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This Castiel चित्र might contain समाचार पत्र, कागज, पत्रिका, अखबार, खपरैल, अख़बार, चीर, and पत्र.

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"I'm the one who gripped आप tight and raised आप from Perdition." (4x01)

"You should दिखाना me some respect. I dragged आप out of hell. I can throw आप back in." (4x02)

"Uriel's the funniest एंजल in the garrison. Ask anyone." (4x16)

"Do आप think the armies of heaven have nothing better to do but follow आप around?" (4x22)

(Into cell phone) "This isn't funny Dean, the voice says I'm almost out of minutes!" (5x04)

"I shouldn't be here, this is a मांद, डेन of iniquity!" (5x03)

Castiel's Voicemail Machine: "I... I don't understand... Why do आप want me to say my name?" (5x16)

"Hey, Ass-Butt!" (5x22)

"I suggest...
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