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merry क्रिस्मस
क्रिस्मस वॉलपेपर
क्रिस्मस decorations
xmas पेड़
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This क्रिस्मस वॉलपेपर might contain गुलदस्ता, कंचुकी, कहावत, फूलों का गुच्छ, चोली, पॉसी, नाकगेय, ब्रोच, and nosegay.

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"The क्रिस्मस Song" द्वारा Alan Jackson,youtube,video
the क्रिस्मस song
द्वारा alan jackson
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vince gill
i'll be घर for क्रिस्मस
But unfortunately they don't allow embedding, so see टिप्पणियाँ for direct link
the क्वीन - the first televised क्रिस्मस broadcast
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If you're looking for a festive look that doesn't scream "CHRISTMAS!", try out a sparkly sequinned dress! It's a लोकप्रिय look with all kinds of celebs.

Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Beyonce, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, and Kristen Stewart have all shone in shiny dresses. It's a great look to wear to any holiday event आप might have coming up (a party, a school dance, a girls' night, etc. etc.)

Here are some options we found from Delia's. This one is a light grey dress with a smattering of sparkles and a flouncy skirt. The सेकंड one only has sparkles on the चोटी, शीर्ष and a cute bow at the waist. And the third option is an all-over sequins look!

If आप don't feel comfortable wearing full-on sparkles, try accessorizing with something like glittery tights, a sparkly ring, या shiny metallic nail polish.

Do आप like this trendy look?
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