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dermer4ever posted on Jun 04, 2009 at 03:04AM
this is where the nominating will happen and then when it is done the winners thread will be put up. and the helpers that will help me count all the nominations and the votes are Mickei and Holly and hopefully Bee and Jen will help.

this is the new thread and i will look at the old one and Bring over the people who nominated on the first reply and like i said no time limit on this so take your time and nominate at least three people per category


Best Debater fan.
The best interview maker.
The best personality.
Best Fanart Maker
Best Userpic icon (if it has BL in it)
Best NEW BL fan
Best Brucas Fanfic Writer
Best brucas quoter
Best Pick Contributor
Best BL defender
Best Question Answerer
Most enthusiastic

Biggest BL chemistry fan.
Biggest Brucas sex scene fan.
The biggest Brucas bashing hater.
The biggest BL/LP love triangle fan.
The biggest 82 letters scene fan.
The biggest Naley's wedding kiss scene fan.
The biggest prop giver.
The biggest cheater at eyesexages (LOL)
Biggest bl preacher
Biggest brucas conspiracy theorist (u know, sees bl signs in everything)
Biggest Sophia&Chad fan
Biggest Sophia fan
Biggest commenter (on pictures,videos, and picks)
The biggest brucas fan
The biggest pucas hater?
The biggest seyton hater?
The biggest Brooke lover?

the Most/Most Likely
Most open-minded
Most sarcastic fan
Most mature member.
Most childish member.
Most unforgettable member.
Most honest member.
Most relaxed member.
Most unforgiving member
Most forgiving Member
Most creative member.
The most popular brucas fan.
The most dramatic fan.
Most sane bler (i know this will be a hard one)
The most mysterious fan.
The most original member.
The most gossip member.
Most Forum Activist
Most loving fan
Most likely to jump ship
Most likely to die before jumping ship
Most likely to force Mark into BL love.
Most Likely to kick Mark's Ass
Most likely to get in a fight with an lper
Most Likely to kick some ones ass who insults BL
Most random bler
Most annoying fan
The most addicted to eyesexages
The most addicted to commentages
The most addicted to the BFG forum
The most TV-halic brucas fan
The most HYPER brucas fan
Most likely to kick Peyton's ass
Most Fanart Contributor
Most Video Contributor
Most Active BL Fan

The fan who's really careful with BL details.
The one with the best advice.
Not afraid to fight for BL
Oldest BL fan (not in age, but in the time spent of BL love)
The one with the random topics
The one with the jokes
The one who swears a lot
One who complaints a lot
The Brucas fans' Gossip girl (the one who know all the dirt)
the brucas fan who is the guide the people (who knows almost everyone on)
the dirtiest brucas fan (the one who think dirty the most)
The one who has the crappiest humor
The one that knows all the brucas scenes the best
The craziest brucas fan?
Nicest BL Fan
Under appreciated bler
 this is where the nominating will happen and then when it is done the winners thread will be put up.
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