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First of all I have to start द्वारा saying that I have never been so disappointed द्वारा a दिखाना in my life. Seriously Mark? A Leyton fetus brewing ALREADY! How long has it even been since they’ve been engaged, let alone back to being “in love” (yes, I don’t consider the time when they both went their separate ways as being “in love”) I honestly can’t even put into words the shock and disgust I felt when I heard the words “baby daddy” come out of Peyton’s mouth. Not to mention the fact that she was horrendously sobbing. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not a hateful person, and would...
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So I know we found many similarities and parallelisms between these two couple like:

- Total opposites, for starters.

- Didn't get together for the right reasons at first, but ended up falling in love. (Nathan only dated Haley to make Lucas mad, Lucas only dated Brooke b/c it was the easy way out)

- Haley/Lucas inspired a lot the changes we've seen in Nathan/Brooke

- Haley got a tattoo for Nathan, Lucas got a tattoo for Brooke

- Brooke was Haley's maid of honor, Lucas was Nathan's best man

- Brooke and Lucas are Naley's child's godparents

- BH wrote NL letters during the same summer.

- Haley didn't...
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 डिज़ाइन of Rider Back playing card
Design of Rider Back playing card
Okay... आप are not going to believe this little piece of info I just dug up. Got to प्यार the Internet and google! Anyways. It seems that there could be even और symbolism behind the dream sequences! This is what I found:

Apparently, Russell & Morgan, the forerunners of the United States Playing Card Company, decided to produce a line of cards. Employees were asked to suggest an attractive name for the new product, and a printer, "Gus" Berens, offered "Bicycle." His idea was enthusiastically accepted, and the “Rider Back” made its debut in 1887. Since then, while the Bicycle brand has...
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