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 a girl from after she's been cheated on
a girl from after she's been cheated on
हे guys i have been in a relationship before and yes i had a boyfriend now i am going to tell आप HOW आप can tell your boyfriend is cheating on you

1. his expressions

if your boyfriend is looking bored या he sounds emotional या he keeps trying to change the Topic या if he doesnt seem interstead in what your saying then that could be some signs he's लॉस्ट his intress in you

2. अभिनय strange

if your boyfriend is अभिनय strange like if he ignores आप या if आप see in his eyes that he has a look of hiding something या if his voice is shaking when आप ask him why he keeps disappearing या skipping...
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posted by chelo_monster
The Five Emotional Phases after Break-Up
Here are some things that I know about emotional phases after break up.

A.    Denial

The signs:
    You don’t believe that the break-up happened and आप may try to call या text your ex because आप can’t imagine him not being part of your daily life.

It will last for about:    7 days

B.    Devastation

The signs:
    You cry all the time या feel humiliated for making yourself vulnerable. आप may start imagining him with another girl – so there will be jealousy...
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added by chelo_monster
I hav to tell u... Ive been cheaten on and I'm sure u hav been 2, but here r things to do hen u catch ur "lover" in the act....

1.Stay calm

Going all syco on them won't solve anyones problems. A steady approach is the mature way to do it. Never start out the confronting with screams and yells(save tht for the middle of confronting)


Ask ur "lover wat they're doing. If they hesitate या stutter tht shows tht u caught them straight in the act of them cheating on u. Now u yell and scream about how close u were nd tht u cnt believe they'd do this. Finish it off with a कुतिया, मतलबी slap for women being cheated on. Tll them to go to hell for guys being cheated on.

All u need to do now is walk away nd get ur life bck together. I wouldn't तारीख, दिनांक for some time. Wait awhile. Now u know what to do!
posted by chelo_monster
A conversation between two lovers:

BF:    Love, what will आप do if आप found out that I’m cheating on you? That I प्यार someone else?

GF:    Hmmmm…nothing


    I’ll just pull your throat out, and I will put it in your lungs.
    I’m gonna get आप eyes using my bare hands and I will let my pet dog eat them.
Uhm, your heart? I’m gonna put it in a blender together with your internal organs.
I will take your skin off even though you’re still alive and then I will put rock salt all over your body. And then I will cut your sword of glory and I’m gonna put it in our front door, like a chime. After that, I’m gonna put gasoline all over you, and I’m gonna BURN you! And your ashes? I’m gonna flush them in the toilet. Uhmm.wait? Why are आप asking me this?

BF:    -swallows- (looks uncomfortable and pale)
    Uhmm…N-nothing hunn..I-im just curious..I प्यार आप my baby!!!
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This is what we should to to cheaters :P
posted by chelo_monster
I know that all people lie. But if that lie is so evil that it’s hurting आप and the people around you, आप have to take action. आप have to catch them first, and then everything will follow. Tear them to pieces and rip them apart! Muwahaha!

Here are some signs that someone is lying to you.

1.    Don’t maintain eye contact
Less than half conversation

    -It’s true that the eyes are the windows of the soul. आप have to observe. Look at his eyes. If he can’t look at your eyes during the conversation, that could be an indicator that he is lying.

2.    A...
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