"I'm the one who gripped आप tight and raised आप from Perdition." (4x01)

"You should दिखाना me some respect. I dragged आप out of hell. I can throw आप back in." (4x02)

"Uriel's the funniest एंजल in the garrison. Ask anyone." (4x16)

"Do आप think the armies of heaven have nothing better to do but follow आप around?" (4x22)

(Into cell phone) "This isn't funny Dean, the voice says I'm almost out of minutes!" (5x04)

"I shouldn't be here, this is a मांद, डेन of iniquity!" (5x03)

Castiel's Voicemail Machine: "I... I don't understand... Why do आप want me to say my name?" (5x16)

"Hey, Ass-Butt!" (5x22)

"I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol... just wait for the inevitable blast wave." (5x22)

"I need your help, because आप are the only one who'll help me. Please." (5x03)

"The demon Crowley is making a deal. Even as we speak, it's... going... down." (5x10)

[after downing five shots] "I think I'm starting to feel something." (5x10)

"Hello, Dean. What were you dreaming about? (5x03)

"We've been through much together, आप and I. And I just wanted... to say, I'm sorry it ended like this" (4x22)

"I learned that from the पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा man." (6x10)

"Don't go into the light!" (5x16)

"My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building." (6x07)

"Okay if आप don't like, uh, reckless I could use insouciant maybe?" (5x04)

"Dean and I do share a और profound bond...I wasn't going to mention it." (6x03)

"I got your message... It was long, your message. And I find the sound of your voice grating." (5x19)

"I gave everything for you! And this is what आप give me?!" (5x18)

"For what its worth.... I would give anything... not to have आप do this" (4x16)

"Why not go get washed up for the orgy?... All so beautiful" (5x04)

"Sam. Dean. My "people skills" are "rusty", pardon me but I have spent the last "year" as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent!" (6x03)

"Maybe so, but today you're my b*tch" (5x03)

"You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man that I believed आप to be." (5x21)