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posted by uploaded900
So I did a मतदान and most of the वोट्स went with my hottest animated guys/prettiest animated girls so thats what everyone gets first. I'm starting with the ladies because my last लेख on this seriously needed some upgrades! I wanted to do a चोटी, शीर्ष 15, but I could only think of 14 and I don't like making countdowns based on my preferences, so that's the final outcome! I'm using all human/humanoids this time haha

14) Princess Mandie

Yes technically, she's an alien, but she's from a humanoid alien race. Anyway when I first saw her, I thought she was really beautiful and I just प्यार her design! It's a little simplistic yet unique and extraordinary at the same time. I प्यार the रंग and accessories that were used on her. Mandie is so beautiful that she has परियों and humans falling for her and she's from a place called Bodacia as a joke for the word bodacious. The only thing I don't like is her sharp teeth and that she's always yelling.

13) Korra

I always thought Korra was really pretty. She has such beautiful blue eyes like water and I think she has a great body. Korra looks like one of those beautiful Native American girls. Just because she's a tomboy doesn't mean she can't be pretty

12) Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the prettiest female character in the DC universe in my opinion. She's a tall, black haired, and blue eyed amazon. She looks just as beautiful in the Justice League series as she did in the DC comics.

11) The Evil Queen

A dark, classic, mature beauty. I always thought the evil क्वीन was prettier than Snow White. Too bad she made herself turn into a hideous old lady! I don't like heavy make up, but it works with the queen's dark beauty. I also प्यार her narrow eyes. Many people don't like how she never smiles, but I like it. I just wish she would of been seen with her hair out.

10) The Blue Fairy

The शीर्षक for the most beautiful classic डिज़्नी heroine for me would definitely be the blue fairy. She tall, elegant, and looks like an एंजल with her platinum blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and radianiance. She looks a bit like Mae West except prettier and और sophisticated. When it comes to women, I usually prefer mature beauty. I wish modern heroines would have proportional eyes like they during the classic era.

9) Valka

When it comes to CGI women, Valka is one of the prettiest. I प्यार her pretty eyes and strong facial structure. Hiccup must of grown up to get his good looks from his mother. She looks like a viking goddess.

8) Claudette Vance

I usually hate ऐनीमे designs and the series was really disturbing, but Claudette is really stunning. She's tall and stands out from her younger sisters with her red hair and green eyes. I often find the oldest sisters to be the prettiest. I also like her voice in the english dub. I don't like the skanky outfits, but I'll give Claudette credit for having a great body.

7) Marina

आप can say I have a thing for sea beauty. मरीना has such beautiful eyes (I प्यार how they are are normal sized too!) with eyeshadow that compliments them and her short hair is perfect. She is soo beautiful.

6) Elsa

Like I कहा before, I tend to find the oldest sisters to be the prettiest. Elsa is the epitome of snow क्वीन beauty with her elegance, tall hourglassy figure, blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair which are beautiful combinations. She's also very glamorous if I say so myself. Even though she's Norwegian, she looks Icelandic to me. Her bug eyes and pinched in nose could be a problem, but she's so beautiful it doesn't even matter.

5) Pocahontas

A lot of people don't like her "bean eyes" या "fish lips", but I have no problem with them. I just wish her eyes had और color and I actually like their hooded shape which is rare to see in cartoons. The only thing I don't like is her nose, but I can overlook that. Anyway Pocahontas is a beautiful, statuesque woman with such gorgeous hair and amazing bone structure. Even I wish I had hair like her's! She looks like a model and has a very unique डिज़ाइन too.

4) Esmeralda

Esmeralda looks so exotic with her unique चीनी मिटटी, चीनी मिट्टी के बरतन bright green eyes and thick eyebrows with dark skin. Yes, I do think light eyes with a darker complexion is beautiful. She also has beautiful hair and a nice body. I've never seen anyone that looks like her. Funny story; because of Esmeralda I imagined gypsies to be as exotic as her only to find out that they don't look anything like that.

3) Tarzan's mom

She is not a heroine and only has a brief appearance, but with that in mind, it doesn't change the fact that she's a stunner. She's a real Victorian beauty with her sophistication and hair of a चीनी मिटटी, चीनी मिट्टी के बरतन doll. Her hair is a really pretty auburn color and her face is beautiful.

2) Katara

I normally don't like teen looks and Katara definitely looks like her age, but she's so pretty. She has beautiful hair and her eyes look like jewels. She looks a tiny bit like me या maybe I'm just being delusional haha. I think the water tribe girls are the prettiest in the अवतार world and Katara is the prettiest girl in the series and ऐनीमे like girl in general.

1) Belle

I honestly don't get why people think she's plain. I don't find her plain at all. She has a warm beauty to her with her दिल shaped lips, hazel eyes, and being the only brunette डिज़्नी princess. I also refuse to believe that she's seventeen. In the original story, she was in her twenties, but I'll stop talking about her age. I always thought she was the prettiest animated girl and like someone said, "It's no wonder that her name means beauty, her looks have got no parallel".
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Alice - Alice In Wonderland - 1951

Alice is listening to her sister read aloud from a history book, which she vocally expresses her boredom. While wandering off, Alice lays down a riverbank wishing that she had a world of her own. Just then she sees a white rabbit. He frantically exclaims how late he is, which make curious and causes her to follow him. As Alice crawls inside the rabbit hole and she accidentally fell in to a world she never imagined.

Alice - She is the main character. She was listening to her sister giving her a lesson. She contastly tells her to stop दिवास्वप्न and pay attention. She eventually slips away from her sister to go to her own world. Near the bank, she spots a white rabbit and saying that he is late and Alice goes with him. She follows him to a rabbit hole and she fall into it to Wonderland. Now she is trying to get out of Wonderland. Eventually she got out of Wonderland and went back घर with her sister for चाय time. And it was all a dream.
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So, inspired द्वारा audreybrooke's लेख about which House would be और suitable for each डिज़्नी Princess (you can find the लेख in the DP spot), I decided to do the same for other heroines!

Oh and sorry for not putting Harry Potter related pictures to all the heroines, I was just too bored to संपादन करे them या even add a proper background that reminds us of a particular House (yellow for Hufflepuff for example, या red and सोना for Gryffindor).


She's definitely a Gryffindor! Esmeralda is very fiery, passionate, brave, to the point of being reckless, and a fighter. She's...
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The Scarecrow (2000)
the scarecrow
warner bros
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