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posted by Foxkit8888
 After that talk I never saw her again.
After that talk I never saw her again.
I was sitting down near the पेड़ licking my white pelt. when i saw that brown cat. I ran to her and कहा Hi she कहा that her name was Rosa to me. After meeting her we both sitting and talking. When we stoped I asked "Can we meet again." she look at me and sadly and didn't say anything. Then this gray tom walked over and took her away. I sat down crying. After that I never saw her again. A moon passed and I was sitting द्वारा that same पेड़ and with his दिल broken and fell asleep. I decided to explore the area so I looked in the खलिहान I saw this she cat she looked at me and smiled. That tom with her looked like he was going to leave her. I was right he set off to the two legs. When he was gone I walk over to her "are आप ok." She कहा yes that when we started to talk she कहा that I don't think he'll never come back I don't think I put my head on her. We fell asleep together.
posted by Mistyflower
Frostwing walked steadily through the darkened forest, searching for herbs.
Suddenly the scent of tansy filled the air, and she turned to go collect it.
She began to dig it up, but as she did, a growl filled the forest, echoing endlessly.
The tansy clutched tight in her teeth, she turned around slowly, and standing behind her was the largest लोमड़ी, फॉक्स she had ever seen.
She backed away slowly, dropping the tansy. The red animal watched with menacing, evil eyes.
Panic rising in her chest, she turned and ran, feeling the fox's teeth snapping at the tip of her tail.
Desperate to escape, she accidentally ran...
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posted by StichxAngel4eva
Nightwing padded along with the patrol near the Thunderpath. She raised her head to draw in air. Suddenly an unknown cat-scent hit her nose. Intruder! Nightwing had noticed others had scented it too. Nightwing stalked quietly along the Thunderpath until there was a strange cat. "Intruder!" She yowled. And without thinking she charged towards the cat. The cat fled across the Thunderpath but Nightwing went after the cat. An ominous growling from a monster told her that she was in the brink of death. The growling grew louder until she heard her whole body crunching and everything went into deep, black, nothingness.
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