Crystal Reed प्रिय of Crystal's outfits from 2010? [click to enlarge]

Pick one:
2010 Comic-Con International
2010 एमटीवी Networks TCA Summer Press Tour
L.A. Confidential's Jason Binn and the Kardashians टोस्ट The Emmys With Bing
Kari Feinstein Primetime Emmy Awards Style Lounge
1st Annual Reality Cares Achievement Awards and Emmys Giving Lounge
8th Annul BAFTA/LA TV चाय Party
In Touch Weekly Annual "Icons & Idols" Celebration
2010 एमटीवी Video संगीत Awards
MTV's "The Buried Life" Season 2 Premiere Party
8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party
"Skyline" Los Angeles Premiere
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