From left to right: AC, Kiki, Megan, Alex, Maddy
Operation: N.E.W.
Chapter 1
Sectors Combined
Kiki POV
I groaned as I opened my eyes to see the bright sun shining down on me. Wait a minute, THE SUN SHINING ON ME!??!? WHERE AM I!!?! I quickly sat up and looked around to see my पेड़ house in pieces on the ground everywhere. “Megan, Maddy where are you??” I asked. “I’m right here!!!” came a squealed voice somewhere over to my left. I guessed that it was Maddy. “And I’m over here!!!” Megan yelled.
“Alex, आप here??” Maddy asked “Yeah Alex is fine” Alex replied speaking in third person as usual. “AC, आप cool??” Alex asked “uhh, I think I’m ok.” Came AC’s voice from far to my right. “And I’m here and so is Danielle and Michaela so no need to scream.” Numbuh 31. “What are we going to do??? The Delightful Dorks destroyed our Sector पेड़ house!!!” Danielle freaked out. “Yeah bro, what are we going to do???” I asked my brother. “Don’t worry everyone, I called Moon Base and Numbuh 362 and 86 will be here in a few मिनटों to deal with things.” My brother/Numbuh 31 said.
Sure enough a few मिनटों after he कहा it Numbuh 362 and 86 showed up. “Is everyone all right??” the Soopreme leader asked. “Yes we are all fine but our पेड़ house isn’t.” Numbuh 31 reported. “We can see that stupid boy!” snapped Numbuh 86. “Well we have made arrangements for five of आप to go to Sector V and the rest of आप will go to Sector D, you’ll all stay there until your पेड़ house is rebuilt.” Numbuh 362 explained.
“Yes sir, but which ones of use will be going where??” Maddy asked “I decided on Alex, Kiki, AC, Megan, and Maddy will be going to stay with Sector V and the rest will be going to Sector D.” Numbuh 362 answered. “COOL!!!” I yelled excitedly.
“Now आप all go घर and get packed and meet us back here in 45 minutes.” Numbuh 362 ordered. We all ran and grabbed clothes and things and quickly came back.
“Everyone get on the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and let’s go.” Numbuh 86 said. We all got on and off we went to our new Sector.
Ok guys, I hope आप all liked it!!! And no, this story has nothing to do with my story series; it’s just a new one. I also drew pictures of the girls in this story which are Kiki, Alex, Megan, Maddy, and AC. So I will post the pics up on my प्रोफ़ाइल and two of them are on here. Also my stupid camera that i took the pictures with was being dumb so it made the pictures all fuzzy so im really sorry bout that. So the pictures look way better than on here.
From left to right: AC, Kiki, Megan, Alex, Maddy