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 Shemar Moore
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This क्रिमिनल माइण्ड्स चित्र contains बिजनेस सूट, सूट, कपड़े का सूट, अच्छी तरह से तैयार व्यक्ति, सूट, पैंट सूट, pantsuit, पैंट्सट, and अच्छी तरह से कपड़े पहने व्यक्ति. There might also be दो टुकड़ा, दो पीस सूट, लाउंज सूट, दो टुकड़े, दो टुकड़ा सूट, डबल छाती सूट, डबल ब्रेस्टेड सूट, and एकल छाती सूट.

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 Elizabeth Higgins Clark
Elizabeth Higgins Clark
Actress and Columnist Elizabeth Higgins Clark isn't afraid to take on things that scare her. As an actress, Elizabeth has a budding career in Hollywood; most recently grabbing attention for her role on the CBS hit crime-drama “Criminal Minds.” She’s also appeared on the CW’s “Ringer” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and on ABC’s “All My Children” and “General Hospital.”

As a columnist for the well-respected news website The Huffington Post, she’s been bravely sharing her thoughts on issues near and dear to her, including her Grandmothers, Ann Coulter’s use of the word...
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Some information on one of the most लोकप्रिय female FBI profiler!

Name: Emily Prentiss
Gender: Female
Job: BAU Special Agent
Specilty: FBI Profiler
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Paget Brewster
First appearence: The last word

In her first appearance, she recognizes Hotch from one of his first commands: security clearances for her father, a US diplomat. Her arrival surprises both Hotch and Gideon, as neither of them had signed off on the transfer. Prentiss insists her parents have not pulled strings for her. Ultimately, she joins the team at the end of episode 209 ("The Last Word") on a probationary...
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A CBS News segment
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Uploaded द्वारा Katie Tavares on youtube.
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