what was your best and worst episode of each season so far??

well for me best was 3x19 दिल of darkness and a new deal the worst was all stelena CHEESE
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Damon & Elena जवाब

delenasalvatore said:
S1: Best episode was 1x19. It had everything in it आप could wish for. The dance was beautiful, but it was subtle. It showed them both working together, and that Damon had really fallen for Elena, in the way he chose to stay with her at the end of the episode. It also showed Stefan being dark and out of control, and that was interesting to watch. There was much less cheeSE.
Worst: Probably the Pilot because honestly, it wasn't that great.

S2: It's a toss-up between 2x08 and 2x22. But 2x22 just might clinch it on account of the deathbed scene and the kiss.
Worst? I can think of several eps I didn't like much. 2x09 Katerina. 2x11 which was great for Forwood, but not much else. 2x14, 15, 16 and 17 had like, NO Delena in them या hardly any, and it was just...meh. OK, I'm gonna go with 2x14 because it was Stelena अभिनय the old married couple द्वारा the lake.

S3: Best episode is kind of hard, because DE had so many great moments. It's also difficult to pin down one episode that was amazing all the way through. I mean, 3x19 was brilliant, but it ended on a खट्टा note. I think 3x10 might trump 3x19 because at least it ended happily. 3x08 was good as well.
Worst? It has to be 3x14. 3x22 was awful as well, but at least it had the flashback and आप could content yourself with thinking there was still hope. 3x14 there was just nothing. That was it.

S4: Best episode: the finale.
Worst: 4x01. Enough said.

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DelenaDiaries said:
I'd say for Season 1: Blood Brothers. It was just all leading up to Elena and Stefan which was annoying. I did like the flashbacks though.
Season 2: Crying भेड़िया with its Stelena मक्का, मकई and cheese and 'This was my parents bedroom! *giggle giggle*' and Season 3: Do Not Go Gentle because after just a nice break from the repeatedness of all the other episodes, Elena goes right back to being totally and completely clueless about her feelings.
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Katherine_girl said:
Season 1 worst: 1x15 it was all about damon and isobel hooking up and elena finding out
Season 1 Best: द्वारा far its 1x11 bloodlines. there scenes were so cute thats the episode that made me DE<3

Season 2 worst:2x03 because she was just using him and then told him to his face.
Season 2 best: Defo 2x22 i loved all scenes but mainly the ending scene and were elena brakes the window to find damon<3

Season 3 Worst: 3x20 because elena when and asked stefan and started to forget everything that happened between her and damon. She went back to getting all mixed up with her feelings
Season 3 Best: 3x19 & 3x02 because those scenes showed how much elena really does care about damon.

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RoseJackDawson said:
Best: 1x19-that DE dance,that chemistry,the way they look at each other and the way that they are like 'best friends' in one moment,but प्रेमी in other. I liked the last scenes so much! He wanted to leave,but she stayed and he didn't want to leave her alone! Beautiful episode :D
Worst: I don't have worst episode in season 1,it was all great!
Best: 2x21. Delena had so great scenes here! One of my favourite scenes of al time id when he carries her away and when the first thing she see,first word she says when she wakes up is his name. Also,funeral scene. That beautiful quote that says that Damon will प्यार Elena all the same,as a human या as a vampire and camera focuses on them,just so right! It's beautiful.
Worst: It would be 2x03! I just hated her behavior here and it was wrong. Hate on that episode!
Best: I think the best is really 3x19! It was so amazing,their first make-out,Elena for the first time really feels free beside Damon. That build-up to the make-out was too perfect! Rose's speach at the end of episode was flawless! It was their best episode ever,if आप ask me.
Worst: 3x14. I just hated that whole episode. Elena was all like 'Oh,it's ok that आप tried to kill me Stefan,I प्यार you!' and it was her 'out of charachter' moment in whole episode. I didn't like that they didn't दिखाना और DE dance and whole damn SE dance and ofcourse I hated that 'problem' moment. Last scene was also so wrong and the whole episode just shouldn't have happend!
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Sora7395 said:
Season 1 Best: 1x19 - Their dance is amazing and it's when I truly started shipping DE.
Season 1 Worst: I'm not really sure...

Season 2 Best: 2x08 - The "I प्यार You" Scene! I cry every time I watch it.
Season 2 Worst: 2x03 - She uses him and then says he's लॉस्ट her forever (even though it's not true but..ugh)

Season 3 Best: 3x19 - It's just संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर an amazing ep for DE, especially Rose's speech and ofc the kiss.
Season 3 Worst: 3x14 - OOC Elena...>.<
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thisthat12 said:
Season 1:

Best: 1x13 children of the damned. For me it was the first time we really saw Damon think of Elena as a friend and trust her (no matter what happened afterwards).

Worst: 1x01 the pilot. Everything in this episode was terrible. It reminded me of twilight.

Season 2:

Best: 2x21 The Sun Also Rises. Probably one of the most well directed episodes in the show. Everything in this episode was amazing.

Worst: IMO, none of the episodes in S2 were bad. If I had to choose, I'd probably pick 2x06 या 2x17. There was nothing wrong with them, they were just weaker than all the others.

Season 3:

Best episode: 3x10 The New Deal. this is my संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर प्रिय TVD episode. Everything in the episode just fit perfectly. And of course, the DE किस in the end is still in my चोटी, शीर्ष 3.

Worst episode: 3x14 Dangerous Laisons. I hate this episode with a passion. The only good moment in it (IMO) was when Elena entered the ball. All of the characters except for Damon and Elijah were somewhat OOC, especially Elena and Klaus.

Season 4:

Best episode: 4x23. It's my सेकंड प्रिय TVD episode. I loved everything about it, especially the प्यार confession, which is in my चोटी, शीर्ष 3.

Worst episode: 4x11 या 4x01. 4x11 was just weird, and 4x01 (although it had some great and funny scenes, especially the Delena and Klebekah ones) just reminded me of all the things I hate about Stefan & Elena, as a couple and as individuals (and that's saying a lot, because Elena is my 2nd प्रिय character after Damon and I do like Stefan)

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