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List by AthenaChristina posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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1. They're mini cakes
2. आप can make designs with the frosting
3. There are various flavors of cakes आप can make
4. There are various flavors of icing आप can make to frost the cupcakes
5. They're easy to make
6. They're yummy and moist
7. आप can make them for any occasion
8. Making them can be a hobby
9. आप can fill them with filling of your choice
10. They are easy to frost
11. They never stay on the counter (every single one is in your stomach)
12. They're getting और attention in the cake world
13. Alot of people are creating new flavors like blue velvet and smores
14. Almost every grocery store with a bakery sells them (you can get one on the go)
15. Everyone who आप make them for loves them no matter what, even if the frosting is a weird color
16.No one ever turns a कप केक down
17. My प्रिय flavor was invented(red velvet)
18. आप can make crazy flavors and still be a success