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 "Me w/ a Royal Canadian mounted policewoman looking for dangerous intruders at the dinosaur ball"
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This क्रिमिनल माइण्ड्स चित्र contains सीमा टोपी तस्वीर, स्नैप ब्रिम टोपी, स्नैप सीमा टोपी, फेडोरा, महसूस किया टोपी, homburg, स्टेटसन, trilby, टोपी, होम्बर्ग, स्टेट्सन, त्रिलबी, fedora, लगा टोपी, stetson, and अभियान टोपी. There might also be पोशाक टोपी, उच्च टोपी, ओपेरा टोपी, रेशम टोपी, चिमनी, शीर्ष टोपी, अव्वल, ऊदबिलाव, स्टोवपाइप, टॉपर, बीवर, ड्रेस अप टोपी, stovepipe, चौड़े किनारे की एक प्रकार की अँग्रेज़ी टोपी, सोम्ब्रेरो, उनके, मज्जा टोपी, मज्जा हेलमेट, सूरज हेलमेट, टोपी, पीथ हैट, पेथ हेल्मेट, सन हेलमेट, सूर्य हेलमेट, topee, and topi मज्जा.

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Heres some info on Derek Morgan, one of the hottest members of the BAU!

Name: Derek मॉर्गन
Gender: Male
Family: Two sisters, Sarah and Desirée
Job: BAU Special Agent
Rank: Supervisor
Specialty: Obsessional crimes
Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Shemar Moore
First Appearance: Extreme Aggressor

Derek मॉर्गन is a Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Morgan is a confident and assertive everyman character, the son of an African-American father and Caucasian mother. He holds a black बेल्ट in Judo, runs FBI self-defense classes, and previously served in a bomb squad...
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Criminal Minds is really a criminal offense crisis which opened upon CBS upon Sept twenty two, 2005. This comes after the actual activities of the FBI profiling group in the FBI's Behavior Evaluation Device (BAU) through Quantico, Va, which superstars Jones Gibson because Aaron Hotchner. Felony Thoughts varies through numerous felony program procedural dramas through concentrating around the felony instead compared to criminal offense द्वारा itself.
Felony Thoughts orbits about at the very चोटी, शीर्ष group associated with FBI profilers that evaluate the actual nation's the majority of garbled felony thoughts,...
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