“Uncle Emmanuel!”
Cas turned around and saw how Alexia let go of her father’s hand and ran towards him. She threw her tiny arms around his legs and looked up.
“Hi!” she smiled.
“Alexia, let go of him” Gerard ordered. Alexia let go and took a step back. She waited for her father to catch up with her. He had a basket with him, which he put down when he reached Zoey. “Hello, darling. I didn’t know आप were bringing company” he mumbled in her ear, before he kissed her.
“I know” Zoey said. “I wanted to check up on him. I thought he could use some time outside”
“He has a wife. She can take him outside” Gerard mumbled a little annoyed.
“She could, but we both know she won’t” Zoey कहा sharp. She lay her arm on his shoulder. “Come on, Gerard. It’s just for a couple of hours”
Gerard shook his head. “Alright, just a couple of hours. But just for today. This is our spot”
“You’re sweet” Zoey kissed him quick on the lips. She sank down and Gerard did the same. He opened the basket and took out the food.
“Emmanuel, आप want something?” Zoey asked. Cas didn’t reply and thus Zoey rotated her head. Cas was sitting at the किनारा, शोर of the lake. Alexia ran towards him.
“What’s wrong?” she asked when she saw his sad face.
“Nothing” Cas said. “Daphne believes there is something wrong with my brains. I fear she’s right”
Alexia covered her eyes, shutting out the sun. “I don’t think आप have to worry”
“What makes आप so sure of that?” Cas asked. “I don’t know who I am. I can’t do anything. I can’t be normal”
“Lay on your back” Alexia commanded. Cas did what she कहा and lay back. Alexia lay her head on his belly. “I don’t know who आप are either” she said. “But I know you’re a good person. And that’s all that matters”
“I don’t know that much about children, but I think you’re too smart for your age” Cas concluded.