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hey BL fans! i wanted to have a place where we could all see Brooke and Lucas' entire love story unfold, without any other people/couples in the way. soo, i was wondering if you guys could help fill in the pieces starting from season 1. i think that we should just add some important details/quotes, or everything if we wanted! and this is going to take a long time to document everything about their relationship so no worries :] okay, so i think that we should go by each episode! i will post the episode that we are focusing on and then once we finish that episode, we will move on to the next :]

Season 1:

The Raven's basketball season begins again and it is Lucas's first game! Brooke Davis spots Lucas for the first time while she is cheer leading for the game. She asks Peyton Sawyer, "So that's the boy that beat Nathan? Well he's good from behind". After the basketball game, Brooke decides to sneak into Lucas's back seat of his car.
B: "Hey You"
L: "Oohh, I think you have the wrong car"
B: "Nah, don't mind me, I just have to get out of this uniform. (Lucas looks back at her, and then stares down) So uh, anyway, I'm Brooke. But you probably knew that. Can I tell you that that last shot was awesome. How did it feel? (brings her cheetah print bra toward Luke and he's smiling back)Good huh? You know it did" (Then Whitey knocks on the window door and interrupts) "Did you feel it change?
L: "Feel what change?"
B: "Everything. I mean how many moments in life can you point to and say that's what it all changed? You just had one." (She leans in and it looks as if they're about to kiss)

Back in the classroom, Brooke and Lucas talk to each other during a lecture.
B: "Lucas, what's your favorite color?"
L: "Black?"
B: "B-l-a-c-k. What's your favorite number? (He signals the number 3). Okay, what's your favorite sexual position? (He eyes her deviously) I'll use mine...So you like me"
Then the class is over.

Brooke walks in and starts yelling about the pictures that Peyton drew.
B: "Whoever it is doesn't know the first thing about it. They make it seem so..."
L: "Shallow" Lucas says finishing Brooke's sentence.

She looks up from where they are playing a game of "I never", sees Lucas in the kitchen and asks him to
B:"come play"
L:"What's the game"
B:"I never"
B:"I've never, oh wait I did that" and starts laughing.
Lucas however doesnt even notice this.

Lucas is looking in his locker when Brooke walks up to him, taking him by surprise
B: "Hey cutie. I saw your picture in the paper. Personally I didn't think it did you justice."
L: "No?"
B: "No." Brooke says smiling, grabbing the front of his shirt, "Far too much clothing."
She smiles again, pats his arm and then walks away as Lucas watches her go.

Lucas looks over at the cheerleaders
L:(To Peyton)"Hey. So I saw Nathan in the shower… yeah, no wonder you broke up with him."
B:"Oh" Brooke finds this hilarious and bursts out laughing as Lucas runs off.
Nathan gets mad and throws a ball at Lucas. Lucas storms back and tackles him to the ground, knocking over Brooke and fighting on top of her.
After the fight is broken up Brooke holds onto her ankle.
B:Ow! Pain!
After a series of mishaps, Lucas and Nathan find themselves stranded in the middle of the road when suddenly Brooke's car drives up. Lucas sits next to Brooke on the ride home.

Brooke and Peyton walk up to Lucas' table where he is reading a book and listening to music.
B:"Hey, Broody"
B:"So, I'll see you at practice" she says smiling and half glancing at Lucas.
P:"As always"
B:"Yeah, you too" she says smiling back at Peyton before walking away

At the annual Raven's team party at Nathan's house
Brooke mistakes Lucas' smile to Peyton for her own. She gives him a wide dimply grin and turns to Peyton.
B:"Oh, it is so on tonight."

Later on in Nathan's house
Lucas turns, making his way over to Peyton, but Brooke stops him.
B:"Hey, Jake, Lucas. Two handsome boys for the price of one."
L:"Hey, Brooke. Listen, I was gonna-" he tries to walk past her but she stops him again.
B:"Where are you going? I haven’t had the chance to invite you to the real party." It’s at my place, later. I’m only inviting the cool people, but I guess you can come"
Lucas gives a slight smile.
B:(turn to Jake) "You too, Jake."
Jake says something about having obligations, says goodbye, and then leaves.Brooke turns back to Lucas.
B:"Obligations? What is his deal?"
L:"Look, I don’t know. Could you just excuse me?" he says politely.
B:"Well, I was gonna say, my parents usually close this place down every year, so if you wanted, we could go back to my place and start the party early. We have a Jacuzzi" Lucas tilts his head back and smiles.
L:"That sounds tempting, Brooke-" he says looking down at her again.
B:"We have a naked me in a Jacuzzi." she tilts her head slightly to the side and smiles.
Lucas looks away a bit shocked, looking anywhere but at Brooke. Then he turns to her and says
L:"Okay. Um, what if I told you there was someone else?"
B:"Normally, I’d suggest a threesome" he raises his eybrows at this.She smiles and continues
B:"but I think the person you have in mind is getting back together with her old boyfriend."
Lucas looks over his shoulder and sees Peyton and Nathan together. Peyton looks and sees Brooke laughing and smiling at Lucas. Peyton and Nathan walk away as Lucas looks back to Brooke.
B:"See what I mean?"
Lucas looks upset and walks away, leaving Brooke smiling over what just occured.

Later on the kids are hanging outside, when Brooke comes out an initiates a game of truth or dare. She tells Peyton to kiss Lucas and she does. Brooke seems jealous. Peyton ends the kiss and walks off, embarrased. Lucas turns to Peyton, then back to Brooke, who just gives him a cold look.

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