20.Spike & Harmony. Please don't kill me...but I hated Harmony in that relationship. It wasn't until the episode, "Disharmony" in एंजल that I found out how funny she was. But while she was dating Spike...I was just as annoyed द्वारा her as Spike was. And I was pretty annoyed at Spike for going for a chick like that. I mean, sure. They were funny at some points, but the two characters are WAY funnier standing on their own. I just hated this couple. Ugh.

19.Wesley & Cordelia. Haha, I don't really hate this couple. It's just...they weren't magical. They were hilarious, yes, but definitly not true love. I don't really have much to say about this couple...maybe they could have worked out if they'd gotten into a relationship later, but...then there would be no hilarious awkwardness. :)

18.Wesley & Lilah. Ugh. I just hate "Friends with Benefits" relationships. And these two aren't even friends. THere wasn't much I saw that proved that these two had any actual real feelings for each other...I mean, a few things yeah, but not much. And I प्यार Wesley very much..but I really never needed to see him shirtless that much. Ever.

17.Giles & Joyce. Okay, here is my first non-canon couple. I just always though, in a perfect world, they would be great together. Then Buffy could have her two parental figures married and she could be in a big happy family. Plus, Giles & Joyce DID have chemistry, just look at "Band Candy!" Still, since their not really a couple, they ended up low on the list.

16.Buffy & Riley. I don't hate them. Really, I actually like Riley. (PLEASE don't hurt me!) Sure he's dumb, and he is NO Spike या Angel...but the kid really means well. And he tries to be a good boyfriend for Buffy. They were pretty cute together, that is until he started going over-the-top stupid and going to the Vampire Club या whatever. For that reason he's low down on the list. But in all honestly, their not that bad of a couple.

(TIED)15.Fred & Gunn. Yet again, a couple people hate but I like. They were so FREAKIN' ADORABLE together!!!! How can people hate them so much? Gunn is a nice caring sweet boyfriend and the same can be कहा about फ्रेड (Except she's a nice caring sweet GIRLFRIEND). The only reason their so low down is because this couple stepped right in the way of Wesley & Fred. And NOTHING, no matter how cute, should stand in their way.

(TIED)15. Cordy & Groo. Okay, this is basically the same as Gunn & Fred. Their cute together, you've got to प्यार them...but their in the way of Cordy&Angel. Which is not acceptable.

14.Faith & Wood. I think these two are just perfect for each other. The Wild girl and the teacher. Who would have thought Faith would go for a high school princibal? Ever? But somehow it works. Their really cute together and it's nice to see Faith toned down and Wood अभिनय a bit और wild. I just प्यार these two!

13.Giles & Jenny. Of course they needed to be here. The first episode we met Jenny I knew two things. A) She needed to go out with Giles. Now. B) She was soooo dead. Small character with a few lines but enough that we get to know her? Ok, bye. :( Anyway, I प्यार this couple. It was nice to see Giles दिखाना some emotions, and Jenny was the nicest person ever. She was a smart girl and dealt with Giles social ineptness perfectly. And when they were argueing over पुस्तकें vs. technology? SO CUTE!!! I Just प्यार them! Stupid Joss >grumble<

12.Willow & Tara. What? So low, OMG! Sorry, but I didn't प्यार this couple. I liked them a lot. They were really cute together, understood each other, and helped the other one stand firm...but I just didn't प्यार them. I dunno why, maybe it's because I hated Tara SO MUCH when we first met her. या maybe because she replaced Oz. But anyway, I just thought this couple was nice and cute. Not amazing.

11.Angel & Cordelia. When I first saw this couple, before I ever saw Angel, I was in shock. Sweet and novble एंजल with this bitch? What was up with that? But after watching Angel, I really wish these two had gotten together. एंजल really was himself with Cordelia and I know she loved him too. They were both good people and helped each other on their personal growth. They were there for each other since the very beginning, and "Your Welcome" Was not nearly enough time for them. I didn't प्यार them at the end of Season 3 though, but after "Your Welcome"...why Joss? WHY?

10.Xander & Cordelia. चोटी, शीर्ष 10 Time! So why not begin it with the classic प्यार story? The geek and the लोकप्रिय kid. It's funny, because आप would think that would make them oppisites, right? But they both have the same sense of humor, about the same level of bravery, and similar ways of viewing people. Plus, आप can see that these two really did प्यार each other. Xander worked his way under Cordy's tough exterior. How can आप not cheer them on?

9.Spike & Faith. Another non-canon couple? That was never even mentioned? IN THE चोटी, शीर्ष 10? Yeah. But आप have to admit, these two are PERFECT for each other. Even Joss tested them out and was going to get them together after Season 7 of Buffy! Sadly, it didn't work out..but we got Dollhouse instead! YAY, DOLLHOUSE!

8.Xander & Anya. I प्यार these two. Xander is the nicest guy, although not the most polite...and Anya is completly tactless. Xander tends to get the tactless ones doesn't he? It's cute how Xander teaches Anya to be और polite and Anya teaches Xander to be more....responsible, I guess. It's nice how they can help each other out. Plus, their REALLY funny together!

7.Spike & Drusilla. When we first met Spike, oh so long ago, he was with Dru. The girl of his dreams, the girl he'd do anything for. And Drusilla...well, she put up with Spike and loved him in her own way (I think.) I mean, who else could be together for centuries?

6.Angelus & Darla. Oh yeah, them. They lasted even longer then Dru&Spike, actually. Curse those pesky gypsies for ruining their relationship! They fit so perfectly, in their own sadistical way. And when they both were souled...it worked out pretty well that way too!

5.Buffy & Spike. I know this is the same as the relationship between Wes & Lilah, right? But no, it's not. If आप don't think Spike loves Buffy या Buffy loves Spike...if आप have any doubt...you have NOT been watching the same series I have. Ignoring the gross relationship in Season 6, let's focus on Seasons 5 & 7. In 5, Spike proves his प्यार द्वारा protecting Dawn and in season 7 he gets his soul for Buffy. In Season 7, Buffy refuses to kill Spike. What और do आप want? Spike & Buffy worked well together at both their points in their lives...Buffy wasn't at her nicest point and Spike was...well, he was Spike. And though the relationship WAS unhealthy at first, during Season 7 it got better. Oh, and Spike is really hot. (Though I REALLY didn't need to see him shirtless that much!)

4.Wesley & Fred. This couple is the cutest couple. Their both so dorky and shy and sweet and...I could go on. These two made me believe in soulmates. If only they could have had और then that दिन together....>sigh< But their just so great together, and after all that waiting, I really was rooting for them! Curse आप Joss Whedon......>:(

3.Buffy & Angel. The famous pair NEEDED to be in the चोटी, शीर्ष 3. Their just so great together! I also watched them right after पढ़ना Twilight so all I though was, "Someone took the Twilight romance, but got it RIGHT this time!" I just प्यार Angel...and Buffy too, obviously. They really deeply loved each other, and to make it better they weren't all over each other like Spuffy या Wes/Lilah because of that curse. Of course, that curse had it's downsides too....(lots of ups too though, who doesn't प्यार Angelus?)

2.Willow & Oz. I प्यार THEM TOGETHER. SO FREAKING MUCH. Their do adorable!!!!!!! THIS is why I don't प्यार Tara & Willow. Oz is the sweetest guy ever, he's practically right out of those cliched romance stories. Actually, I'm पढ़ना Nicholas Sparks पुस्तकें right now, and every guy seems like Oz to me. And Willow was the cutest sweetest girl ever back when they were dating. I sooo cried like a baby when they broke up. I प्यार THEM!!!!

1.Doyle & Cordelia. If आप didn't see this coming, I'd be very surprised. But I प्यार these two, their just so perfect for each other! Their like Ron and Hermionie! I loved Cordy & Xander, and Cordy & Doyle were like a few steps up from that. Doyle was like a funnier, और mature and kinder version of Xander. Cordy was much nicer and और tactful and caring then she ever was with Xander (Yeah, she was still rude and tactless, but she was much better). Cordy could have made Doyle कूलर and not drunk all the time. Doyle could have made Cordy a nicer person and not so shallow. So much could have happened...and it would have been so great.