Caroline Forbes [Caroline Picture Contest]

vampirefreak_26 posted on Jul 29, 2011 at 03:17PM
Hey, guys! I will continue the contest maryam1311 started,she asked me to take it over,hope you are oke with it and will still participate

I will start with the next round

Round 13:Caroline looking upset [winner:En-]
Round 14:Your fav Caroline outfit [Winner:katherine1731]
Round 15:Caroline with Elena [Winner:Sakkara98]
Round 16:Caroline kissing [Winner:flowerdrop]
Round 17:Caroline with Stefan [Winner:Magy25]
Round 18:Caroline vampire face [Winner:TeFi]
Round 19:Caroline with Bonnie [Winner:turnaism]
Round 20:Caroline smiling [Winner:CullenSisters-X]
Round 21:Caroline with Matt [Winner:bussykussi]
Round 22:Caroline with curly hair [Winner:turnaism]
Round 23:Caroline with Katherine [Winner:Sakkara98]
Round 24:Caroline looking down [Winner:YyzV]
Round 25:Caroline with Tyler [Winner:EllieLupin91]
Round 26:Caroline in a dress [Winner:YyzV]
Round 27:Caroline in 3x01 [Winner:EllieLupin91]
Round 28:Caroline looking up [Winner:Sakkara98]
Round 29:Caroline with Bonnie and Elena season 3 [Winner:turnaism]
Round 30:Your fav Caroline scene [Winner:]
Round 31: Your fav Caroline hairdo [Winner:]
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