What is your प्रिय Delena scene in season 5?

Please describe it and say in which episode happened that scene :)
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Damon & Elena जवाब

panther-jewel said:
Despite the forced storylines, general story holes and the amount of undeveloped characters, there were – like always – beautiful Delena moments, and I can’t decide which one I like best.

short बिस्तर scene
saying “goodbye”
phone conversation at the end
“I’m still gonna प्यार you”-scene [“I don’t deserve you”]
“because आप are my life”-conversation
सोफ़ा, सोफे cuddling scene
“I got everything that I wanted”-speech
parts of the cell conversations (Damon comforting Elena, “Damon, I प्यार you”, …)
Damon’s selflessness and unconditional love; “because I प्यार you, Damon”, …
the hug
conversations; especially phone ones; “because I प्यार you”/”then, stop loving me”/”I can’t”
“real”-statements on porch and in bedroom
Damon saving/carrying/caressing Elena
किस scene [“chemical”]
किस moment
“do आप see a future with me”-scene
shared suicide moment
Damon’s “goodbye”-speech

And there were also wonderful moments that dealt with DE’s true प्यार without including both of them.

Damon breaking out to save Elena, getting out of a cell that he couldn’t escape for five years.
“my girlfriend is fine, so, technically, I’m not suffering”-statement
“she’s the best thing that has ever happened to you”/”I can’t live without her”-conversation
“he was there for you, sometimes, in ways better than I ever could”-speech
Enzo calling Elena Damon’s “true love”
“you two are miserable without each other”-speech
“and Damon finally had everything he wanted”-speech

Oh, Lord, I प्यार Delena SOOO much!
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Thanks for this passionate answer :) I प्यार them too :)
elena96tvd posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
आप are और than welcome! I realize that आप aimed for just one scene, so that I am glad that आप are fine with my answer, because I really can’t decide on only one. This is a good question, and I waited several days for someone to make a response, but I just had to put this amazing Delena moments down now.
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thisthat12 said:
Ugh there were so many amazing moments and it's really hard to choose. My ultimate answer is probably the scene where Elena decides to शामिल होइए Damon's suicide mission. It shows pretty much how long they came in their journey, and how they are still the same in ways. (especially with the very intended parallel to them driving back from Georgia in 1x11). But very close runner ups are Damon saying goodbye to Elena in 5x22, the last look between the two, the conversation at the end of 5x18, the fight in 5x16, the hug in 5x12, the किस in 5x21, the किस in 5x20, the "you are my life speech" in 5x03, "I wanted to fight for you, I still do" in 5x16, the last scene in 5x17, "the universe doesn't controll anything, it's not real" in 5x18, Elena in the bathtub in 5x20, the last kiss, the last scene in 5x02, the cuddling on the सोफ़ा, सोफे in 5x06, the last scene in 5x19...
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