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posted by unchartedmaster
there are a lot of stuff on Kino so im gonna put what i know here


Aal over the map are canisters with ape या humens in them i cant be sure they look like both mabey a apeman या manape there is one on stage that is open where could it be


In the starting right behind above आप is writin
" Beware of the 6" what can it mean

Above the power switch on the stage is writin
" Knowledge itself is for the taking"

There are 2 others but i cannot make out what the say


there are 6 genarators and 6 utility boxes around kino that आप can shoot and...
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posted by Xscash232
*Eletric noise as the four guys spawn is the Theater Of the damned* Nikolai: I think we need to turn the power on *Authors note Im using my own and some of the games phrases for the characters* Dr.Richtofen: We all know that Nikolai Tank Dempsey: Freak Bags incoming! *A zombie jumps through the window and Richtofen Knifes it but also get hit* Richtofen: आप dare touch me minions,Ahy I प्यार get payed for there pain. Tank dempsey: और freak sacks incoming....{That just a short पूर्व दर्शन tell me what आप think leave a टिप्पणी दे And tell what आप think if i get enough good coments i'll continue to write it :)
posted by unchartedmaster
Before आप read any further this guide may not be the best but it worked for me i got till round 27 in SOLO but that is not the piony this guide will help आप get far in multiplayer

From the room आप start have every one at their own window and shoot 4-5 pistol bullets into the zombies NOT HEADSHOTS and then चाकू stay here until about round 5-6 not longer than round 7 या it is over

Head over to the first lander area and grab a RP5K. Head up the stairs have 1 guy in the small hallway 2 guys covering the stairs and the last guy the upper stairway make a crawler at the end of the अगला round and get the power on grab a weapon at the mystery box and make your way back to the lander area now camp here untill आप die if they begin to overwhelm आप take a lap around the map या explore a bit

Like i कहा this is not the best guide it worked great for me so i want to share it with you. If आप have any thing to add then plz टिप्पणी दे we are all here to help each other>
posted by unchartedmaster
I have been playin zombie mode for about 6 months now and what i hate is when आप are have so much fun killin the one,s in front of आप that when आप take a few steps back to reload आप get आप head wacked off द्वारा zombies कुदाल came from one door that nobody is watching poeple should get a mike या do something to get eachother,s attention working together is what zombies are all about just today i was playin on five and two of the guys went down the elavater and left me up their alone i was holding my own when they both got downed what did i do then ? I went and helped them I didn,t want to but i have a better chanch of surviving with other poeple as the sayin goes two heads are better that one but two poeple are even better try playin a solo and one with other polpe which one is easer ?