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The cotton de tular is a fun playful little dog thay only waigh 10 pounds the most. Cottons have hair insted of फर and thay don't shed. I would really recomed the cotton for small chirldren and young adults. cottons are very easy to train there best trick is to dance on there back legs.Cottons also get along very well with other house pets sutch as cats, other dogs, and pretty much anything elts.Cottons are very good watch कुत्ता and have very sensitive hearing and thay will obay. आप don't half to have them on a leash if आप are in a open field thay will just wonder. Cottons do get a little scared around bigger कुत्ता so try to keep them close to आप if possible. Well i hope if आप get a cotton this will help you!
added by maemae12866
added by maemae12866