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 1. The Chronicals of Vladimir Tod (8th grade bites)
This is one of my प्रिय books. Its a vampire book आप HAVE TO READ IT!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SOOO GOOD! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This किताबें पढ़ने के लिए चित्र might contain स्वेट-शर्ट, स्वेटरशर्ट, and sweatshirt.

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 The Vampire Game trilogy
The Vampire Game trilogy
I was recently asked द्वारा a collegue what my प्रिय read of the साल was--I review a hell of a lot of new material every year. Matter-of-factly, I blurted out my answer without a सेकंड thought, "The Vampire Game द्वारा Les Bailey," I told him. "In fact, I loved the entire trilogy, It was extremely well written and the लेखन pulled me into another world away from my own. And the way I see it, that's exactly what a good novel is supposed to do!" I told him.

When I first came across Bailey's novel, he was a first-time published author. New to the world of publishing, या so I was told द्वारा his agent,...
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 Ellen DeGeneres Bio
Ellen DeGeneres Bio
Celebrity biographer and लेखन coach, Randy Jernigan, this week admitted to a national radio audience that he has recently suffered total kidney failure, resulting in weekly dialysis and a drastic change in his life and schedule.

The 'Losing to Win!' लेखक has been forced to postpone a number of professional commitments this month, explaining that his life was "turned upside down" when two दिल attacks and renal failure cause him to be placed on weekly kidney dialysis for his survival

"This साल has been a rough one for me,": the लेखक confessed to his radio audience. "The good news is I'm...
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