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posted by iceprincess7492
An upbeat सूची of songs for our प्रिय Alien + Zombie OTP!!!

1. I Think I Need A New दिल - Magnetic Field

2. A Girl Like आप - Miles Kane

3. Bloodstream - Stateless

4. When आप Were Young - Noisettes

5. Master Pretender - First Aid Kit

6. Afterlife - Ingrid Michaelson

7. Cosmic प्यार - Florence + the Machine

8. Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette

9. At The Beginning - Donna Lewis + Richard Marx

[Source: Tumblr]

10. My एंजल Gabriel - Lamb

11. Experience of प्यार - Eric Serra

12. King and Lionheart - Of Monsters And Men
posted by iceprincess7492
An early season 2 Skoulson fanmix

1. Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club

2. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

3. Dam Would Break - Toad The Wet Sprocket

4. Night Terror - Laura Marling

5. आप Were A Kindness - The National

6. While We Have The Sun - Mirah

7. I Could Be - Kyla La Grange

8. Not Only Human - Heather Nova

9. My सूची - The Killers

10. The वृत्त Married The Line - Feist

11. Human - Gabrielle Aplin

12. Darling, Please Come घर - Math and Physics Club

13. Arms - Christina Perri

14. Baby, We'll Be Fine - The National

[Source - Tumblr]
posted by iceprincess7492
1. who falls asleep on the couch: Coulson. He always says he’s worried Skye might do something irreverent like draw on his face (even though she’s never done anything like that and would never and he’s just being silly) but he just finds her happily curled against him when he wakes up.

She does have a great time watching his ridiculous sleeping face for a while though and it kind of comforts her seeing him relaxed because he doesn’t get breaks too often. She also likes the fact that she is one of the very few people who gets to see Phil Coulson like this, it gives her a little thrill....
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