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Couric: "Any snogging with Hermione?"
Rowling: [surprised] "Harry and Hermione! Do आप think so?" -- From Katie Couric's June 2003 interview with JK Rowling

"Harry and Hermione are very platonic [platonic means nonsexual] friends. But I won't answer for anyone else. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink." -- From a National Press Club Luncheon chat with JK Rowling, October 1999)

Q: Is it just me, या was something going on between Ron and Hermione during the last half of Goblet of Fire?
A: "Yes, something's "going on," but Ron doesn't realize it yet. Typical boy." -- From a chat with JK Rowling...
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Goblet of आग Excerpts

"We should get a हटाइए on, आप know...ask someone. He's right. We don't want to end up with a pair of trolls."
Hermione let out a sputter of indignation.
"A pair of...what, excuse me?"
"Well -- आप know," कहा Ron, shrugging. "I'd rather go alone than with -- with Eloise Midgen, say."
"Her acne's loads better lately -- and she's really nice!"
"Her nose is off-center," कहा Ron.
"Oh I see," Hermione said, bristling. "So basically, you're going to take the best-looking girl who'll have you, even if she's completely horrible?"
"Er -- yeah, that sounds about right," कहा Ron.
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Fan-Video on Harry Potter's Canon, Movie-Canon and Non-Canon couples. Couples in this video are: Harry & Ginny, Ron & Hermione, Neville & Luna, James & Lily, Arthur & Molly, Remus & Tonks, Bill & Fleur, and other couples.
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