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 Nice wig, Jacob.
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Another Mean Girls reference. Very nice. =D
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Analyzing the Twilight Phenomena

First off, I’d like to mention that I am not a psychologist. Everything आप read is just my own analyzing and since I am interested in Psychology and Behaviorism I decided to make an लेख of what I think is the basic reason for Twilight’s enormous popularity. I hope आप will enjoy it.

Recently I came across a post at the मंचों that कहा about Twilight: ” [it’s] a bit childish to say its a failure, because if it is, then why do so many people (And not just crazy teenage girls either) प्यार Twilight huh?”.

I have seen this argument countless of times...
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They miraculously gave the movie a Matinee but I still प्यार them.
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This review of a vampire याओइ मांगा touches on a lot of the problems I have with Twilight-hate.
critical analysis
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Hi there! This is my first लेख on the C.A.T spot, about my least प्रिय character in twilight. Actually, my least प्रिय character in history.

Bella Swan.

I seriously can't see why so many twilight प्रशंसकों like her. She is कहा to be selfless, caring, understanding, and a good role model...when really she's the most selfish character in the whole book series.
Now then, here are several reasons why I dislike Bella.

1) Lack outside of Edward

Has Bella -even once- mentioned in any of the novels what she wanst to do with her life? (Besides wanting to be a vampire to be with Edward forever) Not...
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We have a discussion on the मंचों here about noteworthy things in twilight. I picked Angela, and now I realize that Jessica is noteworthy, too.

We'll start with Jessica!Hate. Besides Lauren, Jessica is probably the most hated human friend that Bella has. Reasons Twilighters give for this are 'Jessica is a brat', 'she ignores her in book two', 'she's too hyper', and 'i just don't like her'. Some of those are just ridiculous. 'Jessica is a brat'. How? How is Jessica a brat? Answer: She isn't. 'she ignores bella in book two' I'll elaborate on this one later, because it's pretty big. 'shes...
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This is a short little rant, people.

I don't know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when people spell my name wrong.

On Fanpop, I've gotten ranrea, renre, renray, ranraa, and many others. In real life, I've gotten Reagan, Regon, Regen, Reagen.... and people are always misspelling my last name (I'm not displaying that here.)

One thing I've noticed on फैन्पॉप (and many other fansites, as well) is that people often fail to spell Stephenie Meyer's name right. That's right: StephEnie, with an E right there. Not an 'a'. An 'e'.

Some people have completely butchered Meyer's name. Stephanie,...
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