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This तितलियों चित्र might contain गुलाब, rosiness, चाय, camelia, कैमेलिया, कैमियािया, कमीलया, गुलदस्ता, कंचुकी, कहावत, फूलों का गुच्छ, चोली, पॉसी, नाकगेय, ब्रोच, and nosegay.

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हे everyone (as always). I just can't resist लेखन an लेख now, just because I want to share something with you. The whole meaning of this story is to make आप think and inspire you. Yesterday I was coming घर from a walk, it was a quite cold autumn evening, the coldness often starts suddenly, one दिन it's still pretty warm and sunny, but the अगला दिन आप already get first snow... So I was just climbing the long stairs to my 5th floor apartment when I saw a little तितली on the inside of a window. Someone had opened a window and तितली flew in, it looked a bit weak since it has...
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In 1996, around one billion monarchs wintered there, but in 2013, a little less than 50 million monarchs traveled there.
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