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So, I'm an avid प्रशंसक of the TVD novels series. As all of आप already know द्वारा now, I am a HUGE Book Bamon fan. In fact, I am और of a Book Bamon supporter then a दिखाना Bamon supporter, however, at one point, I loved दिखाना Bamon as well. But a lot of things have changed in regards to my passion and support for दिखाना Bamon that I have decided to just stick with Book Bamon for now. Maybe things will change in the future when it comes to दिखाना Bamon but some major adjustments will need to be made in terms of Damon's characterization and also, increasing the amount of character exploration on the part...
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sorry guys for the bad quality :( i really hope you'll प्यार my vid anyway
vampire diaries
प्रशंसक video
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This is an erotic story that contains graphic sex scenes and some violence. It's a दिखाना fan-fic and it's not exactly a Donnie ff. This story happens right after the episode "162 candles" when Bonnie still didn't know Damon was a vampire. Not suitable for readers under seventeen years.

Part I

“Bonnie, I need your help!” Caroline said.
“Why?” कहा Bonnie.
“I want to get my own beck on Damon. How could he say I was stupid, shallow and useless?” कहा Caroline.
“He कहा that at the party yesterday?” कहा Bonnie.
“Yes, he did.” कहा Caroline with sadness in her eyes. “Come on, Bonnie!...
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