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Here's our very first Interview from our very first प्रशंसक Of The महीना – Katerina aka. KaterinoulaLove.

Well done Katerina, and thanks for all the time and effort आप spend on the spot!!

First of all - Why Charmed? What's so special about it?
oh,first of all thank आप and I will keep doing my best.It's my first interiew ever and I'm so nervous! haha xD So,What's so special about Charmed..♥
Let me think...Hm...First of all,charmed has everything I प्यार to see in a show.Love,action,adventure,heartbreaking moments,funny moments.I प्यार all the characters,I find them the most suitable people for each of these roles,and they make a great combination.♥Actually I could say one million things of why I think चार्म्ड is special but now I will just specify my answer द्वारा saying that the most important is that there are 8 years of charmed,8 years I have lived and grown up with.From the very first moment चार्म्ड was aired here I've been watching them,and I was so young,a little girl,and I created a strong bone with them.;)♥
आप know, I was only 7 in 2002 and I still remember me watching the last episode of season 4, saying "I want that on dvd mummy!":p

Are चार्म्ड your प्रिय tv-show? If not, how high are it on your list?
It defenetely is:D♥ My favourite दिखाना ever.♥I don't think I will प्यार a दिखाना और than this.It's a pure obsession,and I see that with other shows I watch, I only get enthusiast,but I don't get totally obsessed!♥

Choose one:
Kick-ass moments या Sister moments -
♥SO difficult to choose!Kick-ass moments just rock and give me the jeebies in a good way,but sister moments just make me bite my lips,cause I remind myself why I have really प्यार charmed.So let's say both;D
Potion vanquishes या Spell vanquishes -
Aww spell vanquishes! I प्यार the rime thing,and I have collected all of them in my book of shadows:)♥ I have get cought chanting them in my room,when I'm alone:)♥
1st चार्म्ड ones(with Prue) या 2nd चार्म्ड ones(with Paige) -
At first I didn't like Prue.I was thinking that the first trio didn't have much action,wasn't interesting and it didn't capture me.But later,I understood that there is nothing like the original trio.It's just real magic.♥The three first sisters we met.As we met them.Prue being the "leader",Piper the middle one and Phoebe the little,stubborn one:) But still,I can't say I prefer the first one from the सेकंड one.Paige is so adorable,and once she came she made piper the elder,phoebe the middle,a girl और mature than she was,and she's just lovely and I प्यार every single moment after she comes in charmed:)
So I can't really choose;)
The sisters living together या The sisters living apart - Aww this is easy! The sisters living together.I hated when phoebe moved out and paige did too.It meant something like the end of the चार्म्ड sisterhood to me.

Which was worse, Prue dying या grown up Chris dying? And why?
It goes without saying that prue's death was much और worse.Prue was gone.forever.She just left painful memories,an empty room,and broken hearts.A piper who could barely stand on her feet.Grown-up Chris was re-borned as a baby.We didn't lose him after all.

Which 'goodbye' was the saddest, Leo and Piper being seperated in Oh My Godess या Phoebe killing Cole Centirnal Charmed?
Both Heartbreaking and breathless scenes.In both I'm crying like a baby! But I will say,Piper and leo's without सेकंड thought,cause it had a bigger durance and the talking in it had so "stunning" phrases which were giving me the jeebies.Ι was with my mouth open and my eyes red,in front of the tv,having a fast-beating heart!I couldn't beleive that this might be their end.It's without doubt one of my favourite scenes through the 8 years. ♥
The Elders या The Demons -
Hehe! the demons! First cause some demons were HOT and secondly ...what would the दिखाना do without them..?!?!! :D

Which endgame love, Piper&Leo, Paige&Henry या Phoebe&Coop?
Hm..Piper and Leo !Their story is gorgeous.♥They deserve so many things .Ending up together,having a great,adorable family and relantioship ,was after all so pleasant.

Now I'm going to ask आप some सवालों about the seasons.

Season 1:
Best cute sister scene -♥In "Dream Sorcerer" when prue is at the hospital and piper with phoebe encourage her holding her hands.:)
Best vanquish scene -In the episode "Is There a Woogy in the House?" chanting"I'm a light!I'm one too strong to fight!" ♥
Best quote -Aww this is even और difficult!But hm..I'll say a Prue's quote from the very first episode "No, I'm not O.K! You've turned me into a witch!" It was so funny the way she कहा it!♥
Best episode -It's always so hard to choose a single episode.I प्यार season 1 from चोटी, शीर्ष to bottom! Anyway I'll say the episode "From Fear to Eternity" cause Barbas is one of my fav demons and this episode was just awesome!:)♥
Favorite couple - link

Season 2:
Best cute sister scene - I know it's very heartbreaking but It's one of my fave-sister scenes ever! In the epi :""Be Careful What आप Witch For" when Prue is being stabbed द्वारा the dragon demon,and piper is there watching it but can't react because the genie is holding her...:("Be Careful What आप Witch For"
Best vanquish scene - I प्यार in the episode "Witch Trial" the scene when piper is at the club and Jeremy just appears..:) The continuing way of freezing him and him resisting her power,and the phone-power of threee just captured me ;)
Best quote -well from now on in the best quote answer I will write the quote, which from the first time I heard,I couldn't forget! :p From season 2 I प्यार piper's quote in chick flick : I am being stalked द्वारा psycho killers and I hide in the shower?!! <3 प्यार it <3
Best episode -Season 2 has a variety of great episodes! I प्यार "Be Careful What आप Witch For","Pardon My Past","Awakened","Ms. Hellfire" and "Witch Trial"! But if I had to pick just one it would be "Chick Flick",thought:)A so funny and adorable episode :)"Be Careful What आप Witch For"
Favorite couple - I can't resist picking ]♥Prue&Bane]♥H0t!!

Season 3:
Best cute sister scene -In the episode once upon a time,all those prue and phoebe moments full of cutiness,singing at P3 etc..:)
Best vanquish scene -In "Primrose EmPath" it was so cool how prue could use all this mess of feelings to get strong and fight ...:)She kicked some serious asses! it was very cool!
Best quote -Aww don't make me pick!!!! Again piper in the episode "Look who's Barking" -->"Am I okay? Prue is a dog and Phoebe is a Banshee. I am not even in the vicinity of okay!!". ♥
Best episode -I just never say as my fav ep of season 3,"All Hell Breaks Loose" because I hate that prue dies..It's so heartbreaking.I'm loosing a big part of the sisters reaction just the moment she dies..we just see their reaction before and after the funeral.And I don't like this at all..So I'll pick "Look who's Barking" because I प्यार phoebe's transformation and the reason she turned into a banshee,and if I have to look deeper it's the last time we see piper,phoebe and prue together at P3..:((♥
Favorite couple - ♥Piper&Leoooooo and here starts my huuuge obsession with Cole&Phoebe :D♥

Season : 4
Best cute sister scene - In "Which way now" when phoebe realizes piper is pregnant and both she and paige hug her and "scream"! How cute scene for a season to end huh..? :D<3
Best vanquish scene -link He will always प्यार her.....:'( <3 My दिल breaks into million pieces every time I watch this scene....:(♥
Best quote - Aww MGOSH! THERE ARE SO MANYYYY!! aw well I'll say from "Charmed again (1) "Angry? Yeah, I'm angry. Um, I'm confused and आप know what? This...this is just crazy. आप cannot float in here after all these years and go, "Oh gosh, I forgot, द्वारा the way, you've got a sister." Especially not today of all days. And I adore all piper's कोट्स from this episode and "Hell Hath No Fury":D♥
Best episode -This is one of the very very best seasons! When I've been asked about my favourite I usually say I can't choose!Well because obviously I can't,but If I had too I would say 4! It's awesome! And from episodes I will say without सेकंड thought,"Hell Hath No Fury"..I don't want to think about it और cause I'll make a huge सूची of episodes!!! This episode just make me cry so much,there is a so deep meaning behind piper's transformation,the end is cute and I'm just speachless every time I watch it...! <3♥♥♥
Favorite couple - link

Season 5:
Best cute sister scene -♥"Oh, don't be sorry, Paige. आप were ब्रेव and आप inspired me to fight and आप made the world a safer place for our baby. Which is why I would like to give the baby the middle name of Matthew, in honor of his super protective Aunt Paige." In the ep :"Baby's first demon" ...It just adorable !:D
Best vanquish scene ♥-I'll say in "witch's tail " when necron is being vanquished cause the whole scene with piper getting hurt in her stomach and then being mislead into the water not being able to escape,just leave me breathless....:)♥
Best quote -♥It's whole dialoge I know द्वारा दिल and I write it eveywhere ,where I find space! It is on my notebooks,on my diary,on my books! I think the only place has left is my room's wall!! In the episode "oh my goddess" when Piper is "up there" with Leo ..Aww I remember this and It give me the jeebies!
Best episode - Aw Natascha आप have made this way to hard!!! I'll say "Centennial Charmed" because it is an epic episode..Cole is vanquished for good and the way is just so heartbreaking.His empty apartment and the picture of him and Phoebe made me realize that we won't see cole again....
Favorite couple - Piper&Leo ! In this season they're being through so many things and from the अगला season things get bad...:/...

Season 6:
Best cute sister scene -When both piper and paige check out phoebe's teen-photo album:) I find this very cute,to fresh memories :D Paige wasn't with teenage phoebe,and it's touching to see how her sister was in those years;)
Best vanquish scene -In the episode "Spin City" I find the vanquishing scene very great ^^
Best quote -♥"Valhalley of the Dolls" Piper to Leo...:"You left me didn't you..?" Leo:"Your anger almost destroyed a city and ur pain almost destroyed you..mpla mpla.."So आप took my feelings away..?" This scene was so priceless and my piper was stunning...♥
Best episode - It's defenetely "Valhalley of the Dolls"..Piper's pain,refusal,anger,heartbreaking..all reminds me something of the ep:"Hell Hath No fury" ..This kind of episodes make me realize who piper really is and why I adore her so much!
Favorite couple - I'll say Phoebe & Jason.-♥-.I really प्यार them!-♥-

Season 7:
Best cute sister scene -♥I प्यार when In "something wicca this way goes" they are above the book,in the attic,chanting power of three will set us free! It's so touching and cute! It's their first power of three spell...:)
Best vanquish scene - In Little Box oh Horrors;)"But Guardians can't orb!" "No,but white-lighters can!" प्यार this scene!
Best quote -It's not the best it's just the one It "captured" me and it was कहा द्वारा sheridan in "Something wicca this way goes " Look, आप can do whatever आप want with them afterwards. आप can expose them, hide them, dissect them, I don't care. I just want to be the one to bust them." <33
Best episode -"Something Wicca This Way Goes"!-♥I प्यार the way it ends when darryl gets out of the house thinking the sisters are really dead,and he sees phoebe as the other woman,but he still understands it's phoebe cause she stare at him and smile :D!
Favorite couple - Paige and Kyle.♥i प्यार them so much together,and when Kyle died I cried so much..:/.

Season 8:
Best cute sister scene -In the ep :"Malice In Wonderland " when the episode starts They all are in the bathroom ,in front of the mirror, and u know taking care theirselves,make up and all stuff;) It's not so cute,I just like it a lot because it's something daily,u know, out of magic life ;)
Best vanquish scene -In "Desperate Housewitches" .:) I loved the cofidence of piper ;)
Best quote -"Hey! hey, hang on a second, what are आप doing?! What?! You're gonna kill me with my own power? What are आप kidding me?! How insulting, let alone boring!" Oh dear!! I प्यार the way she says it !! (PIPEEEEEEEEEEER *put my hands on my face*)
Best episode -"Vaya Con Leos" ..It's one of the five episodes I can't stop crying...I cry like a baby!♥
Favorite couple - I'll say Paige & Henry because Paige didn't have many relantioships like Phoebe या THE ONE like piper,so this is def her season,cause Henry really loves her and they are so happy together;)

And wow!!!! I can't beleive I finished it Natascha! It was huuuge and the result is huger! haha xD
I loved it! It was great to answer all of these सवालों for every season,even thought it was hard ! Really great job of you;)♥

Hahaha yeah it's pretty huge and thank आप (': hope people still want to read it even though it's long concidering your awesome answers♥

Which is your प्रिय season?
Answering,in a detailed way all these questinos about each season,I have realized that season 5 will always be somewhere higher than in top.I प्यार every season so much,but there are many special things that had captured me from the very first time I watched charmed..:)Charmed is my life ;)

Which is your all time प्रिय episode?
That wasn't enough.!? u keep torture me..?! God I really can't choose this! I can just make a सूची but it's gonna be huge and u don't wanna see how huge!!!!trust me!!!!! so let's just say I adore every single episode because it has its own magiiiiiic!!!♥

What kind of scene's do आप प्यार the most? Cute, Hot, Heartbreaking या Funny?
♥ Cute scenes make realize how much I want to meet them one दिन ,and tell each actor how I feel;) Hot scenes are hot! what u want me to say.!? haha xD Funny scenes are charmed's real magic! all these expressions,movements etc make me appreciate and adore their talent.And now heartbreaking scenes.I'm not really good at words when it;s for charmed,cause my strong feelings just cover my mouth..:p In every heartbreaking scene,I cry like a baby..I understand every meaning and I feel like I want to shout bout it but I can't,because I can only feel it! It's part of me! their heartbreakings are part of me now and I can say it, being very proud,because I know them..When prue died,when cole died,when Phoebe wanted to run away from cole,when leo became an elder and so other moments make me adore चार्म्ड even और every time I watch them..Piper's pain in first place,made my दिल break.

Would आप change anything in the history चार्म्ड या Keep it as it is?
I wanted just one thing..Prue to come in some of the later seasons...Nothing else..I प्यार it as it is :D

Is the चार्म्ड spot your प्रिय spot on Fanpop?
It tends to be because now we have made our own community,we are active,help each other and participate in so awesome games;D <3 we have made this spot alive.We all are close फ्रेंड्स and this is so cute :D♥

You are the person who has made the spot most active, Are आप proud of yourself?
♥As for the stuff I put yeah I'm very proud.But I have made it active only because of you! Your enthusiasm to "play" and participate in lots of things is what made this spot active.Not just me.I just put the ideas.If it wasn't आप guys I couldn't have done anything.So here goes a big thanks to आप and a big applauding!! *laughs* We चार्म्ड प्रशंसकों ROCK!!♥

What song reminds आप of Charmed?
♥Aww nice question! It goes with the heartbreaking moments of चार्म्ड and it's "Bring me to Life"..A very well-known song of Evanescense..:)

[]If आप could steal one of the चार्म्ड husbands from one of the girls would you?[/i]
Oh dear!! ♥NO way! Phoebe would kick my ass,and what would left, would be blown up द्वारा piper and orbed to an exotic place द्वारा paige!! *burst into laugh*..But if I was a witch I would think about going for cole ;D *evil laugh*

Describe चार्म्ड in 3 words:
hm.."Gorgeous Hillarious Priceless":D♥ I can't beleive I put all their awesomness in 3 words!!!♥That's progress;D

It really is prgress(;

Who already has your vote for अगला months FOTM if आप know it?
oh yeah I know it;)she's cute and writes the best चार्म्ड stories I have ever read ;)
I have promished to vote for Ellen because last time I was in dilemma,between you, my soulmate, and Ellen.She's done a lot for this spot and she deserves to be प्रशंसक of this month.As much as आप deserve it too :D

Do आप have anything to say to your fellow चार्म्ड प्रशंसकों on this spot?
I प्यार आप so much,thanks for everything and we must keep being sticked together :D
I'm very happy I have met आप all in personal and saw how great people आप are ;D♥

3 quick personal questions:

Are आप close with your family?
Ok..quick! it was a warning for not write the story of my life like abovee!!!*laughs*♥
well yeah I am.I have a great mum who wants to act like strict but she can't cause she loves us a lot,an adorable dad ,a 2 years younger sister,and a 8years-old brother who I adore and protect.we play together,I like learning him new things about the world, about nature, about life abour चार्म्ड (hahahaahha xD) etc..:) ♥

Who is your hero?
My hero..? Of all times..? hm..so hard to choose...I guess I have to say piper! I will say why below;)♥

Does friendship mean a lot या a little to you?
Friendship means everything to me!♥ if आप don't have फ्रेंड्स who really प्यार आप and appreciate you,you barely can live...:/

Okay back to Charmed

Who's your प्रिय sister and why?
well..I प्यार PIPER,because she looks like me! no lol! I look like her in the character!
She's that kind of person who ask her life for quiet! Not big things.I like being organized.i can't stand middle-done things.like she does.she loves having family moments,she's that way of romantic.She fights strongly for what she wants,and she's that kind of affected of her emotions..One Piper's reason for her transformations was because she wanted to get away of her problems.. she was trying to find reasons to deny the reality...! She didn't want to face what hurts the most...Losing a sister,losing a husband,a love, a ruined life...
I'm also funny,sensitive as much as she is...Her कोट्स give me the jeebies..There are sometimes I think we are soulmates! Her pain is my pain ..
At first,I loved Piper I met in the first 3 seasons.That kind of adorable,cute,funny middle-sister Piper!she doesn't have to worry about everything.I think she was based on Prue...then she became the older sister.But she was still a kick-ass woman;)

Who's your प्रिय character besides the sisters?
It's defenetely Cole..I प्यार him so much that nothing's left to say than "I will always प्यार you" ! When I heard this from him,it was like a चाकू was stabbed into my heart...:/♥

Who's your प्रिय चार्म्ड husband/boyfriend?
Let's see now..I will say Leo.Because he's the one,who can make आप happy,love आप as a goddess and He's such an angel.He really deserves to be with piper like she deserves to be with him too :D<3♥

Who's your प्रिय चार्म्ड kid?
Aw chris of course!!! He's adorable and gorgeous! As a little kid he's the cutest baby ever.♥.! I just want to hold him in my arms and smush him!!! And as a guy I want to तारीख, दिनांक him huh..!? *laughs* He's done so much to save his brother,he has re-built his relantioship with his father and he died trying still to save waytt..Which is so heartbreaking.♥

Last Question!! If आप could have an घंटा alone with Alyssa Milano, होल्ली, होली Marie Combs, Rose McGowan या Shannon Dorthey who would आप choose and do आप know what आप would आप do/say to them?? Anything at all.
आप know the answer!♥ It's defenetely होल्ली, होली Marie COmbs! But Right after is Alyssa Milano.I think with Alyssa I would feel kind of और confortable,still don't know why.♥.
Well,I would tell everything I feel about चार्म्ड and her,I would defenetely ask for autographs,take चित्रो with her,em..Maybe she could tell me how is Alyssa doing,and if she come come across!!How was the atmosphere when they were filming the show,how they did all the effects..?freezing,blowing up? orb..?I would प्यार if she could दिखाना me how to put my hands "in position" to freeze! Jeese she does it in a perfect way!♥!I would kinda "beg" her to keep contact with some way,I would ask to give me some I don't know,she might have kept some pages of the scenario of charmed,and the कोट्स she said!I would give her sth really great to remember me and at the end I would give her a huge hug and I might cry of happinness! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE आप SO MUCH!!!!

Thank आप for answering all the सवालों Katerina, and I guess there's nothing left to say than keep being awesome and active on the चार्म्ड spot.

Natascha I thank आप for those awesome questions!♥ आप did a great job and I can't wait to see it published!♥I changed my जवाब a lot of times because both I couldn't decide and was trying not to make them huge and boring! I did my best and I really hope you,all guys,like the result! I'm waiting for your टिप्पणियाँ and again thanks everyone who has voted for me :D
चार्म्ड forever ;) ;) <3

It was my pleasure to do and I must say your जवाब are awesome♥
First चार्म्ड ones♥
सेकंड चार्म्ड ones♥
Cole♥ Your प्रिय besides the sisters.
The endgames♥
A प्यार that last forever♥
The awsome चार्म्ड banner आप made♥
Piper&Phoebe♥ आप know the meaing behind it when I made this for our spot love♥