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posted by couragesfan101
दिन 1:As like every mornings it's the same routine,I get woken up द्वारा dog running out the door,dragging me along and I always get hurt,That's why I visit the doctor weekly but not anymore,I got dog to see a therapist named Dr.Kelp,An odd last name for a animal but everyone is unique in there own way,Now I don't get woken up द्वारा dog running out the door dragging me along.It's been very peaceful in the mornings as the sun rises at dawn,But dog is still a slob like always,I trained him to eat like a normal animal(A fancy one)and I couldn't believe the results,I actually trained him to eat normal!Me...
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posted by couragesfan101
दिन 2:Today at टैको, taco depot a met a very sexy feline,Even though Rancid doesn't let us in टैको, taco Depot he got fired and now the feline is the boss there,What I didn't know was that the feline was a grade school friend of mine!She was suprised to see me here because she hasn't seen me in forever!I asked her why she was working here,She responded saying that this was the only job she could find and she कहा that since me and Dog are her फ्रेंड्स we can have free tacos Monday through Friday,Dog got so excited up and down and ran around in circles,I yelled at him to behave himself since he was embarrasing...
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posted by couragesfan101
*Me and Cat at my house*
Me:So.....Ummm Cat I wanted to tell आप something
Cat:What is it?
Me:This night was so much fun,and I wanted to tell आप I.....I.....I
Cat:You what?
Cat:You what!
Me:I प्यार आप *Quickly covers mouth and blushes*
Me:Listen,I've had this crush on आप for years and now I finally told आप how I feel about you
Cat:*Blushes and smiles*
Me:I know something to end this all
Me:*Grabs Cat द्वारा the shoulders and kisses*
Cat:*Keeps on blushing*
Me:*Stops चुंबन Cat*
Cat:*Stares at me with shocked look on face*
Me:So....Ummm wanna go inside and eat?
Cat:Okay I guess
*Me and Cat go inside the house*
posted by couragesfan101
*Me at my Bff Mia's house*
Me:So now me and Catdog are friends,It's Crazy!
Mia:Woah girl,This is totes Cray-cray
Me:I know!
Mia:I know आप had a crush on Cat for years and now is your chance to ask him out girl!
Me:Yeah but we just met so it will be awkward,We need some time
Mia:Just ask Cat to a movie,Play at the arcade,Sit on your stair steps outside and do a moonlight kiss!
Me:....It's Perfect!
Mia: I know
*At my house*
Me:So I been wondering,Do आप want to go watch a movie
Cat:Okay....I guess
Me:*Thinking*Ok,Don't screw up या else your प्यार life is ruined
*Me and Cat after the movie*
Cat:That was a good movie
Me:Yeah,So wanna play at the arcade?
*After the Arcade*
Me:Ha!I knew I could beat you
Cat:Yeah but that was a cheap shot
Me:Whatever आप say Cat,Anyways lets go to my house,kay?
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catdog and the great parent mystery full
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posted by AnimeFan66
*I am making this fanfic for fun purposes only. Don't judge the way I combine characters and फिल्में together because it is all in my imagnation.*

The aircraft started going through the huge thundar clouds which were producing maximum lightning. Pazu did the best he could to get the flying machine away from the lightning. CatDog on the other hand were scared for dear life. "I don't like this Cat." Dog कहा while covering his eyes. Cat patted his head trying to calm him down. "It will all be over soon I hope." But with his anticpation, the jounrey through the dark clouds grew a bit longer than...
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