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 Nice wig, Jacob.
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Another Mean Girls reference. Very nice. =D
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chest hair
Ok so I heard this and I am still cracking up XDDD All credit goes to volitaire77. Oh and important detail she claims to not be a twilight प्रशंसक
critical analysis
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does not suck
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Okay most of the Twilight- Haters would say that Edward is too old for Bella and that make him paedophile but I don't think so (not only because I am twilight fan) is because that Edward is literally 17 and he feels and thinks as a 17 साल old. I mean take someone आप know is really smart that doesnt mean they are have lived any longer than आप have they just learnt और in the years they have lived. I bet आप they still act their age.
To be quite honest I know a programme that is aired in India as well as here where the Guy is at least 55 years old with 5 kids three of them older than the girl...
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I was in the eleventh grade when I first read the fourth book : Breaking Dawn. Here I will express my opinion about it.

I liked actually the first parts of the book,they really got me interested and then when I read the other chapters of the book I got really,really bored and almost fell asleep. I think that it was very good that Bella finally became a vampire because it was time for her to overcome her fear and insecurities.
I wondered what would have happened if Bella had made an abortion and haven't दिया birth to that spawn. It would be very interesting if that had happened. Actually I liked the book better than the film and I liked only the first part of the film because it was और interesting and had some kind of storyline.
I personally regret having watched the सेकंड part of the film .
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*I'll have mentions to actual वेयरवोल्फ stories in here, so be ready for that

Even before Jacob and palls were called 'shapeshifters' (I'll get back to आप on that, I am not letting go), we should have known they couldn't be. And here's why.

First off: the origin या werewolves.

In the साल 60, 70 people started believing in werewolf lore. The oldest myth I know about this is Ancient Greek, Lycaon.

Lycaon invited the king-god Zeus to dinner, but he was unsure if it really was him, so he decided to serve Zeus human meat. Turns out, it was Zeus. And Zeus was ticked. So he killed Lycaon' 50 sons...
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In my opinion Bella cannot do anything but whinge I have got here a direct quote from SM's Eclipse,
"Whenever I talked about jacob, His tawny eyes seemed to get a little bit darker my voice turned pleading in response."
Translation: Pleading = whiny
When Edward Leaves in new moon she goes into a "deep depression" I.e is so hung up on Edward that when he leaves she practically goes insane, and yet she still does not place the blame firmly where it belongs at Jasper Hales gaddamned door and he was all like हे are we cool? I would have been like No way get away from me आप freak आप tried to kill...
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Oprah interviews the लेखक of the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer.
critical analysis
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I was a bit worried for her health at one point.
Warning: May cause psychologically induced sickness. या extreme laughter. Depends. This is probably the essence of everything I hate about crazy fans. And I've seen it about 10 times.
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