As many of आप know that वोट्स from outside America don't count in Teen Choice Awards.Well I was visiting this Miley Cyrus प्रशंसक page -> link and I saw that there might actually be away to make them be shown as USA votes.
Huge credit to link

This might be new to some of you, but we can vote for the Teen Choice Awards via proxy. This is a very easy process so don’t give up.

Basically what आप have to do is visit link This site is using a United States proxy which means your वोट्स will be shown as United States votes.

आप basically write in the box.

(click on the thumbnail to visit the site)

And then click Go.

That’s basically it. From now on you’ll be surfing the site as if you’re not using proxy.

Make sure आप do it and spread the word!
Source: link

I don't know if it works but हे it doesn't hurt to try :) Now go and support TVD!