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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
“Dad!” “Richard!” Martha and Alexis squealed as they rushed to the front of the loft as the door swung open to दिखाना गढ़, महल leaning heavily on a hunched over Beckett. They helped Beckett bring गढ़, महल carefully to his bedroom to place him on his bed. गढ़, महल winced and moaned from deep in his chest as his arm was juggled around between the ladies.

“What on earth happened Richard?” Martha कहा exasperatedly, as she watched Beckett carefully remove his jacket. She saw the twitch of her son’s eye in pain every time Beckett touched his arm.

“I--” Beckett started but, once again, Castle...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever

The simple word spoken द्वारा the speechless लेखक himself was enough to make the once tough detective to break. Her bloodshot पन्ना eyes began to water as she quickly made her way to him. Her slender arms wrapped themselves around her own waist as she plopped herself in the plastic chair that was द्वारा his bed. Beckett sniffled once as her eyes sucked the sight of him in.

He was only wearing boxers underneath the hospital blanket that was wrapped around his midsection. His black and purple chest was wrapped around carefully with an ACE bandage, and around that, he had wires connecting...
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