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Clay: Johnny ain't gonna be cool if your messing with her again.
Trevor: Oh really, let's ask him. (lifts foot) हे cowboy? आप mind that I fucked your old lady? Oh, what's that, आप DON'T mind.. Wha- because your a dead man!? And the only scented part of आप left is this little piece of brain! And the grizzle on the end of my boot! WELL THANK आप VERY MUCH COWBOYYY!
Trevor: Oh I LIKE IT, denial! That's the first part of the grieving process brothers. Now let's all hold hands.
Clay: THIS BETTER BE BULLSHIT! (they all ride off)
Trevor: Oh, where आप guys going!? LET'S GO LADIES!

Trevor Philips: [intentionally running into somebody] Oh, द्वारा the way, that's entirely your fault.

Wade Herbert: There's two Michael Townleys living in LS. One is 83 and the other is in kindergarten. I asked the teacher to put him on the phone just to be safe. She threatened to call the cops. I ain't no molester, Trevor.
Trevor Philips: Shut up before 'I' molest you, alright.

Wade: Wow, that's a real mind fuck.
Trevor: Grr... I'll दिखाना आप a fuckin mind fuck!

Michael De Santa: I know. I still hate myself. But at least I know the words for it now.
Trevor Philips: Yeah, but I hate आप and I know the words for it. Does that mean I don't have to go to therapy?

"[stomping Johnny Klebitz to death] Fucking shit, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt! Who the fuck are आप speaking to? Who? Who? I'm talking to आप huh? आप fuck! अगला time don't get in my fucking face! I just saw a fucking ghost and I gotta hear your crap? Get up! GET UP! Fuck आप then".

"Now go. I need to meditate. Orr, masterbate.. या both"

"Nothing.. Well, It didn't sound like nothing. Didn't look like nothing. I don't THINK that it was nothing!"

"Why, oh why, do आप exist?"

"When ever आप get a doubt in your mind. I want आप to remember I'm watching though the scoop of a high powered rifle"

"I don't even SOUND that Canadian!"

Trevor Philips: I asked for a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. Well, he kinda got a little angry. So, I admit, I kinda got a little angry too.
Michael De Santa: Did आप kill him?
Trevor Philips: What kinda fucking animal do आप take me for? No, I didn't kill him!
[Michael sighs with relief]
Trevor Philips: But I DID kidnap his wife.

"They damaged my stuff. They smash up my home. Damage my soul. Look at this... This, this, this, this statue here of Impotent Rage. This fucking meant और to me than Johnny K meant to anyone! And they smashed it! Those pathetic, midlife crisis, hog-riding, shaven-headed, fruity leather-chap-wearing fucking assholes!"

"You called her a bitch!.. Don't आप got a mother!?"

"RONN!!... Give my coffee या I'll cut your arm off!"

"Scooooter buddy!!"

Janet: Hey, you're banned!
Trevor Philips: Is anyone NOT banned?

"(steals कुत्ता collar)I know, this is weird for all of us... Now get back to your owner before she uses this as an excuse to go back to rehab!"

"I spend a LOT of time with fuckin people I don't like! It's one of my fuckin hobbies!"

Trevor, Ron and Wade followed the Bikers to their backup, and once they reached the spot, Trevor got his AK47 ready.
Trevor: Watch the entrance boys..
Trevor: (runs to the bikers) GET READY TO DIEEEEE!!
Audience: (cheers a litte)
(a huge gun right begins to take place, when Andrew WK - Get Ready to Die, begins playing as suitable background music).
Trevor: (violently shooting) Step wait up! STEP WAIT UP!
Trevor: (shoots a whole bunch of them, while गाना along to the song).
Biker: (shoots at Trevor)
Trevor: (almost dancing) (almost singing) I gotta taste for biker blood!
The tank gets blown up)...
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I literary grew up lessoning to these guys, I never saw them live, but probably will never need to.

I grew up with these guys.
And even have an autographed picture of them.
And, on और then one occasion, I use them in school projects.

All the same as कहा for Three days grace.
Accept the autographed picture part.

Ever sense 8 mile he became all I ever lesson too.

It's kinda hard to explain, but my foundness of them goes from WAY back. Not even sure how long, but I know it was at least 4 या 5 years.

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I would of chooses I'M ALIVE. But this is still awesome
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