say the same thing and किस Damon, granted his was a sweet and closed mouth किस and hers was a full out make out session and almost sex, but I digress.

Then there is the factor that Damon and Elena met first. Elena started to flirt with Damon, I mean who wouldn’t. He told her exactly what she wanted in life, she just didn’t know it yet. She wants a प्यार that consumes her, Damon. Adventure, Damon. And a little danger, that comes with being in प्यार with vampires. With the fact that she wants a प्यार that consumes her she full out admitted to Matt that when she is with Damon it consumes her. The adventure part comes with this example, Damon took her to Bree’s bar after her car flipped, and guess what, she had fun. A little danger in someone’s life is what makes life that much और fun, I think.

There is also the fact that in the पुस्तकें they get together. L. J. Smith got fired from लेखन her book series because of it, because half of the प्रशंसक base got mad या the agency didn’t like the fact she did that. She is the writer and what she says goes. It doesn’t matter if she pissed off half of the fans, that shouldn’t matter. What should matter is the fact आप liked the पुस्तकें despite the fact she didn’t choose who आप thought was the better choice. We all have to live with just a little bit of disappointment in our lives. It’s just the way life is.

​Ian and Nina are just plain beautiful together. Off-screen they have great chemistry. (Did आप see those Coachella pictures?)  It is a प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज after all, and in a प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज the head, Elena, must be with the two angles at the bottom, Damon and Stefan. It is bound to happen that she is going to be with Damon in the future, but for right now I am happy that she chose Stefan, because they have some unfinished business to take care of with each other. Julie Plec, executive producer, even कहा that Stefan was her human choice. With that being said, and now that Elena is a vampire, her choice might change when she completes her transition. (She has to, या else there would be no Vampire Diaries.) Julie Plec has also कहा that we will have Stefan and Elena for awhile, but that could possibly be two to five episodes. He could try getting her to go straight on the “bunny diet” and she could refuse and dump him. That may be petty, but it could happen. She could also dump him because of the fact that she will remember all the compulsion Damon used on her. (We will get to that in a minute.) She could also just become so overwhelmed that she just needs space, which we all will get since she never wanted to become a vampire.

Now, the compulsion that Damon did to her was all selfless. First, he compelled her to forget they met, yes that one was selfish because he didn’t want people knowing he was back, but there could be a hidden meaning behind that that we will know about when season four comes along. Second, was when he compelled her to forget that he कहा “I प्यार you” to Elena. That was a heartbreaking moment for any fan, whether आप are a Stefan प्रशंसक या a Damon fan, that scene made us all tear up. Deep down in Damon his humanity is there and with each passing episode it showed. Yes, he did have his moments when he went off the deep end, but his प्यार for Elena and his brother always brought him back.

The cliché that the “good girl” always ends up with the “bad boy” is great for this show. Stefan and Elena are too Edward and Bella. Stefan broods all the time and Elena is most likely only with Stefan because she feels सुरक्षित with him and doesn’t want to get out of her comfort zone. With Damon she leaves her comfort zone and does things that she wouldn’t normally do. For example, I know I already mentioned it, but it’s just a great example, is when Damon saved Elena from her flipped car and took her to Bree’s Bar. With Stefan he doesn’t want her to get hurt but, I’m sorry to point this out, she needs to get hurt for her to grow stronger. Stefan lets her make all the decisions when she shouldn’t be making them. Damon had the smart idea to not want Elena to make the decisions when it’s her life at stake. Me personally, I would rather be alive then dead. I’m a little surprised that she hasn’t died from the decisions she made. Wait, just kidding, she did. She went along and died at the altar of the curse that stopped Klaus’ werewolf from surfacing.

​Also, every time Damon leaves, something bad happens to Elena. When she almost died at the hands of Stefan, Damn was off with Katherine trying to find Michael. In the season finale Damon is off making sure that Alaric doesn’t get the casket with Klaus’ desiccated body, Elena dies in the lake and wakes up a vampire. I don’t see this as coincidence. Do you?

Their किस scenes are also और intense and powerful than hers and Stefan’s. Hers and Stefan’s are sweet and tender, while hers and Damon’s are full of passion and are intense. I always see and read that those are the kisses that are the true प्यार kisses. I imagine that is what those kisses are between Damon and Elena. Also, if the kisses are that intense, could आप just imagine the sex they would have together?

​I also agree with Rose. What she कहा was spot on. I’m not going to try and summarize what she said, so I am just going to put what she कहा word for word. “It's not just that she makes him a better person, and yeah she does. But he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her, he makes her सवाल her life, beliefs. Stefan is different. His प्यार is pure, and he'll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her या the worst.” That right there should explain exactly why they should be together.

Those are main reasons they belong together, other than the fact they are just super cute together. Damon and Elena need each other. They balance each other out. She grounds him while he brings her out of her comfort zone. I don’t mind the Stefan and Elena प्रशंसक base, but they need to know that they were together for two seasons and they need to let Damon and Elena have their turn. It’s just the way a प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज works.  Like many people have कहा before, “All’s fair in प्यार and war.” We’ve had the war. Let’s have the प्यार now.