ब्रूकस प्रेमी {4, Blue} My favourites out of all the आइकनों I have saved on my computer. Your favourite?

Pick one:
i wanna be और than you´re thinking of
don´t bother, i´ll be fine, i´ll be fine
आप had demons to kill, within आप screaming
with a gun loaded with guilt
he starts to notice empty bottles of जिन
but i am fragile too
he´ll give आप breathing holes, and you´ll think you´re happy
i´m not the only one
come as आप are, as a friend, as an old enemy
आप left a bloodstain on the floor, आप set your sights on him
´cause i can´t live outside you, i´ve tried to
she lays her halo on the तकिया where she sleeps
i dressed myself in fucking lies
i am never coming back again and again
लपेटें me up, unfold me
it´s in the water baby, it´s between आप and me
wanna get some gasoline and burn the house down
 freakiin_ruby posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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