Castiel also possesses the ability to bend time and teleport himself and another backwards through time. Perhaps Castiel's most impressive ability observed to तारीख, दिनांक was his removal of Dean's soul from Hell and the apparent resurrection of Dean that followed. Apparently, Castiel is not only capable of entering and exiting Hell at will and without harm, but also of extracting a particular soul in the process. Castiel also appears to be capable of projecting at least a portion of his true self from his host, as at the end of "Lazarus Rising", he was able to display the shadows of his wings to Dean as proof that he was in fact what he claimed. Despite his vast power and knowledge, however, Castiel is not completely immune to harm. He can apparently be hurt and killed द्वारा powerful demons. Also, in the episode "Are आप there God? It's me, Dean Winchester", he claims to Dean that six of his "brothers" were recently killed in battle, indicating that Castiel himself and एंन्जल्स in general are not fully immune to death and harm.