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Sam was waiting in line in a local snack bar. While he was waiting he watched the news, airing on a flat screen television, hanging on the ceiling.
“The thirty-five साल old Zoey Allen has escaped the local hospital of गढ़, महल Rock, Colorado. Allen was brought into the hospital after she got stuck in a fire. Allen is extremely dangerous and wanted for several murders. She might be armed”
The news reader gave a number people could call if they had any kind of information.
Sam walked out of the snack bar and conjured his phone. He quickly dialed Dean’s number.
“Dean, Zoey escaped” Sam कहा fast.
“What? I thought she was dead” Dean कहा disbelieving.
“Apparently not” Sam said. “Lock your door. Don’t let anyone in”
“I wasn’t going to” Dean कहा and Sam heard him lock the door.
Zoey woke up in a hospital bed. She wasn’t happy to be there. Crowley had taken away her एंजल powers and she was completely human again.
She walked to the door and opened it. She came face to face with a guardian.
“Miss Allen, where are आप going?” the guardian asked.
“What is this?” Zoey frowned. “Why is there police guarding my room?”
“I’m just following orders, Miss Allen” the guardian answered. “My boss has a few सवालों for you”
“Then I guess आप should call him” Zoey कहा and she walked back into her room.
She walked to the window and opened it. Her room was on ground floor, so she didn’t have to climb that deep. She swung her leg over the edge, followed द्वारा her other leg. She jumped and landed on the pavers. She turned around and ran away.
Cas groaned from the pain. His injuries healed very slowly and he failed to stay strong.
“I’m sorry, Dean” Cas sobbed as tears rolled over his face. “I don’t want to be a baby, but it hurts so much”
“It’s okay” Dean said. “Just hang in there. It’ll all be over soon”
“Make it stop” Cas begged. He coughed and threw up blood again.
Dean frowned scared. “What can I do? Tell me what I should do, Cas”
But Cas closed his eyes.
“Don’t die, okay?” Dean कहा afraid. “You can’t. There’s still so much we have to do. I’m going to teach आप how to drive the Impala...
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“Daphne? It’s time to let me go” Martin कहा soft.
Daphne lifted her head and stared at him with wet and bloodshot eyes. “How? I can’t”
“It’s time for me to हटाइए on” Martin said. “I’ve been wandering around for too long. I’m done here. If I stay much longer, I could turn into a vengeful spirit”
Daphne shook her head. “I don’t believe that”
“You didn’t believe I would दिखाना up in the first place, either” Martin pointed out.
Daphne pulled her shoulders. “How do I let आप go? Aren’t आप supposed to walk into the light या something?”
Martin laughed. “Not exactly. आप have to salt and burn my bones”
“So I need to go to the cemetery?” Daphne asked.
“No. That grave is empty” Martin कहा bitter.
“Then where are your bones?” Daphne asked nervous.
“You’re standing on them” Martin answered.
Sam’s phone rang and when he saw it was Dean, he quickly picked up.
“Sammy, hi. I found Cas. He’s not doing so good” Dean said.
“Where are you?” Sam asked. Dean gave him the address. “Okay, I’ll be right there” He hung up.
Meg sat up and stood from the couch. Due to the pain she लॉस्ट her balance and fell down on the सोफ़ा, सोफे again. Sam walked towards her and helped her up.
“You shouldn’t try getting up. Dean has Cas. Everything’s fine” he said.
“Take me to him” Meg said.
“What?” Sam asked confused.
“Take me to Cas” Meg कहा a little harder.
“Are you...
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“How could she do that?” Daphne cried. Martin was sitting on the grass, letting her let it all out. “She कहा it was my fault. She कहा I had to divorce Roland and when I told her I was pregnant she कहा it was a devil’s child and I had to kill it”
“She was jealous of the bond we have” Martin explained.
“But why did she have to take my baby? She was all I had left” Daphne cried.
“She wanted आप to think she’s all आप have left” Martin said.
“She put me in a clinic!” Daphne yelled hysterical. “I started drinking, because I felt guilty about your death and because she...
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“If I have to die, so will you” Zoey said.
“No one has to die, moron!” Dean yelled angry. “Put the आग out, open the door, do something!”
Zoey shook her head. “I can’t. Crowley will kill me, if I let आप go”
“He’ll kill आप either way” Dean snapped.
“Well, if Cas doesn’t प्यार me I don’t care” Zoey exclaimed crying.
They heard a noise and looked aside. Cas opened his eyes and frowned.
“Dean?” he कहा hoarse.
“I’m here” Dean said, quickly walking to Cas. He helped Cas sit up and supported his back. He looked from Cas’ injuries to Zoey. “If आप really प्यार him, you’ll let him go”
Zoey shook her head.
Cas put his fingers in his blood and painted a sigil on the floor. He poked Dean and nodded weak at the bloody sign.
“What is it?” Zoey wanted to know.
But Dean put his hand on the sigil and he and Cas vanished in a blinding light.
Dean carried Cas to the entrance, where Zoey blocked their way.
“You’re not going anywhere” she said.
“Right, because you’re going to stop me” Dean कहा sarcastic. He pushed Zoey away and walked further to the entrance.
Zoey jumped his back. She tugged his hair and scratched his face.
Dean lay Cas down as careful as possible. He grabbed Zoey’s hair and pulled her off. He smacked her on the ground and kicked her wherever he could.
“I think you’re losing your एंजल juju” Dean said.
Zoey crawled towards Cas. She grabbed his कॉलर and dragged him away, closer to the edge of the holy circle.
“What are आप doing?” Dean asked scared.
He got his answer as Zoey emptied a few bottled of alcohol she had kept their in stock. She conjured a lighter and smiled evil at Dean.
“No!” Dean shouted, but Zoey dropped the lighter and caused another fire.
“Tell me आप प्यार me” Zoey कहा furious.
“I could never प्यार you. आप manipulating, lying, evil slut” Cas कहा bitter.
“Do आप want me to pull out some और organs?” Zoey threatened.
Cas’ eyes bulged and he heavily shook his head.
“No, please, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again” he begged with tears in his eyes.
Zoey didn’t listen and forced her arm inside Cas for the third time.
“Stop doing that! It really hurts!” Cas now cried. “I’m sorry that I don’t love”
Zoey’s hand searched its way up, causing Cas to throw up some और blood.
“I think that’s your heart”...
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Daphne and Dean were standing in the woods.
“There. That’s where it happened” Daphne pointed at the lake. “I’m sorry, I’m not going any closer”
“I think we should” Dean कहा insensitive. He grabbed Daphne’s arm again and pulled her to the lake. “Now, tell me what happened”
“He drowned, that’s what happened!” Daphne yelled. “I was supposed to look after him, but I failed”
“That’s the story Zoey told you” Dean said. “Is there someone else who could tell आप what happened?”
“No, of course not” Daphne कहा irritated. “Unless आप count Martin, but he’s-”...
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Zoey was furious. She couldn’t believe that demon slut got to be the first woman Cas had ever slept with.
“You think that’s funny?” she asked trembling.
“I think it’s hilarious” Cas admitted.
“You want to know what’s funny?” Zoey said. “While you’re here making fun of me, your precious Meg is going through the same pain आप are”
“What?” Cas asked confused.
“Yeah, I gave Daphne a syringe with your blood and told her to stab Meg with it. I told her Meg was going to hurt you. As long as your blood stays in her system, everything that happens to you, happens to her in...
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With Anna’s help Dean appeared in Daphne’s living room. Anna stayed behind, to try and locate Cas again.
Daphne let out a shriek when she saw Dean.
“What are आप doing here? How did आप get in here? I’m calling the cops” she कहा scared.
“Wait, listen, I’m not here to hurt you” Dean said, raising his hands. “I just need to know where I can find your sister”
“Zoey? What do आप need her for?” Daphne asked defensive.
“Look, I know आप think Zoey is your God या something, but she’s been playing mind games with you. She’s been manipulating”
Daphne shook her head. “I...
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Zoey looked at Cas with compassion in her eyes.
“You’re really in pain, aren’t you?” she asked. Cas nodded and Zoey opened the buttons of his shirt. She held her breath when she saw the wound she had made. “I thought एंन्जल्स could heal”
“You used an एंजल sword” Cas explained. “It takes longer to heal. If आप had pushed it any deeper I would’ve been dead द्वारा now”
“Oh, my poor Cas” Zoey said. She took off her कमीज, शर्ट and revealed a red tank top. She pressed the कमीज, शर्ट against the wound and Cas groaned.
Zoey frowned. “You need to be distracted” she decided. She sat down...
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In the room अगला to Sam’s Dean was trying to call Cas. Meg had been so kind to give him his phone number.
When after the fourth time Cas still hadn’t दिया any sign he heard Dean’s calls. Dean smashed his phone into the wall.
“Damn it!” he cursed. He looked up at the ceiling. “Cas! Cas, if आप hear this, I will find आप and I will tear that कुतिया, मतलबी into shreds. I promise you”
He took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.
“Anna? Please get down here? We could really use your help”
He had barely finished when Anna appeared.
“I am so sorry I didn’t get here any faster” she said,...
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How are आप feeling?” Sam asked.
Meg was lying on the सोफ़ा, सोफे and with her eyes closed she answered: “As if someone stabbed me in my stomach and my hands”
“You want a painkiller या something?” Sam asked. This was weird. Last time he had spoken to Meg he had forbidden her to ever see Cas again. Now he believed he should’ve thought twice about that.
“I don’t think that’ll help” Meg said. “We need to find that Zoey कुतिया, मतलबी and chop her head off”
“What makes आप think Zoey’s behind all this?” Sam asked.
“I read Daphne’s diary” Meg कहा soft. “Most of it is Daphne’s...
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Cas’ eyes flashed open and his chest went up and down. He was tied onto a chair and he felt a sharp pain in both his hands. He looked down at his shirt, which was soaked in blood. He moved his arms and the pain in his hands became worse. He looked over his shoulder and saw how an एंजल sword pinched his hands together. He heard footsteps and tried to free himself.
“You’re awake” Zoey कहा breathless. She was carrying a plate with food. “Good”
“You killed all those people” Cas कहा trembling. “Why?”
Zoey sighed. “Do we have to talk about that?” She lifted the plate. “Look,...
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Meg sat on her knees, outside the police station. With her right hand she held her stomach and with her left she tried to pull herself up on the wall. She closed her eyes and focused.
Meg opened her eyes and saw Sam walking in her direction. He helped her up, while Dean frowned.
“How did आप get out?” he wanted to know.
Sam helped Meg to the couch, but she refused to lie down. She groaned from the pain.
“What is wrong with you?” Dean asked.
“Daphne attacked me” Meg कहा difficult. “My stomach hurts, my hands hurt”
“Cas’ ex attacked you, why?” Sam asked surprised.
“It’s not her fault” Meg said. “Zoey manipulated her. Where’s Cas?”
Sam looked at Dean, who scratched his head.
“Please, tell me आप know where he is” Meg कहा weak.
However, as she passed by, Daphne jumped आगे and stabbed Meg in her neck with syringe, containing a red substance.
“Aaaahhh!” Meg gasped and she touched her neck. “What the hell are आप doing?”
But Daphne had left the building and ran for her life.

The door of the court building opened Zoey’s दिल jumped up when Cas came outside. The fact that he was alone made her even happier.
“I’m glad you’re not gone yet” Cas said. Zoey died inside, but managed to stay calm.
“I waited for you” she said. She defended Daphne and tried to make Cas understand why she did it, but secretly...
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“Gerard committed suicide last night” Zoey said. “I found him hanging in our bedroom”
Daphne covered her mouth. “Oh my God, that’s…awful” she said

Daphne threw her arms around Zoey and Zoey faked a few tears and sobs. She pushed Daphne away and कहा she had to tell Alexia. She put her पर्स on the dresser, knowing Daphne would see the letter and be too curious to leave it where it is.
And indeed, a मिनट later, Daphne stormed outside, hysterically crying how everything was her fault.
Zoey walked back inside, trusting Daphne would need some time to calm down. She opened Daphne’s computer and connected a portable hard drive to it. The hard drive contained a fake video of Cas doing things with Alexia.
Zoey copied the video to Daphne’s files and then removed the hard drive. She closed the computer and called Alexia.
“Let’s go, Lex” she said. “We’re going to your grandparents”
“Aaaahhh!” she exclaimed. She pushed Cas away and looked at him terrified.
“I’m sorry” Cas mumbled concerned.
“It’s okay” Lucy said, but Cas unlocked the door and ran away.

Cas hurried out of the toilet and walked back into the restaurant. Lucy stared perplex at the backdoor Cas just went through.
A few yards further, in the shadows, Zoey was watching. She examined the waitress. She was pretty, but not stunning.
She walked to the girl and started talking. Did the guy hurt her? She could tell her, she’s a cop, Zoey told the girl.
Lucy Dickinson, Zoey read from the name card attached...
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