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posted by yourartmatters
When perfect muslim son Syed Masood appeared on our screens noone thought for one सेकंड he would wind up involved in a प्यार affair with resident proud openly gay man christian clarke but thats what we got.

On the outside, Syed smiles and makes declarations of प्यार to fiance Amira but on the inside it's Christian's name imprinted on his heart.

At the beginning, the viewers believed that the purpose of this storyline was about Syed's conflicting values and desires. He's gay but doesn't admit this out loud for fear that his parents would disown him since as he says it's against god's will but if...
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Some of the greatest कोट्स from the sexiest gay couple ever to grace our scenes....

"I don't get आप Syed, आप make out like we're mates and then आप rip apart everything I stand for, because this isn't just about religion is it?"

"I think आप can do anything आप want to do, I think you're superman"

"I'm gay and I प्यार you"

"Being a painter is my dream, it's all i've ever wanted, do आप want to destroy that as well?"
"Sy, i'm sorry I had no idea it meant that much to you"
"got ya"
"Yeah आप do"

"Tell me आप don't feel something"
"What I feel doesn't matter!"
"Well it matters to me"

"What if I don't want...
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