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Dagger Of Betrayal was formed in June 2009 in Thessaloniki, Greece द्वारा Antonis Kakaris and Angelos Tzamtzis. After some rehearsals the final line up is Antonis Dimitriou(vocals),Angelos Tzamtzis(guitar),Antonis Kakaris(guitar), Odysseas Galatianos(bass) and Kostantinos Noulas(drums). Drawing influences from melodic death metal and metalcore bands they started लेखन songs and in March 2011 they released their first demo called ''Retribution''Recorded, mixed and mastered द्वारा Stelios Koslidis.After several lives, the band had the opportunity to share the stage with Heaven Shall Burn. In september 2012 dagger of betrayal will start recording their first full length album