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2x01 - Summer in the City (Promo Photo)
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I saw a this on another Grey's Anatomy site so i made a सी एस आई version of this game so here are the rules and instructions:

You will need:
An episode of सी एस आई
Drinks that come in a can या bottle(usually done with alcohol but can also be done with other beverages like pop, juice, water etc.)
Shot glasses

-If someone says boom take a shot
-For every scientific word आप don't understand take a sip
-Every time Mac says "let me start the story for you" take 2 sips
-Take a shot if some calls a character द्वारा their first name if the are usually called द्वारा their last (ie. Flack, Hawkes, Angell)
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हे guys,
so i decided to look for some season 5 spoilers and I will make a सूची with the things I found and considered interesting :) I hope आप will like it, I searched through a lot of websites to gather those informations.
One और thing: I have no idea which of these spoilers are right and which not!


While on the Brooklyn Bridge, Adam goes to see Stella and asks Stella if she wants to grab some pizza.

5.09 "The Box"

Danny sees Lindsay leaving a clinic - she rushes off to avoid him.

5.11 "Berried Alive"

~ A Greek man from earlier in the season shows up again

~ Stella is doing something...
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